Thursday 30 October 2014

Makeup Revolution - I Heart Makeup - Blushing Hearts Blush

Ello Lovelies!

Another Makeup Revolution review for you today! MUR have been cracking out the affordable dupes on their website, but although these aren't the latest release, they certainly aren't ones to be ignored. Very similar in packaging to the Too Faced blushes these make a very pretty addition to any makeup lovers collection. With 6 shades in the range at a mere £4.99 the Blushing Heart blushers, bronzers and highlighters are not to be missed! The two shades i picked up are the gorgeous Goddess of Love highlighter and Peachy Keen blusher. Housed in a somewhat sturdy cardboard packaging these aren't the easiest product to store, but do look mighty pretty sat on top of a dressing table!

 Goddess of Light is a stunning beige/champagne highlighter with a multi-tonal shimmer running through it that my camera just wouldn't pick up. I had reviewed another Makeup Revolution highlighter in the past and this one definitely trumps it. With a light hand it adds just a subtle sheen but can easily be built up for a more evening appropriate highlight. The only slightly downfall with these is although they are pretty, these aren't ones you'll be popping in your makeup bag for on the go, they are just too big! I found this shade to wear well for around 6 hours without fading which is about the average for me.

 Peachy Keen is my favourite out of the two, although it does have a little more noticeable small glitter chunks running through it. A gorgeous peachy hue that works well with a multitude of looks. Again it can be worn sheer for that flush of colour or built up for a more dramatic look. They blend beautifully into the skin and give the most gorgeous sheen to the cheek. These definitely do have a little sparkle to them, so if you're a strictly matte blush kinda girl, you might want to skip these. But for fans of a little bit of shimmer, these are simply stunning.

Now I've never splurged on the Too Faced option so can't really compare the two but these are gorgeous in their own right. For a baked product they wear well, blend easily and look fantastic on the skin. What more can you want? If you're a fan of a shimmery cheek i wholeheartedly recommend giving these beauties a whirl! Like always, I've got my eye on the other two blush shades in the collection!

You can find these on the Makeup Revolution site here. (RRP: £4.99)

Just make sure to keep your eye on their Facebook page for offers and discount codes. 

What is your favourite Makeup Revolution product?

xo Katie

Monday 20 October 2014

My dressing table setup - The Ikea Malm!

Ello Lovelies!

I did one of the biggest cliche beauty blogger things... I got myself an Ikea Malm dressing table and I am absolutely loving it. While still living with my parents i had previously been sharing a dressing table with my Mother and had bee stuck to using just one small basket of makeup for my daily routine. As my Ikea Alex drawers were getting a tad full that set up really wasn't very practical and a lot of my collection was feeling unloved. So i decided to finally take the plunge and invest in my own little dressing table set up!

Having my own little space for a large portion of my collection has meant i am actually rotating my pretties a lot more and getting a lot more use out of things. The organisational lover in me is extremely happy with how it turned out and i find myself switching things in and out on a weekly basis. Having lots more options to hand means I've actually been switching up my daily face quite a bit too, win! The Ikea Malm dressing table is for, as dressing tables go, pretty reasonably priced at £95 (view here) and comes with a pretty glass top and a large pull out drawer. The only downside to this is that like the Ikea Alex drawers it does not fully extend, so a portion of space at the back is being wasted as it is difficult to reach back there, but that is my only small complaint.

I am pretty darn happy with how it looks now but will probably over the next year, replace some of the "less pretty" storage options on the table. Including the light, brush holders and the letter storage that is holding my MAC palettes. But for now, these are all pretty inexpensive and practical. The lamp was around £20 including the bulb and is great for aiming it where you need it (view here).

While not the prettiest brush holders the Ikea Dokument Pen Cups do the job just fine. And at £3.50 per 2 do not break the bank either.

Makeup Mirror - £7.99 The Range

Leopard Print Mirror - £9.99 The Range

Letter Rack - £2.50 The Range

Another blogging cliche... Muji drawers! While I don't find these the best for storage they are pretty useful for storing a lot of my small indie makeup collection. I also like to keep things like my Benefit Boxed Blushes in here as i find them a pain to store anywhere else. I do really need to go back and reorganise this but i just love looking at all my Sugarpill pigments in the bottom drawer! Oh so pretty!

And lastly my favourite part of my collection, the drawers! In my local Ikea these dividers were quite handily displayed right next to the Malm drawer and at a mere 80p each are quite the bargain! The drawer fits 6 dividers with enough room to store my favourite palettes down one side. Each divider has a smaller compartment and a larger one making it perfect for different shaped items. I love how i can fit a chunk of my lipstick collection neatly into one section!

I'm dead chuffed at how this turned out and to finally have my own little makeup space. I just wish my Ikea Alex drawers would fit next to it, but sadly i am about an inch short of space!

Do you have your own setup?
I'd love to see them!

xo Katie

Sunday 12 October 2014

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in Shade 1 - Review

Ello Lovelies!

Another extremely hyped product review for you lot today! The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer gets a ton of love all over the blogging and Youtubing world, so on one of their recent 50% off sales i decided it was about time i picked it up. The pale girl in me headed straight for the lightest shade as usual but surprisingly this was a poor, poor choice. I'd failed to notice that most of the extremely positive reviews were for shade 2... oops! For reference I wear NW13 in winter so I'm pretty darn pale. Shade 1 has to be the lightest bronzer i have ever clapped eyes on and in such a shopping rush i didn't realise my mistake until i was home. Bah!
 As you can tell by the pan and the swatch below this holds very little colour against my complexion. I gave it a full test for contouring and unsurprisingly it just wasn't dark enough. And for just adding a little dimension to the face it takes quite a bit of building to get any noticeable colour. What i have enjoyed using it for is just a quick dusting around the edges of my face, just to add a little something. Texture-wise the powder is extremely silky and smooth and is a formula i really can't fault, it is also completely matte without looking flat or chalky. I just wish i had picked up the darker shade!
Overall, although i can't fault the formula i really don't think i could recommend this shade. The fairest of the fair might enjoy or someone new to bronzers but other than that Shade 1 is a no go. Priced at £13 it isn't an expensive buy, especially with the discount codes The Body Shop always have floating about. At some point soon I'll have to cave and pick up the other shade just to see what the fuss is about!

Have you tried The Body Shops bronzers?

xo Katie

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Too Faced - Melted Lipstick Review!

Hi Lovelies! 

Too Faced isn't really a brand I've tried too much of in the past but when these were released oh boy, they got some rave reviews! I'm all about long wear lipsticks so i just had to jump on the bandwagon and pick a couple of shades up. At the time i purchased these Too Faced only had 5 shades available, making it a little easier to choose (although I'm still lusting over the violet shade), but have since released a further five. Melted Candy... You will be mine!

I was half expecting these to be a little like OCC Lip Tars but was pleasantly surprised with the formula and texture. They truly are like a melted lipstick; slightly thin in consistency, opaque in colour but extremely comfortable on the lips. The applicator isn't my favourite, a kinda foamish tip that the product comes through, but they are still relatively easy to apply. 
All the shades are absolutely stunning but i was completely drawn to these two, Melted Peony and Melted Fuchsia. Your perfect every day pink and a more daring bold shade that to be totally honest i haven't been reaching for quite as much. These both wear beautifully and on me need touching up every 4-5 hours or so, which is pretty darn good. They wear away evenly to leave an almost stain like appearance on the lips. I found them neither drying or hydrating but i do tend to wear a lip balm under all lip products. 

At first i was a little worried that these might migrate or feather around the lip line but again i was pleasantly surprised. These dry down to more of a semi-matte finish and stay put completely. A totally unique formula and I have been really loving using these over the past month or so.

Overall I'm really impressed with these! The colours are gorgeous, they wear well and are extremely comfortable. What more can you want in a lip product? The only downside is i think the applicator (not pictured, sorry!) could be improved on slightly. I for one am really looking forward to seeing if Too Faced bring out more shades in the coming months, some vampy shades for Autumn/Winter maybe?!

A little pricey here in the UK priced at £19 each but in my opinion worth every penny.

You can find these and other Too Faced products online and in store at Debenhams or at Beauty Bay here.

What is your favourite liquid lipstick formula?

xo Katie

Sunday 5 October 2014

USA Haul: Part 4 - Drugstore!

Hey there Lovelies!

So here it is, the last instalment of my USA haul series! I had tried to film this many a time but i guess it just wasn't meant to be! My filming/video editing skills just aren't up to scratch and after many failed attempts i decided to just show you all in a good ol' blog post! Ideally i would have liked to pick up a few more Wet 'n' Wild bits but the displays were bare in every store i went to, sigh. But i did pick up a few too many other gorgeous bits on my (now not so) recent trip!

There is just something a little bit more exciting about drugstore makeup in the USA and i still find myself excited about all their new releases. I guess its just always wanting what you can't have... I do wish that Wet 'n' Wild and Milani would come to the UK they have some absolutely amazing products. Enough rambling, on with the haul!

Milani lippies get a ton of love online so i just couldn't resist adding a few more to my collection. These are seriously some of the best lower end lipsticks on the market and for around $5 a pop the value just can't be beaten! The colour range is phenomenal and they come in a variety of finishes and although it might not be for everyone, they have a gorgeous, sweet, watermelon scent!

Liquid lipsticks are possibly the hottest lip trend going right now with many a brand releasing their own versions. These got pretty darn good reviews online and I'm happy i managed to snag a couple! Fiery Coral and Pink Rave are absolute stunners!

I have to admit, the packaging got me on this Physicians Formula impulse buy. A blush with a pretty pink bow? Yes please! A lovely everyday, natural shade. Oh and the highlighter... My picture does not do this beauty justice! The pink and beige marbled effect is just divine. A little on the frosty side but for around the $5 is still a steal for the whopping 11.3g of product inside. I love you Wet 'n' Wild!

It wouldn't be a USA haul without a cheeky EOS lip balm, right?! The sweet mint flavour is my absolute favourite and is currently sitting on my desk just waiting to be opened. Yet another lip balm... I'd seen MakeupByTiffanyD positively rave about the Nivea Olive Oil & Lemon so i just had to pick a couple up. I've actually had one in my handbag for the past month or so and am absolutely loving it! And lastly for lips is a cult favourite Revlon Lipstick, Cherries In The Snow! Its an old favourite for many and one i just hadn't got around to trying, so as Revlon is SO much cheaper over there i decided to finally give it a whirl.

 I believe, once upon a time we did actually get the Loreal Infallible Eyeshadows in the UK but i somehow completely missed them while they were here. Another product that gets a lot of love online and another brand that is significantly more expensive in the UK. Dubbed as a dupe for the Armani Eyes To Kill the collector in me just had to pick up a variety of shades!

Top to bottom and left to right 
Continuous Cocoa, Iced Latte, Endless Pearl, 
Eternal Sunshine, Bronzed Taupe, Amber Rush.

Such a cliche of a haul... Milani blushes! I've had Coralina for a year or two now and adore it so i actually went out of my way to find a CVS that had these in stock. Milani do the best affordable baked blushes on the market and their colour range is impeccable! Dolce Pink is up top and looks like the perfect shimmery rose for Autumn/Winter. Luminoso could be in the running for prettiest highlight shade...ever. A beautiful corally/peach sheer highlighter that just brightens up the face like nothing I've tried before. And last but certainly not least is Dellizioso Pink, one of the newer matte editions to the range.

A girl can never have too many mascaras! I like to stock up whenever I'm away on holiday as these retail for $5-$7 each there rather than the £10ish they are here. Madness! I really do love how they display the wands inside the packaging there, it really does give you a better idea on how the mascara may work.

Dubbed as the inexpensive dupe for Mally's face defender I was dying to give this a go! Sadly i haven't even opened this yet... Bad Katie! But I'll be sure to let you know my thoughts on it all if anyone wants a review.
Phew! We're getting near the end! I was rather curious to see whether the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous was exactly the same as the Max Factor offering so i decided to pick my shade up for a comparison. I've blogged about Dream Lumi Concealers so so much in the past so i won't bore you. I've probably worked through around 10 of these babies now as the Radiance shade is perfect for brightening up under my eyes. Instant Age Rewind is another repurchase for me, a little bit sheerer than the Dream Lumi but you get a lot more product. An equally lovely concealer.

Heres a picture of my little woof Star for making it through this monster of a post! She decided she wanted to be in ALL the pictures today so i thought it would be mean not to sure a picture of this cutie!

If you would like any particular products reviewed please let me know, I'd be happy to post that for you!

What is your favourite drugstore makeup item?

xo Katie

Friday 3 October 2014

Meet Star! The first beauty blogging dog! .... Just kidding! Little life update.

 Ello Lovelies!

My little woof Star decided to jump in my little shoot today for an upcoming post, i thought it was just too adorable not to share! 

I've been a little absent lately as life really has been hectic. I posted a quick update a week or so ago on Facebook and probably should have posted one here too, sorry! But with one thing or another i just haven't had the time. My poor nephew was hit by a car two weeks ago and has spent a lot of time in intensive care but i am really pleased to say that with the absolutely amazing work from the doctors and surgeons at Southampton General Hospital he is starting his road to recovery. I don't generally post a lot of personal stuff on here so I'll try to keep this post quick. So while i had been trying to stick to a schedule with posts the past few weeks I've taken a step back to spend it with family.

On a little lighter note I am now a part time Smashbox Crew Member which i am absolutely delighted about! My first step into working in the beauty industry with a brand I'm already fond of was really fantastic. So you can expect a Smashbox review post here or there as I'm super excited to share the products I'm enjoying with you lovely lot! 

I'm hoping to get back into a little schedule with posts in the next week or so and have already snapped pictures of the last (FINALLY!!) in my series of USA Hauls. Shortly followed by a review or two and my new dressing table set up!

I hope every single one of you is well and I'd like to take a second to thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings here on my blog.

Love to all of you! 

xo Katie

Wednesday 17 September 2014

Lioele - The surprisingly gorgeous Lip Color Stick review!

Ello Lovelies!

Sometimes I'm a bit of an impulse buyer and more often than not I'm left slightly disappointment with my purchases. But then there's that rare occasion where something just completely exceeds my expectations and blows them out of the water. The Lioele Lip Color Sticks did just that.

From the pictures on eBay i was expecting a semi sheer finish lip product, slightly akin to the famous Clinique Chubby Sticks but oh no, these are so much more. I actually gasped a little when i first swatched them. They are gloriously pigmented, beautiful, satin finish lip colours, and i am well and truly in love. I would have been perfectly happy with a sheer lip crayon considering their under £4 price tag but we all know that I'm a matte girl at heart so these are right up my street. 

For £3.28 each (including delivery) you have four gorgeous colours to choose from; Cherry Red, Hot Pink, Orange and Pink. The two featured here are Cherry Red and Pink, but I'd be lying if i said i didn't already have the other two shades on my watch list. These also contain 4g of product which as lip products go, is a pretty hefty amount. The packaging feels and looks a little light and cheap but for the price point, I'm certainly not complaining!

Because of their satin texture i did find these a little bit on the drying side, so a good exfoliation and a lip balm is a must but these apply opaque in one to two sweeps and have excellent lasting power. I've worn the Pink shade for a good 5 hours before needing a touch up, which is pretty darn good for me! Because of their more matte like texture these don't bleed or travel around the lip line either which is one of my pet peeves for lip products. They apply smoothly and are pretty comfortable on the lips too. ... Just look at those colours!

I can honestly say these are my favourite affordable lipstick discovery of the year, they rival the quality of even higher end lipsticks but at a fraction of the cost. For once, I'm so glad I took a little gamble and ordered them because it definitely paid off! I absolutely adore them! Now heres hoping that Lioele are kind enough to release some more shades, because i for one would jump straight on that bandwagon!

 What is your favourite beauty discovery of the year?

You can find these Lioele Color Sticks and the other two colours online here. (£3.28)

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