Wednesday 17 September 2014

Lioele - The surprisingly gorgeous Lip Color Stick review!

Ello Lovelies!

Sometimes I'm a bit of an impulse buyer and more often than not I'm left slightly disappointment with my purchases. But then there's that rare occasion where something just completely exceeds my expectations and blows them out of the water. The Lioele Lip Color Sticks did just that.

From the pictures on eBay i was expecting a semi sheer finish lip product, slightly akin to the famous Clinique Chubby Sticks but oh no, these are so much more. I actually gasped a little when i first swatched them. They are gloriously pigmented, beautiful, satin finish lip colours, and i am well and truly in love. I would have been perfectly happy with a sheer lip crayon considering their under £4 price tag but we all know that I'm a matte girl at heart so these are right up my street. 

For £3.28 each (including delivery) you have four gorgeous colours to choose from; Cherry Red, Hot Pink, Orange and Pink. The two featured here are Cherry Red and Pink, but I'd be lying if i said i didn't already have the other two shades on my watch list. These also contain 4g of product which as lip products go, is a pretty hefty amount. The packaging feels and looks a little light and cheap but for the price point, I'm certainly not complaining!

Because of their satin texture i did find these a little bit on the drying side, so a good exfoliation and a lip balm is a must but these apply opaque in one to two sweeps and have excellent lasting power. I've worn the Pink shade for a good 5 hours before needing a touch up, which is pretty darn good for me! Because of their more matte like texture these don't bleed or travel around the lip line either which is one of my pet peeves for lip products. They apply smoothly and are pretty comfortable on the lips too. ... Just look at those colours!

I can honestly say these are my favourite affordable lipstick discovery of the year, they rival the quality of even higher end lipsticks but at a fraction of the cost. For once, I'm so glad I took a little gamble and ordered them because it definitely paid off! I absolutely adore them! Now heres hoping that Lioele are kind enough to release some more shades, because i for one would jump straight on that bandwagon!

 What is your favourite beauty discovery of the year?

You can find these Lioele Color Sticks and the other two colours online here. (£3.28)



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