Thursday, 14 August 2014

Nyx Butter Gloss - Review

Ello Lovelies!

After my slight disappointment with the Nyx Butter Lipsticks i thought it was about time i posted my thoughts on the now infamous Butter Glosses. As you've probably already seen there has been quite a bit of hype around these and have had gloss fans positively raving about the formula. I should probably start by saying that in general i am not a gloss fan. I've probably enjoyed only a couple of glosses in my time and as I'm more of a matte girl at heart they aren't something i purchase on the regular. That being said i have been experimenting with a glossier lip here and there lately so its not a completely biased opinion.

As always with Nyx products i purchased these from eBay as generally it is still cheaper to ship from the USA than buy direct from the Nyx UK website. I believe i paid around £12 for the three including delivery which isn't a bad price. After a lot of deliberating i opted for more wearable shades but if these don't take your fancy they have a variety of shades, 22 in fact, from bolds to nudes so there is a gloss to suit everyone.
The formula of these really is lovely, a big statement coming from a former gloss hater. They have a decent amount of slip to them without that nasty, sticky feeling that a lot of glosses tend to have. Pigmentation is average but works well for a sheer wash of colour on their own or packs more a punch layered over another lipstick, they've even made the Butter Lipsticks more enjoyable for me. They do however tend to sit in any creases or lines on the lip so i do have to scrub and prime before each use. They have a light, sweet but inoffensive smell too which is quite pleasant, so they get a thumbs up from me in the scent department too!

Peaches and Cream - Maple Blondie - Eclair

I'm surprised to say that overall I'm actually quite enjoying these! Because of their lack of stickiness the wear time isn't fantastic but these are a great "in a rush" lip option and even more surprisingly I've been enjoying layering them over my matte lipsticks... The horror! So if you can get your hands on Nyx's Butter Glosses I'd say go for it, they get a big Makeup Obsession stamp of approval which i think is a first for a gloss!

What is your favourite gloss?



Sunday, 10 August 2014

FOTD: Girl About Purple!!

Hi there Lovelies!

This week i had a bit of a fail with my normal hair dye... Long story short i got a little fed up and decided to slap some purple on! While the purple was short lived due to being extremely high maintenance, I thought I'd share my favourite makeup look from this week! Even though I'm back to boring ol' blonde now I am still adoring Mac's Girl About Town lipstick, how was i this late on the bandwagon? Anyways, onto whats on my face!

MUA - Eye Primer
Makeup Revolution - Waterproof Eyeliner
Urban Decay - Naked Basics
Smashbox - Hyperlash Mascara
Anastasia - Ash Blonde Brow Duo

Nyx - Edge Pink Lip Liner
Mac - Girl About Town Lipstick

Smashbox - Photofinish Primer
MAC - Studio Fix Foundation
Nars - Laguna Bronzer
Maybelline - Dream Lumi Concealer
Nars - Light Reflecting Loose Powder
MAC - Dame Blush

It's not even been a day back blonde and I'm already missing my bright hair. Sigh. Next time I'll invest in some actual light purple dye rather than my slightly shoddy DIY hot purple and conditioner creation!

What has your favourite lipstick been this week?


Thursday, 7 August 2014

USA Haul: Part 3 - Bath And Bodyworks

Ello Lovelies!

I thought it was about time i got the next in my series of USA hauls up and decided not to film this one... Mostly because there is only so much sniffing and saying how much i love everything you and i can take before i look like an idiot. So I decided a written post would be the best bet for this addition! 

Firstly, i f**king love Bath & Bodyworks. So much so there was an absolute need to include my potty mouth in that sentence. Before my trip I had already allocated a portion of mine and my Mothers hand luggage solely for candles, she had no choice in this matter. If i could physically lug more home... I would. A part of me was slightly sad that i couldn't get my mitts on any of their Fall scents as i was way too early for that. But luckily, weirdo here already has a back up of a few of my favourite Christmassy scents to last me a year or two. Nethertheless their Spring/Summer scents did not disappoint. 

Watermelon Lemonade - Oh my. I pick up much more watermelon in its cold state and it is glorious! Red Guava Lava - Another fantastically fruity scent. Pineapple Mango - Pretty self explanatory... Yum. Sicilian Orange - Not the most exciting of the bunch but a nice fresh scent i can't wait to burn. Coconut Leaves - Oh dear god this smells like heaven. I love this scent so much i actually ordered another one from eBay so i had a backup. Its that perfect summery milky coconutty scent. Oh, i forgot to mention I'm rubbish with scent descriptions, sorry! But if you can get your hands on this, DO IT.  And lastly for candles is Pink Passionfruit - Another lot of fruity goodness.
Don't worry, I'm not going to go into detail about each scent of their infamous Pocket Bacs! I went a bit mad with the 5 for $5 deal and picked up enough to last me a year or two. Island Margarita is my all time favourite Pocket Bac scent (sadly the candle isn't as great) so i grabbed 5 just to make sure i don't run out!
Bath & Bodyworks body sprays are perfect for those days you want to smell delicious but don't want anything overpowering. They don't last very long on the skin, like most body sprays but 90% of the ones I've tried smell awesome! I decided on three of their tropical summer releases; Oahu, Hawaii, Maui and the random but delightfully scented Endless Weekend. I can't remember exactly how much these were but i believe i paid around $4 each, although they consistently have offers on so I just had to have backups of the fruitier three!
And last but certainly not least is my beloved Island Margarita room spray. After being left disappointed with the candle offering i was determined to find something else in the scent i could bring home and this little beauty ticked all the boxes. It fills the room with just a few quick spritzes and leaves my bedroom smelling amazing. I'll be rationing this until it runs out because it smells so god damn good!

Well that's it! Quite a lot to lug back but greedy guts here would have spent way more if only i had a larger luggage allowance!

What is your favourite Bath & Bodyworks scent?


Monday, 4 August 2014

Makeup Revolution Death By Chocolate Palette - Review

Hi there Lovelies!

We've all seen a million reviews and lusted over that other famous chocolate bar inspired eyeshadow palette over the last six months or so but up until recently we've had no drugstore alternative to turn to, until now! Makeup Revolutions sister brand I Heart Makeup have released a pretty darn similar product at a fraction of the price point, well theres actually two palettes but today I'll be reviewing Death By Chocolate! Now I'm yet to take the plunge for the pricier option so sadly I cannot compare the two so I'll just be reviewing the quality of the product. Knowing me at some point I'll cave and do a comparison post, but my no buy isn't allowing that just yet...

Death By Chocolate is priced at a mere £7.99 (keep a look out for discount codes as there normally is one floating about) for 16 shadows so this definitely files under the "bargain" category. It boasts a variety of finishes from mattes, satins to more metallic shades which gives the palette a ton of versatility. I'm really enjoying the addition of the purple shade to contrast all those neutrals, it also works perfect with the gold toned shades on the lower lash line. The matte shades are a little dry, but on a whole all affordable mattes are, but are easy to work with on the eye and actually perform better than the swatches show. Oh and as always, my swatches really don't do the colours any justice. 

I've purchased a few Makeup Revolution palettes over the past few months and this is definitely the one I've been reaching for the most. I love the variety in cooler and warmer neutrals and the option to add a pop of colour if i choose to. The matte shades are a great addition to this palette as you have a matte highlight, one that works as a transition and a black, everything you could possibly need in a palette! The shade selection gets a massive thumbs up from me! The palette itself isn't really my cup of tea but the plastic feels sturdy enough with a nice large mirror inside for on the go application. The only other downside i could pick out is that you do get some fall out during application, which is easily remedied by doing your eye makeup first, so not really a big complaint! The swatches below were done on bare skin with no primer.
White Light - Don't Let Go - Break Me Up - Consume Me - All is Lost
Lick Me - Fool's Gold - One More Bar - Devour Me - Tear The Wrapper - Love You To Death
Pray for Me - Dipped - Tease Me - Set Me Free - Bring Down Angels

Overall Death By Chocolate gets a big thumbs up for me. While i wouldn't put it quite in my holy grail palettes just yet I'm really enjoying using it on a daily basis. It is sure to be a hit for all you neutral fans out there. I'd be lying if i said i didn't have my eye on the other Chocolate palette in the range... What can i say? I'm a sucker for neutrals!

If you're in the market for a new affordable neutrals palette with a bit of a twist i highly recommend checking this one out! 

You can find it online on the Makeup Revolution website here.

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