Sunday 27 November 2011

17 BB Cream & FOTD

Ello lovelies!
So unless you've been living under a rock with your fingers in your ears you'll know the biggest beauty craze currently is BB creams. I love them. I use my Skin79 one on a daily basis and definitely would not be without it. So far I've been less then impressed with the UK's offerings of BB creams. So i was a little excited and slightly skeptical about trying a new one. Would it stand up against one of my holy grail products?

The answer is no...
I'll tackle the obvious problem first, colouring. I purchased the shade Light as I'm generally around an NC15 or lighter. As you can see it's quite a bit darker than i am, although it's not as bad on the face. But obviously if your a little more tanned than me (it's not hard, I'm verging on Casper) this could work for you. 
"Discover the new 17 BB Blemish Balm to reveal the magic of flawless skin with this all-in-one foundation plus skincare wonder product" 

Personally i thought the coverage was poor. It's quite thick in consistency but is unable to cover even minimal flaws. Even though i feel it does give poor coverage i found it was more visible on the skin, certainly not flawless as 17 describe it. I had to use a powder with a bit of coverage in it to even out my skin tone and even then it wasn't brilliant. If you're going for a no makeup makeup look, this really isn't for you!

Overall i really wouldn't recommend this, but then again that's just my opinion and you might love it! 

(Not sure why i always insist on doing FOTD's when i have appalling eyebrows, apologies!)

Fyrinnae - Polar Bear
Fyrinnae - Book Of The Dead
Fyrinnae - Damn Paladins
Fyrinnae - Nijiro
Fyrinnae - Pixie Epoxy 

L'occitane - Lip balm 
(and some serious lipstick stains!)

17 BB Cream
Mac - Mineralized Skin Finish Natural - Light
Nars - Orgasm Blush 

As you can see the finish isn't great, though I'm in love with that Fyrinnae combo! If you're looking to try out a BB cream i wholeheartedly recommend Skin79's Hot Pink BB Cream!

Do you have any favourites?

Friday 25 November 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... Mini Lush haul!

Although it's still November Christmas is just a month away so i thought I'd share some of my favourite things! Some people say that Christmas time arrives when the Coca Cola advert arrives on our TVs, but i get excited when i get my hands on these goodies.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel - Candy Mountain Bubble Bath Bar

My Christmas trips to Lush are a little predictable, every year i buy the two same things. Snow Fairy is possibly my favourite shower gel of all time, the only reason i have the teeny weeny bottle is that I'm bound to get a massive one for Christmas! In my opinion its the best fragrance Lush do and I'm a little miffed i missed the solid perfume they released a year or two ago! Bubble Gum Lip Scrub is like the edible version of it, yum! 

Candy Mountain (formally Candy Cane!) again is my all time favourite bubble bath bar. Writing this I'm actually a little sad as I've already used this baby up and shall be going to grab a few more shortly! 

If you've never tried these Lush products, go check them out!
You can buy these in your local store or online here! 
And if sweetie scented bath goodies aren't your thing, they have a whole host of Christmassy products to choose from!


Tuesday 22 November 2011

Sugarpill Review Part 3 - Chromalust Singles

So here is the last installment of my Sugarpill swatches! But it excites me to say rumour has it that they may have some new shades in the pipeline and I'll be sure to keep my eye out for those! 

I'll keep this short and sweet as I've already done a review on the other half of the Chromalust eye shadows i own so if you're interested in checking that out click here.

I have to say here that my camera did a god awful job of picking up the beauty of Lumi. Sugarpill describes it as "Snow white with turquoise sheen and flashing bursts of blue and green". Simply put, it's stunning. I highly recommend checking out other swatches of it online!

Out of all the shades Royal Sugar has gotten the most use so far! Like all the other shades its gorgeously pigmented but clashes (in a good way) with my hair, i adore it!

A pretty pic heavy post from me but i had to share how gorgeous these are! 
Again, if you'd like to see the other half of the shades or Sugarpills pressed eye shadows you can read my posts here and here.

All these products can be purchased worldwide on the Sugarpill Website.
Thanks for reading!


Sunday 20 November 2011

Elemis on QVC - Today's Special Value

Hello Lovelies!

Just a super quick post for all you Elemis fans out there! QVC have a very special Today's Special Value set running today! It contains five FULL SIZE products from Elemis worth well over £100! Me and my crazy Mother have already purchased four of these! 

This set is £39.96 + P&P for one day only!
The Pro Collagen Marine Cream is one of my Mums all time favourites from Elemis and on it's own would cost more to buy than this entire set! This is phenomenal value for money and would make a perfect Christmas gift!

Check it out here!

It's not even December and I'm already so excited for Christmas!

Have you got any great gift ideas? Let me know!


Friday 18 November 2011

Products I Regret Buying

Hey guys!
Lately I've been doing a bit of shopping the stash, I've been trying my hardest to buy a bit less on the run up to Christmas (but it's not been going terribly well!). So I've rediscovered a lot of stuff that's been previously unloved in my collection and remembered why i really disliked a lot of products. So here's most of the items i regret buying!

The Smashbox quad came in a set, and if i could find it most other items they'd be included in this post too! I bought it on a whim mainly for the train case that came with it (which turned out to be rubbish quality!). I never use this, i don't like the colours or how they wear and really wish I'd spent the £50 the set cost me more wisely! 
Some Kind Of Gorgeous.... all i can say is yuck. I purchased this before i really got into makeup and i absolutely hate it. Even though it's oil free i find it incredibly greasy, the staying power isn't great and i had to use a stupid amount or product to cover anything, and my skin isn't too bad! I'm really not fond of any of Benefits foundations.

Mac Paint Pot in Blackground. Okay, i don't hate this product i just never find myself using it. I much prefer other bases or primers and i think I'm just not brave enough to pull this off. This isn't a bad product i just think for me personally it was a waste of money!

These two i absolutely detest!

All the hype Backcomb In A Bottle got baffles me. I love big hair and backcomb mine frequently but no matter how i use this it just makes my hair sticky and horrid! Such a waste of money!

And the Nyx Glitterati palette... Well the magpie in me really took over on this purchase. Common sense completely left me and what went through my brain was 'OMG IT'S GLITTERY AND SPARKLY I WANT IT'... Sigh. Although it has a lovely range of colours i find it greasy and extremely hard to work with. The glitter wont stay were it's put and is extremely sheer and patchy. I'll just stick to applying glitter on top of Duo in future and hopefully have some more common sense. 

Last but not least Nyx Jumbo Pencils. In my opinion there is only one worth having, Milk. Although these colours are lovely they crease like a nightmare. There are practically unusable, but i do look forward to getting my hands on Urban Decays offering of pencils because they look great!

So enough rambling for me! I do lots of positive reviews so thought it was about time i share which products i really dislike!

Are there any products you regret buying? Let me know!


Friday 11 November 2011

Sugarpill Review Part 2 - Chromalust Trios


This is yet another overdue post! These beauties have been sat in my drawer for over a month waiting to be photographed and swatched, I'd been waiting on some nice sunlight but I've given up hope trying to get that since England's pretty gloomy constantly. These are half of the Chromalust eye shadows available and I'll be reviewing the other half as soon as possible. If your a fan of bright, shimmery or out there colours these are definitely for you!

Sugarpill is a USA based brand but i managed to get these from Genie Cosmetics which are based in the UK. The official Sugarpill website no longer sell the trios but at £18.99 for three i had to snap these up because priced at $12 each that's some great value!

The packaging of all Sugarpill products is super cute. The only downside to the packaging with these is that if your not careful these can be a little messy. You get 5g of product per jar so these will last a long long time. All of these are completely vegan and cruelty free! I've found these are best used over a sticky base like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy or wet to get the best results.
 My camera really hasn't done these nearly enough justice, the gloomy weather here is bloody annoying! All of these were swatched over a small amount of Pixie Epoxy as it gives the glitter a little more stick and gives a better representation of the colours. Stella surprisingly is my favourite out of the three, it's rainbow sparkles are absolutely stunning! 

My camera hasn't picked up the glitter in the others but eeee look at Stella sparkle!
My favourite trio of the bunch! I've been playing around with a look using Goldilux and Junebug and shall get some pictures up soon, I'm in love!

Again my camera hasn't done these justice but you get the gist of how stunning they are!

Three just as beautiful colours! 

All in all I'm still extremely impressed with Sugarpill. I still utterly adore their pressed eye shadows and will be making a big effort to use these more because they are beautiful! The only downside with them is the lack of sifter, but that's not exactly a big thing. To anyone who loves bright and bold colours I'd highly recommend any of Sugarpill's products, and even to the less daring there's still come gorgeous shades to try!

You can buy the trios in the UK online here.
Or you can check out the entire Sugarpill range on their official website here.

Which shades are your favourites?!

Monday 7 November 2011

Sigma - Make Me Blush Kit Review

So this post is long overdue... ooops! I wanted to give these brushes a good old testing before i shared my opinion. I was lucky enough to get this set for my birthday and had previously only tried their Sigmax collection of kabukis (which i adore!) and the free little E25 blending brush you get free with orders over $30. I'd been lusting over this kit for quite some time and for one reason or another I'd put off buying it.

The set comes in various different colours so there's a choice for everyone. Although i never wear pink i had to opt for these since they match everything else in my room! Priced at $99 for 12 brushes and the holder i don't think this is an overly expensive set, and is significantly cheaper than a lot of other brands. Sigma also frequently have 10% off codes up online, so keep your eye open for those! The holder is perfect for travel and makes two cute brush holders for your vanity. 

All of these have made their way into my regular makeup routine although i have to admit i was a little disappointed with a few. The F30 has shed quite a bit, i thought it'd get better with a few washes but i still find myself picking hairs off my face. I've had these well over a month now and they've had a good 5-6 washes, it's not a massive issue for me as it's now only the odd hair but it wasn't something i was expecting as i haven't had that problem with my current Sigma brushes. My second issue is with the F40, along with a little shedding (nowhere near as much as the large powder brush) it hasn't really kept it's shape. If you've had one of the E25's you'll know what i mean. It's slightly splayed out which again isn't a massive issue I'm just a little bit of a perfectionist! 

Forgetting my little grumble overall i think this is a pretty decent set. I can't compare them to Mac brushes as i don't own any but I'm really enjoying using them and they hands down beat any of my other brushes! I'm looking forward to grabbing a couple more brushes from Sigma in the future like the Large Tapered Blending and their new additions to the Sigmax range.

If you're interested in reading my review on the Synthetic Face Kit click here.

You can have a looky at all the Sigma brushes available on their website here.

Which Sigma brushes are your favourites? Let me know!

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday 1 November 2011

A little bit of Accessorize

Hey guys!

Firstly a little bit of an apology for my lack of blogging over the last week. I've been rather poorly and haven't had the time to swatch or write anything due to mostly being stuck in bed! But hopefully you'll get some regular posts over the next few weeks as I'm determined to get well.
I discovered these beauties a little while ago now. You've probably already heard a ton on these products, but I'd always been a little bit of a brand snob and never really bothered taking a proper look at the Accessorize range. How silly was i?! Whilst at a student shopping night in my local town center i had a little swatch and was gobsmacked! I quickly fell in love with the colours and textures of their blushes, and quickly went back and purchased another! I'm ashamed to say these are actually my FIRST baked blushes and bronzers and I'm baffled as to why i didn't try them sooner.

Wowzer is a bright candy pink with lilac veins which looks quite scary in the pan and swatched but looks absolutely gorgeous on the skin! Scandal is my favourite of the two, i had a little difficulty trying to describe the actual colour. Some say its a "mid toned pink" but i personally feel it leans slightly coral/red on me, but i really am rubbish with descriptions! Both these have a frosty finish which is great for skipping highlighter and the pigmentation is great. I really love the texture of both these blushes. Blush is one thing that generally really annoys me and i find i have to apply throughout the day, but these last a good eight hours on the skin which for me is great.

Above heavy swatches then blended out.
Pearl sands is as far as I'm aware is the lightest out of their bronzers. Like the blushes it's very pigmented and has a frosty finish which isn't ideal for contouring. I love quite a bit of shimmer so it really doesn't bother me. Being ghostly pale i really do have to use a light hand with this but I've really been enjoying using the lighter half of the duo.

As i said before I'd always been a little bit of a brand snob when it comes to Accessorize and i thought that the items would be a lot more expensive. The Blushes are a mere £5 each and the Bronzers £6 or £7 which i think is fantastic! You can easily pay £10 for a "Drugstore" blush nowadays. The packaging also makes me product look more expensive in my opinion.

The only downside is not really being able to get hold of them online. The Accessorize website only stocks one (as far as i could see), same as the Superdrug website. But if you are close to either stores I'd really recommend having a look!
Thanks for reading!

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