Friday 18 November 2011

Products I Regret Buying

Hey guys!
Lately I've been doing a bit of shopping the stash, I've been trying my hardest to buy a bit less on the run up to Christmas (but it's not been going terribly well!). So I've rediscovered a lot of stuff that's been previously unloved in my collection and remembered why i really disliked a lot of products. So here's most of the items i regret buying!

The Smashbox quad came in a set, and if i could find it most other items they'd be included in this post too! I bought it on a whim mainly for the train case that came with it (which turned out to be rubbish quality!). I never use this, i don't like the colours or how they wear and really wish I'd spent the £50 the set cost me more wisely! 
Some Kind Of Gorgeous.... all i can say is yuck. I purchased this before i really got into makeup and i absolutely hate it. Even though it's oil free i find it incredibly greasy, the staying power isn't great and i had to use a stupid amount or product to cover anything, and my skin isn't too bad! I'm really not fond of any of Benefits foundations.

Mac Paint Pot in Blackground. Okay, i don't hate this product i just never find myself using it. I much prefer other bases or primers and i think I'm just not brave enough to pull this off. This isn't a bad product i just think for me personally it was a waste of money!

These two i absolutely detest!

All the hype Backcomb In A Bottle got baffles me. I love big hair and backcomb mine frequently but no matter how i use this it just makes my hair sticky and horrid! Such a waste of money!

And the Nyx Glitterati palette... Well the magpie in me really took over on this purchase. Common sense completely left me and what went through my brain was 'OMG IT'S GLITTERY AND SPARKLY I WANT IT'... Sigh. Although it has a lovely range of colours i find it greasy and extremely hard to work with. The glitter wont stay were it's put and is extremely sheer and patchy. I'll just stick to applying glitter on top of Duo in future and hopefully have some more common sense. 

Last but not least Nyx Jumbo Pencils. In my opinion there is only one worth having, Milk. Although these colours are lovely they crease like a nightmare. There are practically unusable, but i do look forward to getting my hands on Urban Decays offering of pencils because they look great!

So enough rambling for me! I do lots of positive reviews so thought it was about time i share which products i really dislike!

Are there any products you regret buying? Let me know!



  1. I hate Benefits foundations too, especially that one, its just awful.

    You should totally do a blog sale with these things, im sure theres lot of people that would use them!

  2. I was thinking the same thing as Zoe :) I'd probably use the Paint Pot all the time!

  3. Completely agree about the Backcomb in a bottle! x

  4. I 100% agree with the "Some kind of gorgeous" I HATTTTED it so much!! "Blackground" was on my purchase wish list but I think your right, I might not be brave enough to pull it off!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  5. Glad people agree with me on that one! It's vile! I've thought about doing a blog sale but i'm such a hoarder i'd have to pluck up the courage to part with things :P


  6. I love blackground! The only mac product i've repurchased! I always use it under black eyeshadows!

  7. I have blackground too and have only ever used it once! I usually just use a primer and my dark shadows stay fine! might get it back out and find a use for it.......

    great post

    Hayley x

  8. I bought the Benefit Some kind of gorgeous foundation a week ago and I thought it would be awesome for those days I wanted too look really natural. I was told that this would not look cakey and would almost disapear into the skin. Wow was I dissapointed, it's slippery and strange on the skin but yet still manages to grab on to my dry bits and make them even more obvious. So I am left with oily feeling dry looking skin? strange product ideed. I have only used it twice so I will see if I can make it work somehow.


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