Tuesday 25 February 2014

Elf Daily "Moisture" Stick - A not so favourable review...

Hii Lovelies!

The Elf Daily Moisture Stick has had some pretty rave reviews in the Youtubing world and dry skinned ol' me just had to test it out.
I've spent a good few months on and off testing this out because i just didn't quite "get it". So I've been on the fence for a while as to whether i was going to review it or not... But here we are!

 The packaging is sleek and twists up to reveal a clear stick of product inside. My first issue with this is that it really cannot be very hygienic? I know there are a lot of products like this on the market (and i probably should have considered this before purchasing), but something about applying it in this way really screams to me BACTERIA BUILDUP. Anyways... My OCD tendencies aside, we'll get onto the actual product.

For a product thats dubbed "moisturising" even stating it in the name, well its not very damn moisturising at all! It applies in a thin layer and sinks into the skin very quickly not feeling any more hydrated than before. With a second layer it starts to get this tacky feeling that quite frankly grosses me out, certainly not a texture I'd like to apply makeup over. So I'd discovered that this really isn't a face product for me, so i tried it on my hands and elbows... Again no hint of hydration there either.


It also has a slightly higher price point than most Elf products, at £8, which I'm guessing is due to the "anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants" inside. Yes the packaging is a little reminiscent of that Benefit stick primer (again, hygiene issues put a stop to me buying that one too) but other than that it really just doesn't do anything. My last resort for this is dipping my cuticles in it and praying it does something, otherwise its going in the bin.

I do love a lot of the Elf product line but sadly this was a massive miss for me and one i cannot recommend. I'm just baffled as to how this is supposed to be used? What does it actually do? And why has it got such rave reviews... Do you know? Please tell me before it meets Mr Wheelie Bin!

Have you tried the Elf Moisture Stick?

Friday 21 February 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm Review

Hey Lovelies!

As soon as i spotted these in my local Boots i knew i had to have them, its no big shocker really considering my love for all things matte in the lipstick department
! There are 10 shades in the matte range and i had to pop into three stores to find the shades i was after, annoyingly it seems smaller Boots are stocking just 4 shades while the larger are only carrying 8. Which leaves the purple shade firmly out of my reach at the moment... Sigh.

I did get my paws on 3 gorgeous shades to share with you today! These are currently on 3 for 2 in Boots or £7.99 each (Superdrug currently have £2 off) so keep your eyes peeled for offers if you are after a few shades. The shades i picked up were Unapologetic - an extremely bright warm pink, Elusive - nudish (for me) lightish pink and Audacious - hot orange. I don't think i own anything like these in my collection!

Matte, oh how i love thee. I really enjoyed the balm stains Revlon released in previous years so was SO excited to hear of the release of these beauties. I'll make the obvious comparison now... These are very similar packaging, smell and texture-wise to the Tarte matte balms. I haven't tried any of the Tarte permanent range shades but i did get one of their gift sets around Christmas which contained 4 smaller sized balms and i feel these are very comparable. They both share a similar minty scent, extremely similar packaging and both have a lovely creamy texture. Surprisingly I've found the Revlon ones pack more of a punch in the colour department, but this may just be because they have a brighter colour range. If you're not after an exact Tarte shade these are a great inexpensive dupe.

I like to wear a balm underneath as with any lipstick but for a matte shade i don't find them overly drying, i actually find these a lot more comfortable on the lips than Mac Mattes or Retro mattes. They are pretty much opaque after two swipes and i find the application really easy with these sort of chubby stick style pens. I've worn Unapologetic for around 7 hours before needing a touch up, it even lasted through eating and drinking although it did look a little dry by the end of its wear. I even forgot at one point i was even wearing a lipstick, so these get a huge thumbs up from me!

Overall the Revlon Matte Balms are a massive win for me, but i am a little biased towards mattes. They are comfortable, they wear well and they are affordable. So far are my stand out drugstore product of the year! If you love mattes you really need to go give these beauties a swatch. I'll now be hunting down that purple until i can eventually get my hands on it, oh and possibly a couple more shades while I'm at it... I know they're a new release and its wishful thinking, but i do hope Revlon release more shades in this range!

Have you tried the Revlon Matte Balms yet?
What are your favourite matte lipsticks?

Friday 14 February 2014

The under £1 MAC brush "dupes" that are actually worth buying...

Ello Lovelies!

Today I've got a real eBay bargain to share with you! These brushes are priced between just under 80p - 99p each, including shipping... I was a little bit skeptical at first because we all know a lot of what eBay has to offer is utter shite but as these came so highly recommended i thought at this price, i'd take the risk. While i wouldn't say these are "dupes" as such, they are very similar and surprisingly decent quality. So I'm an extremely happy bunny with this little purchase. I've hand mine for a good month or so, so enough time to put these to the test and see how they hold up, so how did they do? 

The 217 "dupe" as you can see isn't exactly the same size or shape but its a lovely blending brush in its own right. I've had a couple hairs at most shed and I've been reaching for this on a daily basis for a quick wash of colour or some lazy blending. Its a little larger than the Mac version so not as precise for blending. Its not quite as soft, but only by a tad and isn't at all scratchy.

As you can see again, this isn't quite an exact dupe for the famous 239 brush. Its a little larger, fluffier and i use mine for highlight colour on the brow bone or a lazy sheer wash of colour. Its slightly longer, wider and not quite as dense as the pricier option but does make a great fluffy brow bone choice rather than your typical lay down brush!

Unfortunately i don't have a 222 brush to compare this to but as with the other two I'm guessing this isn't an exact dupe. It reminds me of one of my favourite Crown Brush brushes the Pro Blending Crease, just a little narrower. I've found this great for applying and blending out my transition colour and general shadow blending. Like the other two brushes I've only had a couple of hairs shed over the multiple times I've washed these, which for the price is not bad at all.

Overall, for under a quid delivered these brushes get a big thumbs up from me and are definitely worth testing out yourself! While they aren't necessarily MAC dupes they are great affordable brushes in their own right. I for one like to delay the boring task of my weekly brush wash by a day or two so having a few extra brushes in my collection has really come in handy!

What are your favourite affordable brushes?
Will you be trying these out?

Thursday 6 February 2014

Blog Sale!

Hey Lovelies!
With my low buy in full swing this year i thought I'd do a small blog sale to clear out any of my unloved items. This way someone else might be able to show them a little more love than i have. Many have just been swatched with the rest being used just a handful of times and I'll detail the usage on each item. 
Sadly i am doing this UK only due to postage fees and postage will be £3 for the first item and 50p each additional makeup item and £1 for the nail polish. Royal Mail state i can only send 4 polishes at a time so if you are interested in the duos i will have to post anything above 4 separately with additional postage. I will happily do discounts on postage for multiple items. All payments must be made as a gift through Paypal to katiexlou@live.com and all items will be posted within 3 working days. No returns.

If you see something you like or have any questions just leave me a comment below and I'll get back to you asap. Happy shopping!

Mac Hue Lipstick - Used x1 - £7 SOLD
Mac Fresco Rose Paint Pot (LE) - Swatched - £7 SOLD
Mac Heat Element Mineralized Duo (LE) - Swatched with box - £7 SOLD
Mac Pink Split Mineralized Duo (LE) - Swatched - £7 SOLD
Mac Love Alert Dazzleglass - Used x1 -  £7 

Illamasqua Cream Blush in Libido - Used x2 - £5 SOLD
Illamasqua Powder Blush in Panic - Used x4 - £5 SOLD
Illamasqua Powder Blush in Thrust - Used x4 - £5  SOLD

YSL Glossy Stain in 14 - Used x1 - £10
Inglot Gel Liner in 86 - Used x2 - £5
Inglot Pearl Lipstick in 188 - Used x1  - £5

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Platinum Pink (LE) - Used x5 - £12 SOLD
NYX For Your Eyes Only in Smokey Eyes - Used x4 - £3

 Laura Geller Gel Liner in Black - Brand New - £3
Jemma Kidd Lipgloss in Perfect Red - Swatched - £2
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss in Punch Bowl - Swatched - £2

 Sleek Palette in Morocco (LE) - Swatched / Green used x3 - £4
Sleek Palette in Original - Swatched -  £3 PENDING
Sleek Palette in Acid - Swatched - Burgundy shade used x3 - £3 PENDING

Wet n Wild Trio in I'm Feeling Retro - Swatched - £2
Wet n Wild Trio in Don't Steal My Thunder - Swatched - £2
Wet n Wild Trio in Spoiled Brat - Swatched - £2

Nars Pierre Hardy Polish Duos (LE) - £11 per duo or 2 for £20
Most brand new, few swatched.

Easy Walking

Ethno Run

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Benefit Boxed Blush Hervana Review

Ello Lovelies!
My lovely boyfriend picked me up some Benefit goodies I'd been lusting after for Christmas and first up for review is Hervana! I've amassed quite a selection of Benefit's boxed powders over the years and I'm yet to be completely disappointed by one (Rockateur has grown on me quite a bit since my initial review). Hervana isn't the newest boxed blush on the block but it is one of the more recent blush releases. Priced at £23.50 Benefit blushes aren't the cheapest but i find it takes me so long to get through one I really don't mind the price tag, even more so since this one was a gift!

Hervana is pretty pleasing to the eye, with both packaging and product design that I'm quite smitten with, it really is gorgeous! It combines four lovely wearable colours that when swirled together (they are far too small to try and use individually) creates a really lovely pink satiny shade with just a hint of peach. On my fair skin tone this is a nice every day shade that I've been reaching for a lot over the past month or so, its one of those shades that works well with nearly any look and was the only blush i took on my travels to London earlier in the month. I think this would work well on lighter skin tones but I'm not sure how well it would show on medium to darker complexions.

It has that typical Benefit scent to it, slightly sweet but not overpowering which i quite enjoy.
Just like Rockateur i don't really find this a "wow" kind of blush. Its a nice shade with a lovely texture, i reach for it quite a lot but its not something I'd go and rave about. If that makes any sort of sense? Its pretty, but its not a stunner. Or maybe I'm just getting pickier with blush? Who knows!

Overall i think Hervana is a nice blush, just nice. Its pretty, blends well but its not going to be holy grail material any time soon. But like i mentioned i am reaching for it quite a bit, so maybe i should give it more credit. If you are on the fairer complexion side and looking for one of those blushes that go with everything i recommend giving this a swatch, you might just love it more than me!

You can check this out on the Benefit Cosmetics website here. 

Do you have a favourite Benefit boxed blush?
Mine is definitely still Bella Bamba!

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