Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My First BFTE Sets - Lights

 Ello lovelies! I'm delighted I've had the chance to do this post today as yesterday was my birthday AND my first day of uni (SCARY!). I thought i wouldn't get much time to blog this week and I'm pleased as punch that i actually do! This is the second part of my BFTE haul. 

Around a month ago i caved to my craving and ordered two sets from BFTE. I've got to admit that the lights is my least favourite of the two but it does have some stunning, more wearable and every day colours. So if brights aren't for you maybe these are!

The same as the Brights this sets comes with eight .5 gram sample sized jars. Which gives you enough to have a good play around and wear these a few times before taking the plunge and buying a full sized jar. These also make adorable gifts!

 Aqua - Riddle - Mint - Cornflower - Princess - Peony - Beautiful - Bliss

 Aqua - Riddle - Mint - Cornflower - Princess - Peony - Beautiful - Bliss
Taken in direct sunshine to show off the stunning shimmer!

Overall again i think this is a fantastic little set. I've written all about Beauty From The Earth in my last post so if you want to know any more about the brand or see their gorgeous Brights collection click here.
You can also visit the Beauty From The Earth website here.

A short and sweet post from me today. But I've got some exciting birthday pressies to blog about over the next couple of days (when they eventually arrive!).

Let me know what your favourite BFTE shade is!
Thanks for reading!


Friday, 23 September 2011

My First BFTE Set - Brights

A little while ago i placed my very first order with Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics and they did not disappoint. They have possibly the biggest shade selection i have ever seen, with over 350 shades of multipurpose minerals to choose from. I spent literally hours on the website desperately trying to decide which shades to pick and found myself well and truly stuck. After some debating with myself i opted for both their "My First BFTE Sets". These consist of eight of their popular Bright and Light shades. As per usual the packaging on these swayed me quite a bit. Super cute pink polka dot casing, whats not to love?! Today I'll be sharing the absolutely stunning Brights collection.
Each of the samples come packaged in jars with sifters and you get .5 grams of product. It is quite a small amount and priced at $14 each the set isn't the cheapest. But taking into consideration you're getting eight shades and super cute packaging i think it's definitely worth it. After buying TKB Trading pigments any other sample size is going to look small! 

Above is picturing the amount of product you'll get with these sets.

Now for the best bit, swatches!
Raspberry - Tangerine - Lemon - Green Apple - Blueberry - Grape - Whisper - Gem
This picture just shows exactly how vibrant these shades are! Raspberry has got to be my favourite and I've really enjoying wearing that as it goes (or clashes nicely) with my bright red hair. Whisper is a bit of an odd one out in this collection although it does work lovely blended with other shades or used as a highlight.

Raspberry - Tangerine - Lemon - Green Apple - Blueberry - Grape - Whisper - Gem

Both these pictures were taken without flash but the above one was taken in direct sunlight. This picture really does these shades justice. They are vibrant, gorgeous shimmery shades perfect for any bright lovers collection.

All in all i would wholeheartedly recommend BFTE. With such an extensive range of colours and excellent colour pay off i think they are well worth the money. When i get through these i will certainly be repurchasing full sizes of most of these shades. In fact I'm already plotting my next order I'm that impressed!

You can visit and buy Beauty From The Earth from their website here.

Which shades are your favourites?
And if you've got your own review on them please share it!

Thanks for reading guys.


Monday, 19 September 2011

100 Followers Giveaway! (CLOSED)

Ello m'lovelies!

As some of you may know from my ecstatic tweets last night i managed to break the 100 follower mark. I think 100 followers in any new blogger's life is a big event and I'd like to thank each and every one of you! So I'm holding my first ever giveaway!

 Over the last month or so I've picked up some bits and bobs both online and on the high street trying to make a little prize package of some of my favourite affordable brands!

So what can you win?!
 MUA - Heaven & Earth Palette - Lip Gloss Shade 2
There has been a lot of hype on this palette and some people have found it very hard to get hold of so when i saw just one sat in my local superdrug i had to grab it. It's full of my favourite shimmery neutrals and is perfect for any collection!

  Elf - Black Liquid Eyeliner - Eyelid Primer Collection - Blush Nail Polish

 Drama Brightening Eye Colour Quad - Dramatic Lash Kit
Just a few of my favourite Elf products!

Soap And Glory - Hand Food
 I adore most of the Soap and Glory range and this one has got to be one of my all time favourites. A great mini hand cream perfect for keeping in your handbag!

I'll also throw in five TKB Trading samples of your choice from the ones i own. You can see that post here.

All these prizes will go to one lucky winner. 
How to enter:

You must be a follower of my blog via GFC.

Just simply leave a comment with your email address telling me what your favourite beauty tip or trick is!
"Enter me" comments will not be counted.

I will ship this internationally so wherever in the world you are feel free to enter! Everyone will get one entry. I'm not enforcing blogging or tweeting extra entries as i personally think this makes things a little unfair. But if you want to blog or tweet about this feel free.

You can follow me on twitter here.

Good luck and again a massive thank you to all of you!

The giveaway will be open for one month and will close on the 19th October at 5pm (UK time) and will be chosen using random.org.


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Losing my Fyrinnae virginity!

Since becoming obsessed with beauty products I've been learning more and more about indie brands. Fyrinnae is one that earns a lot of praise in the blogging community and i had to see if they lived up to the hype!

I had a little trouble actually trying to order these as the website goes down frequently but luckily my patience paid off and i managed to order a few goodies! I ordered five of their $2 samples and it was a real struggle to try and pick out which ones as so many are beautiful! I also picked up Pixie Epoxy their infamous eyeshadow base which as you'll be able to see i had a little trouble with initially. Onto the swatches!

Aztec Gold - Pumpkin Fire - Bite Me - Sake Sashimi - Boytoy - Fire Opal

This picture was taken without a base in natural light as i was trying to pick the gorgeous sparkle most of these have. Boytoy is probably my favorite at the bunch being Fyrinnae's sparkliest green it really makes the Magpie in me go crazy! And you can see even without a base you still get excellent and even colour pay off.

Aztec Gold - Pumpkin Fire - Bite Me - Sake Sashimi - Boytoy - Fire Opal
These were taken over Pixie Epoxy and I'll start by apologising for the sloppy swatches. Me and Pixie Epoxy need some work, i was finding it a bit difficult to work with but in time realised that all you really need is a small amount. This really brings out the colour in things making them more vibrant and really pop! I've been trying it with a lot of other shadows as well and it works wonders! It's a little harder to blend with in my opinion so keep that in mind.

For $2 you get quite a lot of product and they even included a freebie which I'm actually really enjoying! I will definitely be purchasing Boytoy in full size when I've finished the sample, i think I've discovered my all time favourite green.
Shipping is around $6 to the UK (I'd check but the website is down!) so it's nothing overly expensive and i received my package in around two weeks which isn't bad at all! In total i paid around $20 for the little lot i ordered which is excellent.

I would highly recommend Fyrinnae to anyone and everyone as i feel they have such a diverse colour range that there really is something for everyone. I'm also delighted to say they do live up to the hype online. 

These can only be purchased online from the Fyrinnae website here.
The sites currently unavailable but keep trying as they are well worth the wait!

If you have any Fyrinnae posts or favourite colours feel free to comment below or link me them as I'd love to discover some new beauties.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Water Proof Liquid Liners


Sorry this post is a little late! Having a week off work somehow gave me much less time to blog than normal but I'm back and have some new goodies to review!

I have a real soft spot for Urban Decay and these new additions to their range are were no exception. Priced at £14 each normally i wouldn't dream of spending that much for a liquid liner but i just couldn't resist these colours! Having £10 on my Debenhams beauty card also helped. These come in 12 absolutely gorgeous shades so deciding which two to buy was extremely hard.
Woodstock - "Hot pink with iridescent sparkle"
Smog - "Deep brown with golden shimmer and iridescent sparkle"

The beauty of these is that they are waterproof, smudge proof, sweat proof and are extremely long lasting! Which means they are perfect for hot nights out or days by the pool (not that we ever get that sort of weather here in the UK!). The one downside for me personally is the applicator, I'm used to quite hard nib liner applicators and these are taking some getting used to. The applicator is soft and fine and a little flimsy, but I'm sure with some practice I'll be able to master it!
I'm in love with the colours and I'm looking forward to using these for some FOTD posts soon so you can see these in action! Urban Decay in Debenhams currently have an offer if you purchase two items you get a free mini gift which was a nice surprise! There are around six choices and i opted for the All Nighter Setting Spray. I've been desperate to try this for some time but not willing to take the £20 plunge and buy it! But so far it's looking that I'll definitely be getting the full size one when this is finished!

You can buy these in store and on the Debenhams website here.
They also currently have 10% and free delivery on their entire beauty range which makes these a little more affordable.

Whats your favourite shade out of the 12?

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Superdrugs Optimum Super Antioxidant Grape Range

I've been meaning to try out a new eye and night cream for a while now and after hearing all the buzz about these i thought I'd do a little research!

"Nature and science combine to form a powerful anti-ageing range packed with antioxidants.

With PhytoCellTec™ "Solar Vitis" extract, a powerful antioxidant, which helps to strengthen the skin's cells and prevent premature skin ageing."

The hype around this product was due to having the same type of rare red grape ingredient used in a costly £310 sold in Harrods. Obviously this is not the same cream and Superdrug have been able to sell this much cheaper due to making it with cheaper ingredients and packaging.

If you'd like to read the article on it click here.

Now onto my opinions! I have quite dry sensitive skin so finding a product that suits me is a nightmare. I hummed and hawed over these for a little while in the shop since it was a little bit of a risk since the three products added up to £34 in total. But all logic left the window when told about Superdrugs spend £30 get 1000 points offer, I'm a sucker for offers!

The day cream is quite light in texture but is sufficiently thirst quenching for my dry skin. It's got in my opinion quite a strong fruity scent which some people (sadly including me) may not like but it does fade after a little while on the skin. It's light enough for under makeup but on a night out I'd still use my Oilatum as i find it to be a much better base.

The night cream is a slightly thicker consistency but is still not heavy on the skin. I was a little bit worried as the first time i used it it stung a little, but nothing painful. But as i woke up i hadn't reacted to it and my skin felt fine i carried on with it!

The eye cream again is quite light but unlike other eye creams I've tried in the past doesn't really have that nice cooling sensation on the eye. It doesn't feel as luxurious as say the Benefit "It's Potent".

Day Cream - Night Cream - Eye Cream

As only being 21 and only having very slight lines around my eyes i wasn't expecting much. But the prevention phrase basically sold this to me. I'm a little worried (to say the least!) about aging and finding a medium cost prevention skincare system delighted me! Although I've not seen a difference in my skins texture or appearance it's passed the test when it comes to keeping my skin hydrated, which for a product that isn't marketed for that i thought was brilliant! I've been using these for around a month now so i shall keep on with them until they run out, and I'll update this with any changes to my skin.

Would i buy this again? Possibly. But as always I'll still have my eye open for the "perfect" product.

You can buy these in store and online on the Superdrug website here. And although they don't have the 1000 points offer anymore they currently have £2 off each product.

Have you tried the Grape Optimum range? Or any of their range in fact, I'd love to hear how it worked for you!

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hauling - E.l.f, BFTE & Fyrinnae

Hey guys!

I've been a little bit naughty this week and splurged a little bit. I'd been eyeing up some companies i hadn't tried before and gave in to the urge to spend! I'm going to try to keep this post as short and sweet as possible as I'll be doing individual posts with swatches and reviews on BFTE and Fyrinnae when i get a chance to try out these goodies!

As you probably know E.l.f had yet another 50% sale and being the bargain hunter that i am i couldn't help myself. I only needed liquid eyeliner! But as per usual i managed to get myself up to the £30 required to get free shipping and my order was placed! There are some things missing from the list and picture because i picked up some extra goodies for a giveaway I'll hopefully hold soon! Not the most interesting of hauls but it was still very exciting opening the package!

What i bought:
Daily Brush Cleaner
Brightening eye colour - Glam & Silver Lining
Nail Polish - Clear - Moonlight - Pearl Pink - Pearl
Liquid Eyeliner - Black x4
Kabuki Face Brush x2
Dramatic Lash Kit x5
Eyeshadow Brush x2
Lipstick - Seductive
Blending Eye Brush x2
High Definition Powder
Eye Crease Brush

Onto Fyrinnae! I was very close to not ordering anything from this brand due to my frustration with their website. As far as I'm aware when Fyrinnae have too many orders they take the website completely down until they have completed them. This was extremely frustrating for me because for near on a week every time i checked the website was blank. Luckily i persevered and was delighted when i eventually found the website up and running. I'd heard lots about the magical Pixie Epoxy and had to snag one of those along with 5 other $2 samples of their eye shadows. Oh and i got a lovely little free sample, i adore getting samples because i find myself loving shades i would of never picked out myself! If like me you are getting the down page a lot, keep with it because it's definitely worth the wait! Again I'll be doing a full review and swatches on these pretties as soon as possible!

I'm a sucker for packaging, plain and simple. I'd again been lusting after some Beauty From The Earth stuff from quite some time and after spotting these "My First BFTE" cuties i had to have them. They offer 8 sample size pigments in either "Lights" or "Brights" in this ADORABLE packaging for only $14. So naturally i had to have both. Shipping from BFTE is only $6 internationally if i remember rightly so that's not bad either!



So that's the end of my beauty haul. If there's any E.l.f products you'd like to see swatches or anything for let me know because I'm happy to post them i just don't want to be repetitive when it comes to the brand.

Anyone else find they are a sucker for sales or packaging?!

Thanks for reading!

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