Wednesday, 24 August 2011

TKB Trading Haul & Swatches

I've been on a little bit of an indie spree this month and this was the first package that arrived, eee exciting stuff! Before now I've stuck to mostly big named brands and until recently hadn't really heard much about indie cosmetics companies. So i did a little research and found a few that took my fancy! TKB Trading, Fyrinnae and Beauty From The Earth where the three that caught my attention.

TKB Trading is a wholesale company which a lot of mineral cosmetics company order their micas in bulk from
and create their own shades. This was all news to me so i did a little search for reviews online. TKB Trading sell sample pigments for $1.50 and you get a tablespoons (yes, a TABLESPOONS!) worth of product, which is probably more than enough to keep you stocked for years if they are just for personal use. Some of the more expensive pigments like their "Travel To" range are a teaspoons worth for the same price but that's still a lot of product. They have a minimum order of about $15 which if you take into account that they are a wholesale business that is not a lot of money.

The pigment samples come in large baggies which could be a bit of a pain in the ass when it comes to applying them so i bought quite a few of their 5g jars to keep them in, and at $1.65 for 4 they don't break the bank. You could probably fill at least 8 jars per sample so i had a ton of product left over. They have a massive selection of micas, glitters, jars and other products for sale so trying to pick out the ones i wanted was a little tricky, i have no self control.

There is a slight downside with these is that they are not "ready to use" pigments as such, without a base these are not going to last. They do not have the additives that eye shadows and pigments have to make them hold, but using a good base underneath will solve this problem! I swatched these using a small layer of NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk to get an even colour.
 Grape Parfait - True Coral - Twilight Green - Pink Red Blue - Sapphire
 True Green - Rouge Flambe Red - Verdegris Gold - Emerald - Hilite Gold

Travel To Earth - Antique Silver - Brilliant Glitter Red - Mermaid's Gold - Cyrus Green

My camera really does not do most of these micas justice. TBK describes Travel To Earth as "an iridescent gold green which shifts to golden rose." and it has to be one of my favourites, i just wish my camera would pick up the beauty of it! I love golds and greens and these are definitely some of my new favourites!

Shipping to the UK is $14 and is shipped priority so i received my package in just 8 days which was brilliant! Although they do not "gift" items which means you may pay customs charges, although i was lucky enough to miss those somehow!

You can buy these and many more online here on the TKB Trading website!

I'm looking forward to getting the rest of my indie goodies through the post soon! And hopefully getting some FOTD's done with these beauties!

Thanks for reading guys.



  1. In love with emerald and twilight green!! I may have to give some of these indie companies a look see when i get some money! Gonna check out the glitters for these!!

  2. oh god that rouge flamet red is gorgeous!!!

  3. Pink Red Blue is a fav of mine; so is Mermaid's Gold and Travel to Earth. You picked some great colours! :)


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