Monday, 22 August 2011

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

Hello I'm Katie and I'm a palette addict.

Everyone has their favourite things and mine is definitely palettes. Over the last year I've picked up quite a few and this is absolutely one of the most exciting ones! There was a lot of anticipation with this one since UD didn't really give us a release date here in the UK no matter how much i pestered their facebook page. But out of the blue one day i had some missed calls from Miss Jane telling me they had these in stock where she lived..... WHAT?! *frantic rush into town to Debenhams* So i got my hands on one, yay! My frantic rushing was a little over the top since they still have a ton in stock almost three weeks later... But never mind. Onto the shadows!

What makes this palette special is that it has 15 brand new shades it, no repeats! And the packaging is stunning, once you're finished with the shadows you can remove that layer and use the container as a very pretty jewelry box. Priced slightly higher than the regular UD palettes at £39 i really do think it's worth every penny.

Midnight Rodeo - Midnight 15 - Vanilla - Flow - Chase

Tainted - Junkshow - Omen - Evidence - Deep End

Deeper - M.I.A - Ace - Blackout - Half Truth

With a mixture of neutrals and brights this is a very versatile palette and I'm glad i managed to get my hands on it!

This is limited edition but is still in stock on the Debenhams website here.
Or check in your local store but I'd try and snag one of these quick before they go!



  1. This palette is so fly! Totally worth the money! Great swatches and review :)

  2. after seeing your swatches you've made me want it even more!

    thank you for your comment on my blog lovely, i did research into the skin 79 one but it's for oily skin apparantly, mine is quite dry, the gold one for dry skin has almond oil and i'm allergic to nuts. just my luck haha!


  3. When i was looking into them it would of been common sense for me to get the Gold one as i have very dry skin but my brain went 'ITS PINK!'. Luckily i find the pink one quite moisturising :) If you can get your hands on a mini one i'd totally recommend trying it :)



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