Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hauling - E.l.f, BFTE & Fyrinnae

Hey guys!

I've been a little bit naughty this week and splurged a little bit. I'd been eyeing up some companies i hadn't tried before and gave in to the urge to spend! I'm going to try to keep this post as short and sweet as possible as I'll be doing individual posts with swatches and reviews on BFTE and Fyrinnae when i get a chance to try out these goodies!

As you probably know E.l.f had yet another 50% sale and being the bargain hunter that i am i couldn't help myself. I only needed liquid eyeliner! But as per usual i managed to get myself up to the £30 required to get free shipping and my order was placed! There are some things missing from the list and picture because i picked up some extra goodies for a giveaway I'll hopefully hold soon! Not the most interesting of hauls but it was still very exciting opening the package!

What i bought:
Daily Brush Cleaner
Brightening eye colour - Glam & Silver Lining
Nail Polish - Clear - Moonlight - Pearl Pink - Pearl
Liquid Eyeliner - Black x4
Kabuki Face Brush x2
Dramatic Lash Kit x5
Eyeshadow Brush x2
Lipstick - Seductive
Blending Eye Brush x2
High Definition Powder
Eye Crease Brush

Onto Fyrinnae! I was very close to not ordering anything from this brand due to my frustration with their website. As far as I'm aware when Fyrinnae have too many orders they take the website completely down until they have completed them. This was extremely frustrating for me because for near on a week every time i checked the website was blank. Luckily i persevered and was delighted when i eventually found the website up and running. I'd heard lots about the magical Pixie Epoxy and had to snag one of those along with 5 other $2 samples of their eye shadows. Oh and i got a lovely little free sample, i adore getting samples because i find myself loving shades i would of never picked out myself! If like me you are getting the down page a lot, keep with it because it's definitely worth the wait! Again I'll be doing a full review and swatches on these pretties as soon as possible!

I'm a sucker for packaging, plain and simple. I'd again been lusting after some Beauty From The Earth stuff from quite some time and after spotting these "My First BFTE" cuties i had to have them. They offer 8 sample size pigments in either "Lights" or "Brights" in this ADORABLE packaging for only $14. So naturally i had to have both. Shipping from BFTE is only $6 internationally if i remember rightly so that's not bad either!



So that's the end of my beauty haul. If there's any E.l.f products you'd like to see swatches or anything for let me know because I'm happy to post them i just don't want to be repetitive when it comes to the brand.

Anyone else find they are a sucker for sales or packaging?!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Hiya, Love your blog! What do you think of ELF's lashes? Ive seen very mixed reviews!
    Check out my ELF haul too if you get 5 mins?
    Lucie xx

  2. Thanks Lucie! I'm not a big lash girl so stocked up to try and get myself wearing them more! They are cheap and cheerful but you need to get separate glue :)


  3. Love how you got loads of the same eyelashes! How is the Kabuki brush? Not scratchy or anything? x

  4. Oh my! I thought my e.l.f haul was a lot! Jealous of your load, I shouldn't be buying more makeup but couldn't resist :). xx

  5. I'm a bit of lash newbie so i thought cheap ones would be a good way to start! I already had one of their Kabuki's, its super soft! It could be a tad denser though but it still works extremely well!

    I can never resist a sale, it's bad!


  6. hey Katie can you please do a review of the Daily Brush cleaner, i was thinking about getting it for my dense brushes like a kabuki? how fast does the brushes dry because mine take FOREVER to dry. Thank you! and i did an elf post recently too if you want to check out what I got!

  7. hi katie lou, love your posts i thkn your swatches and reviews are really useful. im already following your blog, id appreciate it if you followed mine too. :)


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