Saturday 27 October 2012

USA Haul: Sephora!

Ello lovelies!
Its taking me a long time to get through these hauls! This is the second to last, i promise! I was like a kid in a candy shop in Sephora, i spent quite a long time just looking around at what they had, and they have an awful lot! As you can see i went a little Tarte crazy, i SO wish we could get hold of this brand in the UK because there was SO much more i wanted to get, but my damn luggage allowance wouldn't allow it!

I wasn't lying when i said i went crazy on Tarte! I actually had a little makeover done in store and i am gutted i didn't pick up their Amazonian Clay Foundation as my sample is getting low and i bloody love it! September was an awesome time to visit Sephora as they were just starting to get in their Christmas gift sets. I was also lucky enough to have some birthday money to spend which is my way of justifying the ridiculous amount of blush i purchased! I've added prices for all the products listed, and if you want to find out more about them they are all on the Sephora US website.

I'm planning to review the majority of these at some point, but if theres something in particular you'd like to see one on, let me know!
Tarte - Amazonian Clay Blush - $25
As you can see i picked up four of these, i wanted to try a range of colours because blush has been, until now, the smallest part of my collection. There are 16 shades, so choosing wasn't an easy task. But i settled on: Exposed, Glisten, Flush and the infamous Tipsy. 

 Tarte - Blush & Bronze On The Go - $15
I spotted this duo after i had chosen the first four and thought, why not? It contains a mini Dollface blush and a mini Park Ave Princess, and at only $15 i thought that was quite a steal. The blush contains 3.4g of product which is over half the size of the regular ones, fantastic!

Tarte - Baby It's Bold Outside - $35
Contains four new (i believe) limited edition shades, again in just over half size. This was on my second trip to Sephora, i just couldn't help myself. Its such a steal at that price and i rarely go through an entire blush. I can see these getting a ton of wear! 

Tarte - High Definition Eyebrow Pencil - $19
This was used on me during the little makeover i received. I am shocked to just stumble over a nice, taupey brow pencil! I find it SO difficult to find brow products that aren't too dark or too warm toned, this is perfect!

Random bits and bobs...

Makeup Forever - Aqua Cream #2 - $23
Apart from the Mascara i picked up at IMATS earlier in the year i don't actually own and MUFE so thought it was time i rectified that. Steel is described as a "Grey Silver Shimmer", but i think it'd work really well under taupey smokey eyes!

Josie Maran - Argan Color Stick - $22 
The sales assistant got an easy sale with this one. Had an "ooooooh its soooo prettttyyyy" magpie moment. I've not had a chance to try this out yet, but it is an extremely pretty pink cream blush. Josie Maran products contain a whole host of skin loving ingredients and im really looking forward to giving this a bash.

 Urban Decay - Good Karma Brush - $24
My new favourite foundation brush. You NEED this in your life. Review coming very soon!

Laura Mercier - Brightening Powder - $22  
I'd wanted this for SO long, but i wasn't going to pay nearly £20 for an under eye setting powder here in the UK. Well, i may have to when this runs out! Again, I'll post a full review of it soon.

Anastasia - Brow Powder Duo - $22
Another product I'd lusted over for a long time. Full review up soon! 
Fresh - Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo
It was my birthday while i was away and i was a little cheeky and signed up for a Sephora Beauty Insider card... oops! So on top of collecting points for a few 100 point perks i also received this super cute lip duo. One of their lip balms actually retails for over $20, madness! They are damn good balms though.  

Jack Black - Lip Balm - $7.50
I'm a lip balm whore. I adore this, it smells so fresh and being a "mens" product doesn't leave too much of a sheen on the lip, perfect! 

Urban Decay - Naked 2 - £30
I eventually caved. I was set on not buying any expensive eyeshadow palettes while i was away, in fear of smashing them travelling home. This little beauty appeared on the duty free book on the plane home and i just couldn't resist any longer! Only a £6 saving on buying it in the UK, but an excuse to get rid of all my extra dollars. 
Point perks! I was a little bit bummed they had finished their MUFE Lipstick perk by the time i got there, but these are very decent sized samples. I'm also only a few points away from another perk when i next go, bonus!

Phew, that's it!

This was a MUCH longer post than i expect, so sorry for whittling on. You'll be pleased to know that i only have one more haul to share with you, hurrah! And i think i saved the best till last, my Drugstore haul! And just a quick warning, its going to be a whopper!

Do you live by a Sephora? Whats your favourite product? 
Or are you like us UK girls, longing for them to open up shop here again?!


Tuesday 23 October 2012

FOTD: Winter Is Coming

 Hey Lovelies!
 My blogs been choc full of hauls lately, so i thought I'd change it up a tad and share the look I've been wearing quite a bit over the past few weeks. I love the whole rock chick trend at the moment and I've been obsessing over anything studded and bold, berry lips! Its a simple look as I've been pretty lazy on the eyeshadow lately, which needs to change soon. I've not been brave enough to try a black, burgundy smokey eye, but that's next on my list!

MUA - Eye Primer
Elf - Black Liquid Eyeliner
Almay - Get Up And Grow Mascara
Anastasia - Brow Powder Duo

Jack Black - Lip Balm 
Revlon - Kissable Balm Stain in Crush

 Darling Girl - Face Primer
Tarte - Amazonian Clay Foundation in Ivory
Maybelline - Dream Lumi Concealer in Radiance
Laura Mercier- Secret Brightening Powder
Nars- Laguna Brzoner
Mac - Lightscapade
Tarte - Amazonian Clay Blush in Flush

I really need to get some more stain like products, i love the Revlon Balm Stains, even though they are on the drying side! But i don't fear having clown mouth with them and they have superb wear time, love them!

Have you cracked any "wintery" shades out of your stash yet?


Tuesday 16 October 2012

USA Nail Polish Haul!

 Hello Lovelies!
I spent near on a year lusting over Zoya polishes, taunting myself by looking at the new collections and having a little strop every time i was reminded that they don't ship to the UK. Sad face. So on my recent trip to the States Zoya was at the top of my hit list. I was a bit underwhelmed with the selection that the Ulta i visited had, but with a few trips i managed to pick up some right beauties! I also grabbed a couple of China Glaze ones too as they had a 3 for 2 offer on that i just couldn't refuse. In a way it was kinda good that they didn't have the best selection, or i could of easily picked up double what i had! Anyways, on to the pretties!
 Paper Chasing - Fairy Dust - I Herd That - Frostbite

 I only own two other China Glaze polishes which i adore so i didn't really need an excuse to pick up more. I love I'm Not Lion from their Safari range and as I Herd That is pretty much the gold version of it i had to have it! If i remember rightly these were around $7-$8 each, so not the cheapest, but you can find China Glaze online in the UK for around £5 a bottle.
 Nidhi - Daul - Gilda - Meg - Charla - Opal

After all my lusting for months on end i finally got my hands on some Zoya, only to find when i arrived home that there is now a website that stocks them in the UK for just under £6 a bottle, DOUBLE WIN. I'm not sure how up to date they are with collections or how reputable a company they are but they have quite a few colours i want... Luckily for my bank account my spending ban has well and truly kicked in and quite frankly, i have enough! But if you'd like to check out the website click here!
Mimi - Myrta - Feifei - Ivanka - Sarah

I don't think i could even pick my favourite out of these because they are just SO pretty. As you can see I'm a fan of sparkly, glittery, bright colours! I'm not really a dark or nude nail kinda gal, although I'm loving the berry shades that are everywhere right now, so i may have to make an exception. I am SO thrilled i managed to pick up so many pretties, i think i am pretty stocked up on polish for a while!

Whats your favourite Zoya colour? Let me know!


Thursday 11 October 2012

Bath & Bodyworks Haul!

 Ello lovelies!
You'll have to excuse the shoddy lighting for these pictures, winter has officially kicked in where i live and the seriously gloomy weather is proving difficult when it comes to taking snaps! I want to be back in the sun, boo!

Anyways, as promised here is the first of my haul posts from my recent USA trip! I've been back nearly two weeks now and it feels like a lifetime! But rather than boo hoo'ing over not being there I'm enjoying all the goodies i picked up! I could have filled my suitcase in Bath and Bodyworks, i was in heaven! Soooo many yummy scents to choose from and so many options, fragrance, candle, shower gel and body lotion. And its all so reasonably priced, i loved it! Next time i may even purchase an extra 5k purely for this shop!
 I went a little mad on the fragrance mists, they were buy 3 get 2 free so i had to really didn't I? At $14 each it worked out at quite a bargain, but it took me SO long to decide on fragrances and there are still two I'm eyeing on eBay... I have to say it was quite hard to work out which ones i liked because as you can imagine its quite a fragrant shop, think walking into lush in the UK! But i eventually whittled it down to just five, i would of had ten if the boyfriend hadn't of told me off. I get a bit carried away!
 On our second trip i decided i needed these three, with no more room for full sizes i picked up three minis. At 3 for $10 again it was a bit of a bargain! I SOOOOO wish I'd got a full size of Be Enchanted as it is my favourite, such a sweet, girly smell, kinda reminded me of Britney Spears Fantasy but fruitier, yum!
 We arrived as 2 for $20 was on so i had to pick up two... and then go back for another two. I wouldn't of been able to face burning them if i only had one each. Yes its crazy logic, but i now have two Leaves and two Cinnamon Sugared Donut... One for smelling, one for burning. Crazy women logic right there! But they smell soooooo goooood, Leaves really does live up to the hype! Cinnamon Sugared Donut smells so edible it makes me hungry, I'm really looking forward to burning these.
Pocket Bacs! I bloody love 'em!
I was lucky enough to be gifted 10 for Christmas last year and i can't get enough of them. I'm a bit of a clean freak so having one of these in my handbag is essential! I spent a good 20 minutes choosing scents and making sure i had doubles of my two favourites, Fresh Market Apple and Island Margarita! I also picked up a Candy Corn and a Pumpkin one for a couple of my friends.

So that's it! I splurged quite a bit but i think i only spent around $100 in total, that's with other peoples gifts so not a bad spend at all. Ooooh Bath and Bodyworks please start shipping to the UK, my bank balance will hate you but I'd be dead chuffed! Ha!

I've got my Drugstore and Sephora hauls coming up over the next week or so! And I've got lots of goodies to share!

Have you been to Bath and Bodyworks before?
Whats your favourite scent?


Friday 5 October 2012

I'm back! With some holiday snaps!

 Ello lovelies!
So I'm back! Well, i was back Saturday morning but jet lag hit me like a bitch. So with that, a severe case of the Florida blues and returning to university I've been shattered to say the least! I had an AMAZING time and I'm already itching to book for next year, but sadly I've got some arm twisting to do on the other half first, hmph.

I took nearly 500 pictures, and a ton of video so I'm hoping if i can manage to get some spare time I'll be able to try my hand at editing a video together! *fingers crossed* So i thought I'd share some of the best snaps i got throughout my trip before we get into the good stuff, the hauls! I bought a lot... Probably too much to be honest but i really couldn't help myself. So there are going to multiple haul posts because it would be impossible to fit it in to one. And hopefully I'll start snapping away at those tomorrow!

Minnie and Mickey!

Birthday shopping! You're never too old for Minnie ears and a birthday badge, right?! Ha! We had to seriously hunt for these as all they had were sequin ones, and i had my heart set on a more traditional pair, so the brat in me came out until we found them. I am a serious kid. Also you may have noticed my lack of makeup, well after day one apart from the odd evenings i just didn't bother! It was just TOO hot for my face to deal with, so rather than worry about it sliding off i just didn't put any on. Some waterproof mascara and i was off!

I love this thing! I've got another snap of the bf doing this face in front of it but sadly its not his favourite and he'd kill me if i uploaded it, I'm trying to get in his good books anyway and make him let me book next year already! hehe.

Halloween! They do this SO much better than us Brits!

Hogsmeade! I'm not a Harry Potter fan but i have to admit that this was awesome! The Forbidden Journey ride has to be one of the best I've been on, well apart from the spiders, i managed not to see that part...
Our hotel was opposite this because its one of my favourite things to look at in Florida! Never been inside, it just looks awesome!

 Walking Dead! One of my only Halloween Horror Nights pictures, which wasn't actually taken by me because i spent most of the evening running around terrified avoiding anything scary, which was impossible since scare actors were everywhere! Was hoping there would be a lot of FX makeup, but alas it was mostly masks, which makes me a sad and terrified panda. Although i got Despicable Me unicorn... ITS SO FLUFFY I'M GUNNA DIE!

 The Tower of Terror! Not as scary as it looks, but then again I'm a coaster junkie! Years ago this used to drop from the top, which i did as a kid and it was awesome!


So that's it! There really are too many pictures to share, but i did get my shop on hard. I raided Walmart, Ulta, Sephora, Walgreens, CVS and Bath and Bodywork's so i have some goodies from over the pond to try, review and share!

Have you ever been to Florida? Whats your favourite part of it?!

Thanks for reading!

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