Tuesday 28 February 2012

My Top 3 Fragrances

Ello lovelies!
So i definitely have a "type" when it comes to perfume, and that generally comes in the form of super sweet floral or fruity fragrances. I managed to whittle it down to my top 3 loves, which would of been a little trickier had i had a bottle of Clinique's Happy to hand (MEGALOVE).

   Vera Wang - Lovestruck
This one is a little bit special due to being the first and only perfume i have ever purchased myself. I'd been lusting after it for quite a few months when i managed to bag a bargain in boots on boxing day. (Wow try saying that fast?!) Its a little more of a "grown up" scent for me but i absolutely adore it. I'm rubbish at describing scents so I'll leave that to the experts!

Britney Spears - Fantasy
I like to call this my "Chavvy" perfume. Although having a Britney Spears perfume may seem a little less sophisticated i have never been without a bottle since its release in 2006. And there is only one other perfume (Happy, again LOVE) that has been a firm favourite of mine over the years. No matter how much i use it, i never get sick of it. If your not a fan of super sweet scents, id steer clear of it.

Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy
 So if you're an avid youtube watcher you would of seen this beauty pop up time and time again on perfume hauls and favourites. The boyfriend took note and purchased this for my last birthday, bless him! And it pretty much lives up to the hype, its not AS sweet as my other favourites but its pretty damn beautiful. One little complaint, i just wish it lasted a little longer on the skin. 

Super sweet fragrances, love or loathe?


Friday 24 February 2012

Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadow - Swatches


If you've seen some of my previous FOTD's or any of my IMATS posts you would of noticed i picked up these bad boys. Four ten pan palettes from Inglot's freedom system. These are probably the most exciting purchase for me of the year so far, and i'm not sure i'll find any that top them either!

For any of you that have been living under a rock over the past year or so... Inglot are a Polish brand that have recently gone global and have been getting a lot of attention in beauty blogging community. I purchased a good few things from Inglot but for today I'll be focusing on their infamous freedom system shadows.

Their freedom offers a variety of different sized palettes varying from £2 - £20 giving you the freedom to pick and choose your own shades. They come in five different finishes and over 200 shades. Matte, Double Sparkle (DS), Pearl, Shine and Advanced Makeup Component (AMC). The pigmentation of these is phenomenal and they blend like an absolute dream.

Its a tad hard to choose but i think the pearl finish is my favourite. DS are a matte shadow packed full of glitter and the shines seem to vary per colour. Some leave as the name would suggest more of a sheen and others are more pearl like with added glitter (39 being one of those).

So onto the swatches!

The one downside to Inglot is that there is only one UK store in London and although they now have a website its a little tricky to pick colours due to their pretty awful swatches. I did quite a bit of searching online and couldn't find a huge amount of clear swatches for the colours or finishes i wanted. Although Temptalia does have a pretty good selection.

Considering the booth was pretty packed i think i managed to pick out a pretty good selection of shades. I'm still greedily lusting over some more matte neutrals and some pearl brights, I'm an addict. Price wise online a full 10 palette will set you back £53 which may sound a little pricey, but take into consideration you'd pay around £150 to fill a Mac palette. In my opinion the quality of these is superior to Mac.

Inglot shadows can be purchased for £4.50 each online here.

Which shades are your favourites?


Sunday 19 February 2012

FOTD: Inglot Neutrals

  Ello lovelies!

Just a quick post from me today! I've been loving experimenting with some of my IMATS goodies and my Inglot palettes have got some major love this week. I spend most of Valentines lazing around with the boyfriend but i thought i might make a slight effort with me face in the evening. So i played around with some of my neutrals, the bf actually liked the look, so that was a bonus!

Excuse the dumb face :P

INGLOT - AMC Shine 35, AMC Shine 31, AMC Shine 42, DS 459.
Blimey, didn't realise i had that many shines!
ELF - Liquid Liner Black
Smashbox - Hyper Lash Mascara

MakeUp Forever - HD Foundation 110
INGLOT - Loose Powder 51 
Bourjois - Chocolate Bronzer
Benefit - Bella Bamba (Not that its actually picking up)

My greedy hands are itching to grab some more Inglot shades, especially since i have a 20% off code. But so far I've been a good girl and kept my greediness under control. I can't say for how much longer though.

Have you got any favourite Inglot shades?


Thursday 16 February 2012

NOTD - Inglot 319

 Nails aren't really my "thing". But i am ridiculously in love with this shade that i just had to share it! A few weeks back at IMATS i picked up a couple of amazingly pretty Inglot polishes. I'm not normally one to buy polish as my Mum, quite simply put is a nail addict. So most of my nail colours are "borrowed" from her. But i felt this one was pretty unique, it was love and first sight.

My camera does not do this justice. 

319 is a gorgeous frosty yellowy limeish green. Oh yeah check my talent for descriptions... not. Rubbish descriptions aside, it is a REALLY beautiful colour. I really like the consistency with this polish and is opaque with two coats. I'm not sure how long it'll wear for since I'm awful with keeping on polishes. I generally open things with my nails, bash and chip them off within a day or two anyways. I really need to work on that!

The picture above is picking it up more mint like, which is isn't, its definitely more towards the lime side. I'm a little sad i couldn't get a better picture.

I'm looking forward to wearing the other beauty i picked up!

Have you tried any Inglot polishes? Which are your favourites? I need more!


Monday 13 February 2012

Elf Cosmetics - Beauty Clutch

Ello again!

So this is the second part of my Elf palettes review. In a previous post i swatched and reviewed to Elf Pro Mini Palette, if you'd like to see that post click here.

I'd like to reiterate that I was fortunate enough to be sent these as Elf were looking for bloggers to swatch and review these for their swatch gallery. But just because i did not have to pay for these it does not affect my opinion in the slightest. Any review on my blog will feature my 100% honest opinion, including the good and the bad. Now onto the review!
The palette features 32 eyeshadows, a bronzer, two blushes, 6 lip glosses, brow powder and brow gel. The eyeshadows vary in texture and finish and this palette contains a lot less glittery shades than the previous one. The packaging is a little different, like the name implies it resembles a clutch bag. It has a flip top that holds a reasonably sized mirror and the eyeshadows and a slide out drawer that contains the rest of the products. Packaging for me isn't really my cup of tea, although it feels sturdy I'd be a little worried about it breaking in my bag. But that's just me!
The shadows have decent colour pay off throughout, with only having trouble with one or two shades. Like the other palette these are on the slight powdery side, and i did experience some fall out with these. But like i said in my previous review that's not too much of a problem as long as i remember to do my foundation last. Although there are a lot less glittery shades most are on the pearly finish side, which is a plus for me.
Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
This has got to be my favourite row. Just LOOK at that green and purple, gorgeous!
Row 4

The bronzer included is well pigmented but a bit too orange for my pale complexion although this may work well on darker skin tones. The blushes in include a nice peach and pink, they are a little on the sheer side but are easily build able. The highlight was a nice surprise, its a cream/gel like formula and although contains glitter sheers out nicely leaving a more subtle highlight.
As you can see most of the included lip glosses are on the sheer side, apart from the raspberry/red end colour. Glosses in palettes aren't my thing as i generally like to be able to chuck one in my bag. But these apply smoothly and are not very sticky, which is great. They do however have a noticeable artificial smell to them, which is something i dislike.

I unfortunately had a little camera issue when photographing the brow products. The powder is a very warm brown, which i think would be more suitable to redheads, and the gel is a very deep almost black brown. I'll hopefully get some pictures up of these asap.

Priced at £7.50 currently i think this overall is great value for money and i think the eyeshadows alone are worth that price. I look forward to uploading some looks using this palette soon.

If your interested in this you can check it out on the Elf website here.


Saturday 11 February 2012

Valentines Inspired FOTD

Just a quick post today!
I've been experimenting with a little more colour recently and thought what better time to do a pink/glittery look, Valentines day! Although i probably won't be doing anything too special on the day i thought id try out some new looks.
And this was my favourite!

Sugarpill - Tako, Dollipop, Bulletproof, Birthday Girl, Magnetric.
Inglot - Shine 35
Fyrinnae - Pixie Epoxy
Elf - Liquid Eyeliner
Smashbox - Hyperlash mascara

  Illamasqua - Light Liquid Foundation, Sob Cream Blush
Elf - HD Powder

Rose & Co Apothecary - Rose Petal Salve

Are you doing anything special for Valentines?

Thanks for reading!

Thursday 9 February 2012

London IMATS 2012 - The Haul

Ello lovelies!

If you saw my other post you'll know i travelled to London to attend IMATS this past Saturday. I had an AMAZING day and if you'd like to see any of the pictures i took on the day click here.

I'd saved for the past months including Christmas money and been on a semi successful spending ban, so i splurged quite a bit... oops! I'd been making a list of products i wanted and didn't deviate too much from it, and stuck to my budget. I ended up going back to Inglot multiple times, and getting a little bit overexcited! I'll try to list prices where i can, although some may just be a rough idea, i have a brain like a sieve at times.

My most exciting purchase of the day! Inglot shadows! <3
10 Palette - £41 

Nail Enamel: 940 and 319 - £6 each
AMC Eyeliner Gel Matte: 86 and 77 - £7 each?
Lipstick: 204, 188, 179 and 184 - £7 each
Under Makeup Base - £9
AMC Cream Foundation: LW200 - £11?
Loose Powder: 11 - £11?


This was probably the most hectic booth of the day as they were offering a generous 75% off most of their products. They didn't have their full range with them, but they did bring some real beauties. I really wish id gotten a better look and picked up some more, i love an epic bargain!

Light Liquid Foundation: LF120 - £7.50
Cream Blush: Sob and Libido - £5 each
Liquid Metal: Surge - £5
Pure Pigment: Chasm - £5
Lipstick: Fetish - £5
Medium Pencil: Feisty - £2 

Nyx didn't have the best discounts of the day but there were a good few products on my list that I'd been meaning to pick up. I normally buy my NYX from Ebay or CherryCulture as its so much cheaper, but this would of probably worked out the same including shipping from the states.

Lip liner: Purple Rain, Pinky and Plush Red - £2.50 each
Cream Blush: Hot Pink and Red Cheeks - £4.50 each
Blush: Pinky and Red - £5 each
Jumbo Pencil - Milk - £3 
Make Up For Ever

HD Foundation: 110 - £18
Smoky Lash - £9


Lait Creme Concentrate - £15
Royal and Langnickel

Flat Top Kabuki - £6
Small Stippling Brush - £7
Eye Crease Brush - £4 

Crown Brushes

I can't for the life of me remember individual prices for these, but they were all between £2 to £5.

Bdellium Tools

This was one of the last booths i visited, and i really wished I'd gone there first. I'd been on the hunt for a large powder brush and didn't want to pay £16 for a mediocre one from Crown or Royal. I was so shocked at how nice these brushes are i wish I'd picked up a few more!

Face 953 - £7
Face 959 - £8
Face 980 - £8
Eye 776 - £5

Overall I'm dead chuffed with my purchases. I got nearly everything i wanted and a few extras, and most at bargain prices too! I did manage to forget to photograph a couple of things. I was restrained and only bought one lip tar from OCC, in demure. And after a bit of searching i eventually found the best priced Z palettes and £12 each, so i got two! Depotting fun ahoy!

I'm super excited to try all these out and review most of it. I'd love to see your IMATS hauls too, so link me up!


Tuesday 7 February 2012

Elf Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette - Cool Edition

Hey guys!

So a week or two ago the people from ELF UK advertised on their facebook page for bloggers to swatch and review two of their current palettes. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the bloggers to do this and was sent two palettes to review. I'd like to start off saying just because i was sent these it does not effect my review in the slightest, all opinions are my own and are not at all influenced by not having to purchase the products myself. So just like every other review i do on my blog i will be giving you my honest opinion. So now the serious stuffs over... onto the review!
Today I'll be reviewing the Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette, this palette comes in both warm and cool colours and being on the cool and extremely pale side this palette was the best choice for me. The palette contains 32 shadows in a wide range of colours, from brights, to smokey silvers to more neutral browns. Many of these shades have some sort of glitter or shimmer to them with the odd matte thrown in for good measure. I'm a fan of sparkle so these shades were right up my alley!

The palette has good pigmentation throughout, with only a few, mainly the matte black needing a little bit of layering. I did however experience some fall out when using these as they are a little powdery, which for me is fine, just means doing my foundation after my eyes. Like i said I'm a big fan of glitter, but without a sticky primer the glitter doesn't translate too well to the eye. So glitter fans will need to use a stickier base, but generally this can be said for most glittery shadows.
I'm a lover of blues and greens, i love to clash shadow with my hair (And yes, the reds back!). The shadow on the end is MUCH prettier in real life, its a matte black chock full of gold glitter so naturally would be the one to catch my eye.
Pinks, blues and purples.
Smokey silvers. This row is great for creating a smokey eye and includes a range of slivers, greys and a matte black.
Slightly warmer browns and neutrals. This row was used to create the look below, and paired with liquid liner created a simple pin up style winged eye. These could also be used for a bronzier smokey look.
Shadows from the bottom row were used to create this look.
And onto the black with gold glitter i mentioned earlier, i really wish my camera picked this up better. Over Pixie Epoxy the glitter really stuck and made the colour a lot more wearable for me, i fell in love with the purple and had to use it to add a pop of colour!

I was really pleasantly surprised by this palette, i own quite a bit from Elf and their shadows don't get a lot of love, so this is one I'll definitely be keeping in my makeup bag! This currently retails at £3.75 which i believe is a half price offer Elf are currently having, which is simply a bargain. You'd possibly be able to purchase maybe one high street shadow for this price. It offers a great range of brights and neutrals and I personally think the only thing this palette is missing is a highlight shade.

 Overall i think this is one of Elf's hits, its great value for money and a nice addition to any ones collection.

You can find these on the Elf website here.

Do you have any favourite Elf products? Let me know!


Sunday 5 February 2012

London IMATS 2012 - The Pictures

Hello lovelies!

So yesterday was my first ever IMATS and even with a 3am start ended up being a fantastic day! Having to get a coach at 5am wasn't my favourite part of the day, but i think the excitement pretty much kept me going. I traveled up with my good friend and fellow blogger Janey and two of her friends. We arrived pretty early around 8:30 which happened to be the quietest time of the day, giving us some time to nip round a few booths and get our shop on! I won't talk about the spoils in too much detail since i plan to do a post or two (yes two, i should not be allowed money) on them.

So onto some pictures from the day! 

 I have to give Jane credit for taking this one, I'm rubbish with cameras! 

I didn't manage to get as many as I'd of liked, and a lot less actually in focus /facepalm. But I'll be better prepared next year!

All in all i had a GREAT day at IMATS, saw some absolutely AMAZING work, and spent faaaar too much money! Now to get on to photoing the goodies!

Did you go to IMATS? Leave a comment below or link your post!

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