Tuesday 7 February 2012

Elf Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette - Cool Edition

Hey guys!

So a week or two ago the people from ELF UK advertised on their facebook page for bloggers to swatch and review two of their current palettes. I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the bloggers to do this and was sent two palettes to review. I'd like to start off saying just because i was sent these it does not effect my review in the slightest, all opinions are my own and are not at all influenced by not having to purchase the products myself. So just like every other review i do on my blog i will be giving you my honest opinion. So now the serious stuffs over... onto the review!
Today I'll be reviewing the Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette, this palette comes in both warm and cool colours and being on the cool and extremely pale side this palette was the best choice for me. The palette contains 32 shadows in a wide range of colours, from brights, to smokey silvers to more neutral browns. Many of these shades have some sort of glitter or shimmer to them with the odd matte thrown in for good measure. I'm a fan of sparkle so these shades were right up my alley!

The palette has good pigmentation throughout, with only a few, mainly the matte black needing a little bit of layering. I did however experience some fall out when using these as they are a little powdery, which for me is fine, just means doing my foundation after my eyes. Like i said I'm a big fan of glitter, but without a sticky primer the glitter doesn't translate too well to the eye. So glitter fans will need to use a stickier base, but generally this can be said for most glittery shadows.
I'm a lover of blues and greens, i love to clash shadow with my hair (And yes, the reds back!). The shadow on the end is MUCH prettier in real life, its a matte black chock full of gold glitter so naturally would be the one to catch my eye.
Pinks, blues and purples.
Smokey silvers. This row is great for creating a smokey eye and includes a range of slivers, greys and a matte black.
Slightly warmer browns and neutrals. This row was used to create the look below, and paired with liquid liner created a simple pin up style winged eye. These could also be used for a bronzier smokey look.
Shadows from the bottom row were used to create this look.
And onto the black with gold glitter i mentioned earlier, i really wish my camera picked this up better. Over Pixie Epoxy the glitter really stuck and made the colour a lot more wearable for me, i fell in love with the purple and had to use it to add a pop of colour!

I was really pleasantly surprised by this palette, i own quite a bit from Elf and their shadows don't get a lot of love, so this is one I'll definitely be keeping in my makeup bag! This currently retails at £3.75 which i believe is a half price offer Elf are currently having, which is simply a bargain. You'd possibly be able to purchase maybe one high street shadow for this price. It offers a great range of brights and neutrals and I personally think the only thing this palette is missing is a highlight shade.

 Overall i think this is one of Elf's hits, its great value for money and a nice addition to any ones collection.

You can find these on the Elf website here.

Do you have any favourite Elf products? Let me know!



  1. WOW! Absolutely Amazing! The colours look gorgeous! Love the winged liner look too! x

  2. I think I like the green shades the most, I am still yet to try ELF though!

    I found your blog on beautylish and am now following - would be great if you could check out my blog and follow too



  3. Those colours look amazingggg! I dont really buy palettes unless there sleek lool but this review has made me want to invest. And £3.75?!? Im actually scared thats a typo coz its too true to be true lool. Great review :)

    1. Thanks! I'm a bit fan of Sleek ones too :) And nope, no typo! xox

  4. Amazing pigmentation!! And such a gorgeous range of colours, love the second look you did with it x

  5. the colours are so nice and pigmented i've heard so much about Elf but never actually bought anything by them maybe it's about time


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