Thursday 16 February 2012

NOTD - Inglot 319

 Nails aren't really my "thing". But i am ridiculously in love with this shade that i just had to share it! A few weeks back at IMATS i picked up a couple of amazingly pretty Inglot polishes. I'm not normally one to buy polish as my Mum, quite simply put is a nail addict. So most of my nail colours are "borrowed" from her. But i felt this one was pretty unique, it was love and first sight.

My camera does not do this justice. 

319 is a gorgeous frosty yellowy limeish green. Oh yeah check my talent for descriptions... not. Rubbish descriptions aside, it is a REALLY beautiful colour. I really like the consistency with this polish and is opaque with two coats. I'm not sure how long it'll wear for since I'm awful with keeping on polishes. I generally open things with my nails, bash and chip them off within a day or two anyways. I really need to work on that!

The picture above is picking it up more mint like, which is isn't, its definitely more towards the lime side. I'm a little sad i couldn't get a better picture.

I'm looking forward to wearing the other beauty i picked up!

Have you tried any Inglot polishes? Which are your favourites? I need more!



  1. It's a pretty colour. I'm really getting into my metallic nail polish and went mad in Beauty Base the other day lool =D

  2. I really like the colour of this!

  3. What a gorgeous shade! I've never heard of this brand either, it's always nice to discover new companies xx


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