Friday 31 May 2013

Illamasqua Beguile Pigment - Review

Ello lovelies!
Beguile is one the products I've had my eye on for what seems like forever! I first clapped eyes on it in one of Louise from Sprinkle of Glitters videos and instantly fell in love. It has taken me a good while to take the plunge and pick it as its normally priced at £16.50 and i didn't need it, but i sure as hell wanted it! Illamasqua have had a couple of sales recently and i picked this beauty up for around the £8 mark, making it much more affordable.

Illamasqua describe it as a shimmering white pearl, but i think it is much, much more complex than that. It is simply stunning. Its a silvery white base with gorgeous micro glitter that to my eye turns pink and green in the light. It is beautiful. So far, I've been pairing it with simple looks, mainly winged eyeliner and a bright lip. But i think it could work well in a whole host of different looks. It find its a little fiddly to apply dry, so i tend to do my eyes before my face to avoid pesky fallout issues. But it also works great wet for a more intense look.

If you're a shimmer or glitter fan, this is going to be right up your street and i really recommend checking this little stunner out. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works over a black base, since just in the lid it shows up so wonderfully.

Above are dry and wet swatches.

My swatches really don't do it justice. I've not learnt the knack to photographing glitter just yet.

Do you love it? I sure do!

You can find this online here and in Illamasqua stores. Its priced at £16.50 but Illamasqua do offer pro discount and often have sales, so keep your eye out!

What are your favourite Illamasqua products?


Tuesday 21 May 2013

Antipodes Divine Face Oil - Review

Antipodes as a brand is a relatively new discovery of mine and I've been trying out a couple of their products, so far I'm impressed! The Divine Face Oil is a blend of many lovely essential oils including avocado, rosehip and macadamia, making it a real treat for the skin. I have quite dry / dehydrated skin and find my face eats this stuff up! It has quite a herbal scent which I'm not over keen on, but as the product sinks in quite quickly so does the scent.

I've been using this as part of my evening skincare routine before night cream and have found it really helps with any dry patches on my face. It does boast some pretty big scientific claims: "Scientifically shown to stimulate optimal synthesis of type 1 collagen production in human fibroblast skin cells by up to 51%". Well I obviously cannot say if that has been the case for me, but i am really enjoying using it. I've seen a definite improvement in dry patches and feel my skin has been softer after using it, and so far it has not broken me out in the slightest. Apart from using Almond Oil on the odd occasion, face oils are a new concept for me and i honestly do not know why i haven't incorporated any into my routine before. I've been using the Divine Oil for nearly a month now and can definitely see a repurchase in the future.

Priced at £18.99 it doesn't break the bank and you need such a small amount of product i can see this lasting me a good 6 months of use every other day. I'm not sure how this would work with more oilier skins, but for drier types i wholeheartedly recommend this little beauty.

I picked mine up from Feel Unique here.

Have you tried any Antipodes products? 
Let me know your favourites!



Friday 17 May 2013

50% off Illamasqua until 5pm today!

Just a little post to let you know that Illamasqua are offering 50% off today until 5pm! Also, if you have a pro membership or the 10% loyalty discount these will stack saving you even more money! They offer free UK shipping and international on orders over £50. Use code TWITTER50 at the checkout.

Needless to say my bank balance has taken a battering.

Happy shopping!


Monday 13 May 2013

Review: Crown Brush New Syntho Series *

Ello lovelies!

I have a very exciting review for you lovely lot today and just a little warning, its a long one! I've been testing out the new Crown Brush Syntho Series brushes for a couple of weeks now and thought it was about time i shared my thoughts on them. I'd just like to say although i was sent these for review, as always my opinion will be 100% honest any my own. I've picked up quite a few Crown Brushes over the last year or so and I've got a couple of reviews up on the brushes I've purchased, so if you'd like to check those out, click here or here. 

My first experience with Crown was nearly a year and a half ago at IMATS London 2012, i picked up quite a few brushes which have become staples in my daily routine since. Considering the switch up with IMATS dates this year i just got too impatient and couldn't wait any longer. I picked up a few more brushes including their HD Set, again you can check out the review of that here. 

Their Syntho range are 100% vegan, synthetic brushes and Crown have recently added some exciting new additions to the range and I'll be sharing some of these with you today. All of these are absolutely beautifully soft and I've not experienced shedding with any of them at all, which is great! They all feature matte black handles that do not absorb product or oils. I just wish they had the names of each brush printed on the handle, that really is my only real small problem with the range. But that really is a such a minor complaint.

This was probably the brush i was most excited to try out as i own nothing like it in my collection. I own a few regular kabuki brushes but those are more suited to powder application and i always have my trusty one in my makeup bag for touches on the go. But this beauty is a little different and is designed for use with cream or liquid products. 

I've mentioned before that i have a love / hate relationship with my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, well this brush has eliminated the hate part... I'd always had issues working out the best application method but this brush applies it like an absolute dream. The shape and the fact it is tapered makes application around the harder the reach areas of the face like around the nose just so simple. I use circular movements like suggested and it just blends and melts the foundation into the skin so effortlessly. I absolutely adore it! Needless to say, I've been wearing my Sheer Glow nearly every since day since. If you have application issues with any of your foundations i really suggest giving this brush a try, I can't wait to hook out some of my more problematic foundations.

Another brush i own absolutely nothing like in my collection! This is probably one of the largest, softest Fan brushes I've ever seen. I suffer with quite dry skin and have a tendency to over powder so I've now switched up my regular powder brush for this little gem. Crown suggest using this brush to sweet over set makeup and remove any excess powder, but I've been using it apply a light dusting of powder to set my makeup! I find that it applies just enough and removes any chance of my over powdering my face to death. I've also been doubling up its uses to apply a light dusting of highlighter too, such a handy brush!

A true multitasker. Tapered brushes are my absolutely favourite for applying contour or blush and this gem works fabulously for both. This might be larger than your average contour brush for some people, but its no secret i prefer a bigger brush for that purpose. Its tapered shape makes blending colour a breeze and ass the brush is so soft its very hard to pick up too much product which is great if you're heavy handed like me.

I've been using this primarily to set my under eye concealer as it just blends to beautifully but I've also been doubling it up to apply a quick wash of colour on the lids on my lazy days. Crown suggest using this for both cream or liquid products and is a great shape and size for contouring the nose which is something I'm eager to try out.

I picked up a couple of their C441 Pro Blending Crease brushes in my last Crown haul and this to me, is the Syntho equivalent. Its slightly softer than the Pro brush and is slightly more pinched at the ferrule, but both are corkers for blending. I've been using my Naked Basics to do a more subtle, matte, neutral eye and this brush is absolutely perfect for it!

An absolute gem of a blending brush. I'm really regretting my pricey 217 purchase from a few months back now as there are really some extremely comparable brushes available fro brands including Crown and this one is one of my favourites. Its wonderful for blending shadow and I will 100% be picking up a back up or two of this at IMATS next month.

My go-to for applying and blending highlight to the brow bone, or if I'm feeling really lazy even a quick sweep in the inner corner too.

Ignoring the name, this is a great simple lay down brush and is fab for applying paint pots or cream shadows. Like with any brush, you can use it for absolutely anything you want and I do love playing around with brushes for different purposes.

I've been making a conscious effort to get out of using plain black liquid liner with every look. I've been trying to use pencil / gel liners a lot more frequently and this brush is absolutely perfect for smudging, setting and blending them out for me.

I'm going to say something a little controversial here, but i don't actually own a spoolie... How did i go so long without one?! This brush is a fab brow combo and I've been using this without fail every day. If I'm leaving the house without a full face of makeup i will generally slap on some mascara and make sure my brows are done. The angled side is sense but not too stiff which makes it my favourite type of brow brush as I prefer softer lines.

This has been a bit of a rave review hasn't it? If i wasn't a Crown convert before, i really am now. I picked up a few pricier brushes from MAC a while ago which i haven't featured on the blog because i just really wasn't that overwhelmed by them. But for great quality at a fraction of the price i will definitely be picking up more Crown brushes in the future. I'm sure a few of these will pop up in my next favourites video too.

You can check out the Crown Brush Syntho Series here.

Have you tried any Crown brushes? Which are your favourites?
Let me know!


Saturday 11 May 2013

MAC Lipstick Collection

Hey lovelies!
As theres still a few days left on my Blogiversary Giveaway i thought I'd share with you my MAC Lipstick collection. MAC lipsticks are some of my all time favourite lip products and I've accumulated quite a few over the last few years. Although I'm more of a matte girl, i love the variety of finishes MAC offer as there really is something for everyone!

A few are sadly limited edition, but MAC tends to re-promote popular shades every so often, so if there is a LE shade that takes your fancy remember to keep your eyes peeled for future collections. I'm really enjoying corals as the weather (yet unpredictable) is getting warming so Vegas Volt, Watch Me Simmer and Ablaze are my three current favourites.
Hue is probably the one MAC lipstick in my collection that I can just not pull off, its such a shame since its such a popular shade but lightly applied it just doesn't show up and heavily applied looks milky and gives me ghost face. Sigh. Pink Burst (LE) is one of my all time favourite pinks, I managed to pick this beauty up at a CCO a while back and am eagerly waiting for it to be (hopefully) re-promoted soon. Its a shade i haven't heard much about in the blogging world but i absolutely adore it!

I bloomin' love corals! Like i mentioned earlier Vegas Volt and Watch Me Simmer are two of my all time favourite Spring / Summer picks. Plumful is a recent addition to my collection and is gorgeous for day time wear! Rebel is my all time favourite Winter lippie! Its such a gorgeous, vampy, purpley, berry shade which makes it perfect for the cooler months. Its also so flattering on a wide variety of skin tones.

Oh Wonder Woman collection, why you have to sell out before i could grab anything good?! Russian Red is a permanent shade which i annoyingly haven't got much use out of as it just doesn't look right on me, i think Ruby Woo, or even RiRi Woo if i can catch it in stock in the future might be my next addition. These last four are all limited edition, sorry! I just couldn't resist the Fashion Set lipsticks. Bright and matte?! I just had to have them as I've not been drawn to any of the permanent line mattes. 

As you can see, I'm a sucker for a MAC lippie!

Have you entered my Blogiversary Giveaway? You could win a MAC lipstick of your choice!

What are your favourite shades?


Tuesday 7 May 2013

And so the IMATS excitement begins...


Ello lovelies!

The London International Makeup Artist Trade Show is a little over six weeks away now, can you believe it?! But boy haven't we waited for this one! It has been nearly a year and a half (wow, it doesn't seem that long ago) since the last IMATS because of their switcharoo with the LA event and my god am i excited. This will be my second year at IMATS as i enjoyed every second of last years event, even though that meant getting up at 3am to make the hideous journey. But for me, those few hours of lost sleep were a well worthy sacrifice.

IMATS is like Christmas, Easter and my birthday all rolled in to one for me as a makeup junkie, but this year i will be on a much stricter budget after last years over the top megahaul. The venue has changed this year and it is being held at London Olympia on the 22nd and 23rd of June 2013. I shall *fingers crossed* be up on the Saturday for some much need beauty retail therapy. Unfortunately i have lost my partner in makeup related crimes this year (Miss Jane) for the event but luckily, good ol' Mum has come to the rescue and is excited to come with me, bless her!
 Aside from shopping i am stupidly excited to see the amazing work on display this year. As an IMATS newbie last year i got far too caught up with shopping and forgot to take more pictures of some of the breathtaking looks various makeup artists were creating during the event. This year i plan to snap, snap, snap! And hopefully attend and few of the seminars available as i managed to completely miss these in too.

I've been keeping my beady eye on that exhibitor list for a while now and am a little disappointed to not see Illamasqua on there (yet), they were one of my favourite stands at last years event but there is still plenty of time! One exciting new addition this year is Nars, yes you heard me, Nars! As far as I'm aware this is the first year they've exhibited, and as we don't have a Nars counter in Southampton this is great news for me. I'm also looking forward to picking up a few more Crown Brushes as well as some bits from Embryolisse, OCC, MUFE, possibly a few cheeky Inglot shades and knowing me, quite a bit more.

You can check out the full exhibitor list and event / venue information here.

I also have photos and a haul up from last years show.

Are you heading the IMATS this year? 
Who are you excited to check out?


Saturday 4 May 2013

FOTD: Instapose

Ello lovelies!
Today is the first day in nearly a week I've worn a full face of makeup! With uni deadlines I've been spending most of my time sat in my pj's at the computer, sexy eh? But today I was due for a change! I actually switched up from my usual liquid liner combo and tried a more smokey liner using Urban Decay's Perversion and Sugarpill's Bulletproof and i was quite pleased with the results. I also got a chance to have a good ol' play about with my new brushes so I'll have an exciting review up for you soon!

Products used:
Inglot - Shine 42 Eyeshadow, Urban Decay - Perversion Eyeliner, Sugarpill - Bulletproof Liner, Benefit - They're Real Mascara, Anastasia - Brow Powder Duo, Nars - Sheer Glow Foundation, Nars - Laguna Bronzer, MAC - Fix +, Tarte - Tipsy Blush, MAC - Soft and Gentle, Jack Black - Lip Balm.

Have you been switching up your routine lately?
Let me know!


Friday 3 May 2013

Freebie alert! Benefit They're Real inside this months UK Elle Magazine!

Ello lovelies!

Just a quick little post to let you know about the freebie inside this months Elle Magazine in the UK! I don't normally take much notice of magazine gifts (apart from the yearly Benefit/Glamour ones) but i just couldn't pass this up!! You get a 4g (a little under half size) They're Real mascara by Benefit worth around £9!
I've resisted buying this for so long so i thought it was about time i caved and tried it out, and for £4 i feel a little less naughty!
I can imagine these selling super fast so I'd grab one quick!

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Collective Haul Youtube Video! Including Illamasqua, Synful Colors, FeelUnique and More...

Ello lovelies!

I filmed a bit of a huge collective haul the other week and after some debating with myself i finally decided to upload it! I recently purchased a new camera so hopefully no more filming on my iMac, but I've yet to get to grips with settings or had to time to play around with it with the mountain of university work to do.

But luckily i have a little over a week left at university this year so the second that last piece is submitted, usual blogging activities will commence! And boy I've got some goodies to share with you all.

So until then, here is a bit of a shabby collective haul with most of the things I've splurged on in the last month!

What products have you beauty addicts been splurging on?

Leave a comment and let me know!


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