Monday 30 April 2012

Current Favourites!

Ello lovelies!
This this is a bit of a random post for me today, as i don't often do favourites as i find a lot of the time what i use day to day stays the same. But lately I've been loving a completely different set of products than normal, so i thought I'd share it! And being the forgetful person i am i forgot to photograph one of my top favourites, so I'll include it in at the end!

Real Techniques Brushes:
So we all know everyone loves these! I had put off buying some for a long long time, convincing myself that i did not under any circumstances need new brushes... i obviously wasn't that convincing! I first had the pleasure to try the Eye set after winning a giveaway and after feeling how incredibly soft they are decided i needed more, now! My two must haves are the Buffing and Powder brush, they have completely transformed my routine, i love them!

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer:
Another well heard of product! I've not had the best experiences with concealer  in the past and normally would just use more foundation, but oooh how I've learnt. This product is AMAZING. I've been really enjoying using lighter, dewier foundations and this concealer just allows me to cover any imperfections without looking over made up or cakey.

China Glaze Riveting Polish:
This is the prettiest polish i have ever seen and has been on my nails 90% of the time since i snagged one off eBay. I've done a full review on this here.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume:
Sweet, girly, fruity scent that is absolutely perfect for spring/summer! Adore!

Embyolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate:
I picked this up at IMATS in February and its been pretty unloved. Its a little less hydrating than my normal moisturisers but its also a lot lighter on the skin so with my new tinted moisturiser love it works really well! I really enjoy using this on my lips before lipstick too, gives the perfect amount of hydration without being greasy!

Makeup Forever Smoky Lash:
Best mascara I've tried, ever! Perfect amount of length and volume and no smudgy marks under the eyes, perfect! Again I've done a full review here.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser:
Weirdly, this was one of my first reviews! I loved it at first, then went back to my Double Wear as i tend to favour fuller coverage. Well, not anymore! I am really enjoying this currently, with it being Spring (not that you'd notice with all this rain!) I'm attempting a more fresh, glowy look, and this achieves that perfectly! It is very light coverage so i do have to use quite a bit of concealer, but it still looks radiant and healthy. The only downside is the price, around £33 I'm not sure if I'd be able to stomach paying that for it.

Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick:
Okay, so i cheated a little bit with this one. Its not actually my product, its my Mums but since we share the same area to put our faces on in the morning i do get to cheekily pinch some of her products. With a light hand this looks lovely to add a bronzey glow instead of using a blush, I've been enjoying just contouring and using a smidgen of this!

Nars Laguna Bronzer:
Okay, another cliche product! But I've been adoring this for contour! Simple as that!

And the missing products! Lip products! I've never been a lip girl but I'm obsessed with corally pinky toned lippies lately! My most worn is Costa Chic from Mac over Nyx's Pinky Lip Pencil, i neeeeeed more corally lip products!

So that is it!
Feel free to link me your favourites posts! I love a good nosey!


Thursday 26 April 2012

Budget "Beauty Blender"

 Ello lovelies!
After my last haul i had quite a few requests for a review on my eBay makeup sponge find, so here it is!

Firstly, I've never tried an actual Beauty Blender so i can't place real comparisons on the two, and i don't think I'd ever be willing to part with $20 for a sponge! So after hearing a ton of rave reviews on this type of sponge i went for a good ol' hunt on eBay and stumbled across this one!

I payed around £2 for this including shipping from Hong Kong, but for so cheap i was willing to take the risk that it might be utter crap when it arrived, but luckily i was pleasantly surprised! Named a "Bottle gourd sponge" on Ebay, there was plenty of sellers to choose from, so i opted to spend a few pence more and go for a top rated seller. It arrived within two weeks!

Now I've had bad experiences with sponge wedges, i could never get on with application and whenever i tried to wash them they'd break and fall apart. I am REALLY enjoying using this for application of thicker foundations, and even my Double Wear (although it is a pain in the ass to wash out!). By dampening it down with warm water it makes most of my foundations a dream to apply and blend, and for me it really helps at not accentuating my pores, which is great! It's also great for eliminating cakeyness, i have a horrid habit of over powdering and getting a slightly cakey top lip, so I've been loving using this to stipple over any mistakes to get a fresher, less cakey finish.

Again, I've never tried the actual Beauty Blender sponge because of its price, but if you are in the UK there are a few cheap alternatives if you are not confident buying through eBay!

Cosmo Beauty Sponge. (Also available in Superdrug)
eBay Seller
. (£1.96 including postage)

Have you tried the Beauty Blender sponge? Is it all its cracked up to be?


Monday 23 April 2012

My Everyday Face

Thought I'd just do a little post today on my "Everyday Face". My routine changes quite a lot, i like to rotate foundations as much as possible because i frankly have too many! And i just find myself wearing a different blush each day, and more recently, lipstick! I'd say 75% i go for a more natural look paired with a winged eyeliner for day time, and if I'm feeling more adventurous I'd add lipstick, I'm LOVING Costa Chic at the moment!


 Urban Decay Primer Potion
Elf Liquid Liner
MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara 
Mac Dazzlelight Eyeshadow
Mac Omega Eyeshadow (Brows)

MUFE HD Foundation mixed with Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl.

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
Nars Laguna Bronzer
The Balm Frat Boy Blush

Nyx Lip Pencil in Pinky

Mac Costa Chic Lipstick

After writing all that i realise that is quite a lot of product for such a simple look, but its more or less my daily face. I really should be a tad more adventurous!

Do you have your own "daily face" or do you switch it up a little more than me?

Saturday 21 April 2012

A little update!

Ello lovelies!
So a bit of a postless week from me. Firstly I'd like to say a massive thank you to all you lovelies that have entered my giveaway so far! Secondly I've been seriously busy with uni work so I've not had a lot of time to post, but i do have quite a few reviews coming up for you lot.

Oh, and i booked my holiday today!


Its weird, i feel like a real adult now I've saved and booked my very first holiday. Granted a lot of it was saved st
udent loan, but having a holiday of a lifetime is much better than going out all the time and drinking my loan away or spending it on clothes. Well, saying that i have spent a lot of it on makeup!

So my posts may be a little slow over the next week or two, but I'll be getting back to normal soon!

Thanks for reading!


Monday 16 April 2012

Blogiversary Giveaway

 Ello lovelies!
My Makeup Obsession is officially 1 today!
I know it sounds a tad cliche to say, but i honestly can't believe its been a year since i started blogging! I look back and mega cringe at some of my first posts; googled images + not the greatest information, sigh! Another cliche thing to say, i honestly didn't think anyone would read what i had to write about! Although it may not be a lot to some, I'm over the moon with the amount of followers i have, and the lovely comments you all leave. I'd much rather have a couple of people read and enjoy my blog, than thousands of followers that don't. So a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you following.

So now I'll get onto the good stuff!
As some of you might have seen in recent posts i had a bit of a mix up with my Beauty From The Earth order, and received doubles of things that they were nice enough to let me keep. So i stashed them away in a draw safely until i got the chance to give them away to one of you lot!

What you could win:
7 BFTE full size Eye shadows:
Cocoa, Bliss, Autumn, Baked, Karma, Ocean Mist and Oxford.

Doll Face blush.

Two pairs of Red Cherry Lashes:
#66 and C210

All of these goodies will go to one lucky winner!
Open internationally.

You can see my latest BFTE swatchfest here.

I'm using Rafflecopter this time as it seems like an easier format.
The giveaway will be open for three weeks, which I'll basically have finished university for the year, so i can pick a winner the get it posted out swiftly.

Good luck and again, thanks for reading!

Sunday 15 April 2012

A bit of a cliché collective haul...

Ello lovelies!
I hummed and hawed over whether to do this post. I personally love having a nose at what other people have bought, but it just feels a little bit strange to me. Unintentionally the majority of these products are featured regularly by bloggers, so you might be sick of seeing them but i just thought I'd quickly share the products I've picked up over the last month or so and what you can expect reviews on soon!

After depotting all my individual Mac shadows i had enough to "Back to Mac" for three lipsticks! They'd been sat in the back of my drawer for months so i jumped at the chance of a day trip to Bournemouth knowing full well there is a Mac counter there. I'd gone in with the idea of a pinky nude for smokey eyes, and a brighter, not pink, colour for summer. After a bit of a debate with myself i settled on Hue and Costa Chic, and gave the third choice to my Mum. I also picked up Omega for my brows, and so far, I'm LOVING it.

 Other bits and pieces i picked up:

 Nars Sheer Glow - Mont Blanc - Space NK
Nars - Laguna - Catcus Flower - ASOS (20% student discount + no willpower)

Graftobian Creme Foundation - Bombshell - Ebay
China Glaze - Riveting – Ebay
Beauty Blender type sponge - Ebay

Anything in particular you'd live a review on? Let me know!
Oh and yeah, my saving is going great...


Friday 13 April 2012

Giveaway Goodies!

This is a bit of an exciting post for me today. I can count on one hand (and have some fingers left spare) the amount of times I've "won" anything, so when i received an email telling me I'd one the lovely Indie from Girlie Review's giveaway i was pretty excited! So needless to say the past week I've been stalking my postman slightly (majorly), eagerly awaiting a package. It felt a little bit like Christmas when it arrived, just look at the SUPER cute wrapping, lime green and ladybugs, adorable! She even included a little card with a note inside, which was a really lovely touch.

As giveaways go, this one was pretty epic. Girlie Review has just celebrated her blogs first birthday and to celebrate she hosted a mega giveaway including a "face" and "eyes" prize. I was EXTREMELY lucky and won the eye set which included: 5 pan neutral Inglot rainbow palette, 5 pan brights Inglot palette, Real Techniques Starter Set and a small Z Palette. To be honest I'm still a little gobsmacked, but needless to say I'm pleased as punch!

So a massive
thank you to Indie for hosting such a great giveaway, and if you've got a minute I'd love it if you popped over and checked out her blog, she has some awesome product reviews and has recently started her own Youtube channel.

Funnily enough, its My Makeup Obsession's 1st birthday on Monday, i can't believe its been a year already. But as a celebration and thank you to everyone I'll be holding a little giveaway too.

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday 11 April 2012

Riveting NOTD

Ello lovelies!
So I'll just point this out first... I suck at nails.

I get real nail envy when i spot people with pretty or arty nails, then sigh and remember how much i actually suck with them. My Mother owns enough polish to stock her own shop, but her collection is lacking more "out there" colours that i love so much, so when i spotted this beauty i had to have it!

When i first heard about the Hunger Games collection of polishes from China Glaze, i literally squealed with excitement. I adored the books (not so much the film, boo!) and the geek in me was well and truly pleased. Luckily for my bank balance there was only one that took my fancy, and to be perfectly honest i found the other 11 rather boring. The Hunger Games collection consisted of 12 polishes each inspired by a district, and as much as i REALLY wanted to love district 12... i didn't. But district three on the other hand was the sparkly, orangey goodness I'd been searching for! Yay!
Nerdy part over!

Riveting is an absolutely gorgeous and pretty unique shade. I've only tried one orange polish in the past (Nails Inc Atomic) and as much as i loved the colour in the jar, it looked pretty "blah" on the nails. Riveting is a stunning bold orange chock full of orangy / goldy glitter, so nothing blah or boring about this one, its a beauty!

Hello flooded cuticle!

Excuse the appalling nails, in an attempt to grow them out and stop them flaking i sadly chopped them off the other day and smothered them in OPI's Nail Envy. I will have nice nails one day!

Not having tried China Glaze before I'm pretty impressed so far
, in terms of application i really like the formula, not too thin or thick and nearly opaque with one coat. Big thumbs up from me! And for just over £5 on Ebay, it didn't break the bank either, result!

To check it out, you can see the listing here!

What are your favourite polish shades? I'm currently eyeing a few Zoya beauties!


Sunday 8 April 2012

Recent Rediscoveries: Skinfood Red Bean BB Cream

Ello beauties!
Another recent rediscovery for you!

I really don't understand how this got thrown into my collection and forgotten about, it really was a bit of a hidden gem! I've come to realise I'm a bit of a foundation fiend... I'm not even going to write how many I've accumulated over the past two years (I'll save that for another blog post), but its toooo much. I love trying out new foundations and over the last year I've picked up a good share of BB creams too.

Skinfood is a Korean brand that prides themselves in using all sorts of foods that have beneficial properties to the skin in their products. They have a huge range of skincare, makeup and a large, very tempting range of BB creams. I remember researching the different creams last year, Red Bean is their hydrating one, more suited to dryer skins, and i definitely agree with that. But don't worry, if you don't share my skin type they have a huge selection to choose from.

For a BB cream if offers some pretty decent coverage, medium and buildable without looking at all cakey. As you'd expect for a moisturising product, it does have a rather dewy finish which i actually really like, but this can be toned down with a setting powder. The only downside for me is the wear time, i can get six hours out of it before i need to powder, but weirdly it wears nicely? So if i wanted a more natural look, i could really skip powdering altogether. Even the colour match, 1 Light Beige, isn't half bad.

Overall i REALLY love this. It provides a lot more coverage than my beloved Skin79, but hydrates and doesn't cling to any dry patches. I've seen reviews saying this has worked for people with oily skin, but i wouldn't be confident to recommend it myself. But if your a dry skin lovely, like myself, i HIGHLY recommend checking this one out.

Skinfood isn't available in stores here in the UK but their products are extremely affordable on Ebay. I purchased mine from this seller , with free shipping, for under £8. Bargain!

I used this product in my most recent FOTD, you can see that here.

I'm just kicking myself that i didn't hook this out of my collection sooner.

What are your favourite BB creams?


Friday 6 April 2012

A little motivation...

Ello lovelies!
A bit of a different post from me today!

My entire life I've had a little bit of an obsession with Florida, and I've been lucky enough to go a good few times as a child. But this years been a little different, as I'm old enough (waaaah) to save up myself... and I am
determined to go this September.

I'm a huge theme park fan, and Florida has some of the best! Some people may think its tacky, i just love it! I'm a big kid at heart and squeeeeee with excitement at all the new attractions. So I've been on (and still am on) a saving mission. So over the next few months my beauty budget has well and truly shrunk, don't worry, I've still got a few naughty high end bits to share with you soon, but for the most part I'm going to try my very hardest (although I'm a bit rubbish) to save, save, save!

So i thought I'd share a few pictures of my favourite Florida things (and indulge my obsession just a teeny weeny bit).


I've got some new high end bits and bobs to review soonish, but I'm going to work on uploading more looks and "shopping the stash" style posts. Of course there's still gunna be the odd haul and review, because frankly, i wouldn't be able to help myself!

What is your dream holiday?

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