Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Riveting NOTD

Ello lovelies!
So I'll just point this out first... I suck at nails.

I get real nail envy when i spot people with pretty or arty nails, then sigh and remember how much i actually suck with them. My Mother owns enough polish to stock her own shop, but her collection is lacking more "out there" colours that i love so much, so when i spotted this beauty i had to have it!

When i first heard about the Hunger Games collection of polishes from China Glaze, i literally squealed with excitement. I adored the books (not so much the film, boo!) and the geek in me was well and truly pleased. Luckily for my bank balance there was only one that took my fancy, and to be perfectly honest i found the other 11 rather boring. The Hunger Games collection consisted of 12 polishes each inspired by a district, and as much as i REALLY wanted to love district 12... i didn't. But district three on the other hand was the sparkly, orangey goodness I'd been searching for! Yay!
Nerdy part over!

Riveting is an absolutely gorgeous and pretty unique shade. I've only tried one orange polish in the past (Nails Inc Atomic) and as much as i loved the colour in the jar, it looked pretty "blah" on the nails. Riveting is a stunning bold orange chock full of orangy / goldy glitter, so nothing blah or boring about this one, its a beauty!

Hello flooded cuticle!

Excuse the appalling nails, in an attempt to grow them out and stop them flaking i sadly chopped them off the other day and smothered them in OPI's Nail Envy. I will have nice nails one day!

Not having tried China Glaze before I'm pretty impressed so far
, in terms of application i really like the formula, not too thin or thick and nearly opaque with one coat. Big thumbs up from me! And for just over £5 on Ebay, it didn't break the bank either, result!

To check it out, you can see the listing here!

What are your favourite polish shades? I'm currently eyeing a few Zoya beauties!



  1. I really want to try more china glaze polishes! I only own one which is actually a similar-ish colour to this just without the shimmer, but love how they apply! :) xx

  2. What a delicious colour. It reminds me of a goldfish! I don't own a polish by China Glaze but I hope to soon fix that!

    Nice post doll.

    Such A Beautiful Sight

    1. You are SO right! Every time i look at them now all i can think is goldish! lol xox

  3. SO gorgeous!! It is one of my favorites from that collection. Your camera is very good quality the pictures look great:)


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