Sunday, 8 April 2012

Recent Rediscoveries: Skinfood Red Bean BB Cream

Ello beauties!
Another recent rediscovery for you!

I really don't understand how this got thrown into my collection and forgotten about, it really was a bit of a hidden gem! I've come to realise I'm a bit of a foundation fiend... I'm not even going to write how many I've accumulated over the past two years (I'll save that for another blog post), but its toooo much. I love trying out new foundations and over the last year I've picked up a good share of BB creams too.

Skinfood is a Korean brand that prides themselves in using all sorts of foods that have beneficial properties to the skin in their products. They have a huge range of skincare, makeup and a large, very tempting range of BB creams. I remember researching the different creams last year, Red Bean is their hydrating one, more suited to dryer skins, and i definitely agree with that. But don't worry, if you don't share my skin type they have a huge selection to choose from.

For a BB cream if offers some pretty decent coverage, medium and buildable without looking at all cakey. As you'd expect for a moisturising product, it does have a rather dewy finish which i actually really like, but this can be toned down with a setting powder. The only downside for me is the wear time, i can get six hours out of it before i need to powder, but weirdly it wears nicely? So if i wanted a more natural look, i could really skip powdering altogether. Even the colour match, 1 Light Beige, isn't half bad.

Overall i REALLY love this. It provides a lot more coverage than my beloved Skin79, but hydrates and doesn't cling to any dry patches. I've seen reviews saying this has worked for people with oily skin, but i wouldn't be confident to recommend it myself. But if your a dry skin lovely, like myself, i HIGHLY recommend checking this one out.

Skinfood isn't available in stores here in the UK but their products are extremely affordable on Ebay. I purchased mine from this seller , with free shipping, for under £8. Bargain!

I used this product in my most recent FOTD, you can see that here.

I'm just kicking myself that i didn't hook this out of my collection sooner.

What are your favourite BB creams?



  1. I really like the packaging! Looks really interesting, hello ebay then =)

  2. ooo, this sounds super interesting! I love trying new products, looks like i might have found another one to add to my list :) xo

  3. I'm so glad I found your review on this because I've been wanting to try it out. Now I know I should!

  4. From yoru swatch.. I do think it looks really good.. but then again I prefer dewy over matte.. x

  5. Looks like such a great product, you've really made me want to try it now! :) x


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