Wednesday 14 September 2011

Losing my Fyrinnae virginity!

Since becoming obsessed with beauty products I've been learning more and more about indie brands. Fyrinnae is one that earns a lot of praise in the blogging community and i had to see if they lived up to the hype!

I had a little trouble actually trying to order these as the website goes down frequently but luckily my patience paid off and i managed to order a few goodies! I ordered five of their $2 samples and it was a real struggle to try and pick out which ones as so many are beautiful! I also picked up Pixie Epoxy their infamous eyeshadow base which as you'll be able to see i had a little trouble with initially. Onto the swatches!

Aztec Gold - Pumpkin Fire - Bite Me - Sake Sashimi - Boytoy - Fire Opal

This picture was taken without a base in natural light as i was trying to pick the gorgeous sparkle most of these have. Boytoy is probably my favorite at the bunch being Fyrinnae's sparkliest green it really makes the Magpie in me go crazy! And you can see even without a base you still get excellent and even colour pay off.

Aztec Gold - Pumpkin Fire - Bite Me - Sake Sashimi - Boytoy - Fire Opal
These were taken over Pixie Epoxy and I'll start by apologising for the sloppy swatches. Me and Pixie Epoxy need some work, i was finding it a bit difficult to work with but in time realised that all you really need is a small amount. This really brings out the colour in things making them more vibrant and really pop! I've been trying it with a lot of other shadows as well and it works wonders! It's a little harder to blend with in my opinion so keep that in mind.

For $2 you get quite a lot of product and they even included a freebie which I'm actually really enjoying! I will definitely be purchasing Boytoy in full size when I've finished the sample, i think I've discovered my all time favourite green.
Shipping is around $6 to the UK (I'd check but the website is down!) so it's nothing overly expensive and i received my package in around two weeks which isn't bad at all! In total i paid around $20 for the little lot i ordered which is excellent.

I would highly recommend Fyrinnae to anyone and everyone as i feel they have such a diverse colour range that there really is something for everyone. I'm also delighted to say they do live up to the hype online. 

These can only be purchased online from the Fyrinnae website here.
The sites currently unavailable but keep trying as they are well worth the wait!

If you have any Fyrinnae posts or favourite colours feel free to comment below or link me them as I'd love to discover some new beauties.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those swatches are gorgeous. Fire Opal especially!

  2. oh wow these look bloody gorgeous! great post :D xx

  3. Thanks! I'm already plotting my next order, hehe. xox

  4. I love Fyrinnae so much! I can recommend Newcastle, Archmage and Beholder for great everyday shades. I like Neo Universe, Biker Chic and Dark Fantasy for night :)

  5. Wow, the swatches look really amazing. They are all so beautiful :)

  6. Ooo thanks for the tip Emma! I shall be checking those out!

  7. I love Fyrinnae too they are quite generous with samples too Ive had mine ages.I lovve Biker Chic too


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