Friday 14 February 2014

The under £1 MAC brush "dupes" that are actually worth buying...

Ello Lovelies!

Today I've got a real eBay bargain to share with you! These brushes are priced between just under 80p - 99p each, including shipping... I was a little bit skeptical at first because we all know a lot of what eBay has to offer is utter shite but as these came so highly recommended i thought at this price, i'd take the risk. While i wouldn't say these are "dupes" as such, they are very similar and surprisingly decent quality. So I'm an extremely happy bunny with this little purchase. I've hand mine for a good month or so, so enough time to put these to the test and see how they hold up, so how did they do? 

The 217 "dupe" as you can see isn't exactly the same size or shape but its a lovely blending brush in its own right. I've had a couple hairs at most shed and I've been reaching for this on a daily basis for a quick wash of colour or some lazy blending. Its a little larger than the Mac version so not as precise for blending. Its not quite as soft, but only by a tad and isn't at all scratchy.

As you can see again, this isn't quite an exact dupe for the famous 239 brush. Its a little larger, fluffier and i use mine for highlight colour on the brow bone or a lazy sheer wash of colour. Its slightly longer, wider and not quite as dense as the pricier option but does make a great fluffy brow bone choice rather than your typical lay down brush!

Unfortunately i don't have a 222 brush to compare this to but as with the other two I'm guessing this isn't an exact dupe. It reminds me of one of my favourite Crown Brush brushes the Pro Blending Crease, just a little narrower. I've found this great for applying and blending out my transition colour and general shadow blending. Like the other two brushes I've only had a couple of hairs shed over the multiple times I've washed these, which for the price is not bad at all.

Overall, for under a quid delivered these brushes get a big thumbs up from me and are definitely worth testing out yourself! While they aren't necessarily MAC dupes they are great affordable brushes in their own right. I for one like to delay the boring task of my weekly brush wash by a day or two so having a few extra brushes in my collection has really come in handy!

What are your favourite affordable brushes?
Will you be trying these out?


  1. These looks so good, I've been on the hunt for a cheap brushes. I tend just to buy Real Technique brushes.


  2. These look pretty good! I got the RT eye brush set for christmas, so I think I'm good for brushes at the moment, but I'm favouriting this page in case I ever get tempted by any MAC brushes.. I can reel myself in!
    Also a quick hello from a fairly local blogger - I'm from Winchester! :) I worked in Southampton over Christmas and had planned to move there but it all fell through. Nice to see someone close by who has similar tastes!

    1. They are definitely a MUCH cheaper MAC option! I have a couple of Mac ones but would repurchase these / Crown Brushes over them in the future! xo

  3. I have a ton of these brushes, they are perfect and at that price I can't say no!
    Holly / Face LDN

    1. Yay, I'm glad someone else loves them! xo


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