Friday 11 November 2011

Sugarpill Review Part 2 - Chromalust Trios


This is yet another overdue post! These beauties have been sat in my drawer for over a month waiting to be photographed and swatched, I'd been waiting on some nice sunlight but I've given up hope trying to get that since England's pretty gloomy constantly. These are half of the Chromalust eye shadows available and I'll be reviewing the other half as soon as possible. If your a fan of bright, shimmery or out there colours these are definitely for you!

Sugarpill is a USA based brand but i managed to get these from Genie Cosmetics which are based in the UK. The official Sugarpill website no longer sell the trios but at £18.99 for three i had to snap these up because priced at $12 each that's some great value!

The packaging of all Sugarpill products is super cute. The only downside to the packaging with these is that if your not careful these can be a little messy. You get 5g of product per jar so these will last a long long time. All of these are completely vegan and cruelty free! I've found these are best used over a sticky base like Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy or wet to get the best results.
 My camera really hasn't done these nearly enough justice, the gloomy weather here is bloody annoying! All of these were swatched over a small amount of Pixie Epoxy as it gives the glitter a little more stick and gives a better representation of the colours. Stella surprisingly is my favourite out of the three, it's rainbow sparkles are absolutely stunning! 

My camera hasn't picked up the glitter in the others but eeee look at Stella sparkle!
My favourite trio of the bunch! I've been playing around with a look using Goldilux and Junebug and shall get some pictures up soon, I'm in love!

Again my camera hasn't done these justice but you get the gist of how stunning they are!

Three just as beautiful colours! 

All in all I'm still extremely impressed with Sugarpill. I still utterly adore their pressed eye shadows and will be making a big effort to use these more because they are beautiful! The only downside with them is the lack of sifter, but that's not exactly a big thing. To anyone who loves bright and bold colours I'd highly recommend any of Sugarpill's products, and even to the less daring there's still come gorgeous shades to try!

You can buy the trios in the UK online here.
Or you can check out the entire Sugarpill range on their official website here.

Which shades are your favourites?!


  1. never tried anything from sugarpill, really want to though, they sound amazing.

  2. I reeeeaaaally want to get some Sugarpill products! This post was very helpful :)

  3. Argh these are amazing!
    I have a huge list of chromalusts that I want (I have no Sugarpill products so far!) so to get three for £18.99 is amazing!

    Great swatches, thanks!

    Laura xx

  4. Wow awesome! They're such good value ;O

  5. Wow, these colours are amazing :O
    My blog is - I'll be announcing my first ever giveaway at 50 followers, so all new followers are appreciated!
    Thanks a lot,
    Celeste xo

  6. Ahh I really want to try some Sugarpill eyeshadows, but they are so pretty that I don't know which one to get haha!
    Sabrina xoxo


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