Friday 3 October 2014

Meet Star! The first beauty blogging dog! .... Just kidding! Little life update.

 Ello Lovelies!

My little woof Star decided to jump in my little shoot today for an upcoming post, i thought it was just too adorable not to share! 

I've been a little absent lately as life really has been hectic. I posted a quick update a week or so ago on Facebook and probably should have posted one here too, sorry! But with one thing or another i just haven't had the time. My poor nephew was hit by a car two weeks ago and has spent a lot of time in intensive care but i am really pleased to say that with the absolutely amazing work from the doctors and surgeons at Southampton General Hospital he is starting his road to recovery. I don't generally post a lot of personal stuff on here so I'll try to keep this post quick. So while i had been trying to stick to a schedule with posts the past few weeks I've taken a step back to spend it with family.

On a little lighter note I am now a part time Smashbox Crew Member which i am absolutely delighted about! My first step into working in the beauty industry with a brand I'm already fond of was really fantastic. So you can expect a Smashbox review post here or there as I'm super excited to share the products I'm enjoying with you lovely lot! 

I'm hoping to get back into a little schedule with posts in the next week or so and have already snapped pictures of the last (FINALLY!!) in my series of USA Hauls. Shortly followed by a review or two and my new dressing table set up!

I hope every single one of you is well and I'd like to take a second to thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings here on my blog.

Love to all of you! 

xo Katie

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