Monday 20 October 2014

My dressing table setup - The Ikea Malm!

Ello Lovelies!

I did one of the biggest cliche beauty blogger things... I got myself an Ikea Malm dressing table and I am absolutely loving it. While still living with my parents i had previously been sharing a dressing table with my Mother and had bee stuck to using just one small basket of makeup for my daily routine. As my Ikea Alex drawers were getting a tad full that set up really wasn't very practical and a lot of my collection was feeling unloved. So i decided to finally take the plunge and invest in my own little dressing table set up!

Having my own little space for a large portion of my collection has meant i am actually rotating my pretties a lot more and getting a lot more use out of things. The organisational lover in me is extremely happy with how it turned out and i find myself switching things in and out on a weekly basis. Having lots more options to hand means I've actually been switching up my daily face quite a bit too, win! The Ikea Malm dressing table is for, as dressing tables go, pretty reasonably priced at £95 (view here) and comes with a pretty glass top and a large pull out drawer. The only downside to this is that like the Ikea Alex drawers it does not fully extend, so a portion of space at the back is being wasted as it is difficult to reach back there, but that is my only small complaint.

I am pretty darn happy with how it looks now but will probably over the next year, replace some of the "less pretty" storage options on the table. Including the light, brush holders and the letter storage that is holding my MAC palettes. But for now, these are all pretty inexpensive and practical. The lamp was around £20 including the bulb and is great for aiming it where you need it (view here).

While not the prettiest brush holders the Ikea Dokument Pen Cups do the job just fine. And at £3.50 per 2 do not break the bank either.

Makeup Mirror - £7.99 The Range

Leopard Print Mirror - £9.99 The Range

Letter Rack - £2.50 The Range

Another blogging cliche... Muji drawers! While I don't find these the best for storage they are pretty useful for storing a lot of my small indie makeup collection. I also like to keep things like my Benefit Boxed Blushes in here as i find them a pain to store anywhere else. I do really need to go back and reorganise this but i just love looking at all my Sugarpill pigments in the bottom drawer! Oh so pretty!

And lastly my favourite part of my collection, the drawers! In my local Ikea these dividers were quite handily displayed right next to the Malm drawer and at a mere 80p each are quite the bargain! The drawer fits 6 dividers with enough room to store my favourite palettes down one side. Each divider has a smaller compartment and a larger one making it perfect for different shaped items. I love how i can fit a chunk of my lipstick collection neatly into one section!

I'm dead chuffed at how this turned out and to finally have my own little makeup space. I just wish my Ikea Alex drawers would fit next to it, but sadly i am about an inch short of space!

Do you have your own setup?
I'd love to see them!

xo Katie


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