Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Body Shop Honey Bronzer in Shade 1 - Review

Ello Lovelies!

Another extremely hyped product review for you lot today! The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer gets a ton of love all over the blogging and Youtubing world, so on one of their recent 50% off sales i decided it was about time i picked it up. The pale girl in me headed straight for the lightest shade as usual but surprisingly this was a poor, poor choice. I'd failed to notice that most of the extremely positive reviews were for shade 2... oops! For reference I wear NW13 in winter so I'm pretty darn pale. Shade 1 has to be the lightest bronzer i have ever clapped eyes on and in such a shopping rush i didn't realise my mistake until i was home. Bah!
 As you can tell by the pan and the swatch below this holds very little colour against my complexion. I gave it a full test for contouring and unsurprisingly it just wasn't dark enough. And for just adding a little dimension to the face it takes quite a bit of building to get any noticeable colour. What i have enjoyed using it for is just a quick dusting around the edges of my face, just to add a little something. Texture-wise the powder is extremely silky and smooth and is a formula i really can't fault, it is also completely matte without looking flat or chalky. I just wish i had picked up the darker shade!
Overall, although i can't fault the formula i really don't think i could recommend this shade. The fairest of the fair might enjoy or someone new to bronzers but other than that Shade 1 is a no go. Priced at £13 it isn't an expensive buy, especially with the discount codes The Body Shop always have floating about. At some point soon I'll have to cave and pick up the other shade just to see what the fuss is about!

Have you tried The Body Shops bronzers?

xo Katie


  1. Lol, it's actually funny since I mistakenly picked up 02. I do love it though, however my skin is pretty neutral to pink and it shows up almost too intense.

  2. This looks so stunning! Iv heard so many good things, i really should buy this as i am looking for a new bronzer x
    Emma | Emmys Blog


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