Monday 15 September 2014

My Current Favourite Lip Combo!

Hey there Lovelies!

With my no buy still in full swing I've been rummaging through my collection more and more to find those unloved gems that have sadly been forgotten about. MAC's Up The Amp was one of the lipsticks i was most excited to try after my USA trip but i found it a little too harsh and dark on my fair complexion. It wasn't until i started shopping my stash that something clicked and I had that light bulb moment and realised... I could lighten it with my Sleek Pout Paint! Pout Paints are Sleeks version of the much loved OCC Lip Tars and in my opinion are a much nicer formula to work with, i just wish they'd release more shades! Cloud 9 is simply a white mixer shade from the range and works perfectly with every lipstick I've tried it with so far!

Since this discovery I've been mixing my lipsticks like crazy trying to find more unique shades and make some of my more "unwearable" lipsticks a bit more flattering on me. Its a simple concept and I'm a little embarrassed I hadn't thought about doing this before! It is also a great way to try the popular ombre lip trend that's been around lately, although i haven't quite mastered that one myself. This has really brought back my love for lipstick and for once I'm actually making the most of my excessive lipstick collection and really loving doing so!
Pout Paint in Cloud 9 (£4.99, SleekMakeup)
Up The Amp (£15.50, MAC)
I'm head over heals for this combo and have been wearing it at every possible chance i can get! My love for lipstick is well and truly back!

What is your favourite lipstick or combo?


  1. Love the colour you've created! Up the amp looks super dark up against your skin, It's actually not dark at all on my tan skin! So crazy how some shades look really different against different skin tones!x

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  2. LOVE this! I have never swatched Up The Amp.. what is up with me?! *runs to mac* xx


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