Wednesday 10 September 2014

Makeup Revolution - What You Waiting For Palette Review

Ello Lovelies!

Makeup Revolution are cracking out the new products lately and I'm a little late on the bandwagon with this palette but here we are! What You Waiting For? Is one of their Limited Edition Salvation Palettes (£6, here) boasts 18 neutral toned eye shadows; 6 matte and 12 shimmer, with an extremely affordable £6 price point. I've reviewed their Death By Chocolate Palette previously here and although that remains my favourite out of the ones i own, this one is still a corker in its own right!

 Cased in sturdy black packaging with a large mirror inside this feels a lot more luxurious than its bargain price point. Inside the shadow layout reminds me a little of Sleek's palettes with the matte shadows imprint, but of course these hold a lot more shadows. While all of these shadows are named, idiot here has lost the little insert with these on (having the names on the back of the palette would have been handy) so I'll just be swatching them by row. 

The shimmer shadows have a lovely smooth texture and a little bit of fallout, but as i always do my eye makeup first this isn't an issue for me. The mattes are a little dryer in texture but are still completely workable shades. I particularly love the matte cream shade for a brow bone highlight. I love the colour selection in the palette as warmer neutrals aren't shades i tend to go for, but I've really been enjoying these beauties!

As always my swatches do not do this palette any justice. And although I still find myself reaching for my Death By Chocolate palette more, this palette gets a big thumbs up from me. These are excellent shadows for the price point and i love the addition of the matte row as you can pretty much do an entire eye look just with this. These wear well on me with a primer and I don't see any significant fading or creasing until after the 7-8 hour mark which is the norm for me.

As i mentioned earlier this palette is Limited Edition, along with the other 5 in the collection so if this takes your fancy I'd pick it up soon!

What is your favourite Makeup Revolution palette?


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  1. I didn't realise this was limited edition! I picked it up for my friends birthday a few days ago and thought the colours were beautiful, it took a lot of will power to not keep it…but now I want it even more, guess I'll be picking it up on my next shopping trip!

    -sarah xo


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