Sunday 7 September 2014

Tony Moly - Cats Wink Clear Pact

Ello Lovelies!

So i think I've caught the attention of all you cat lovers out there with this magnificently cute packaging! It is quite possibly the cutest packaging for a powder on the planet and is one of Tony Moly's more practical, yet super sweet packaging offerings. Tony Moly is an Asian cosmetics brand that I've had my eye on for quite some time. They have some of the most delightfully quirky packaging available on the market and my eBay wish list is bursting with products I'm lusting over.... A hand cream shaped as a peach? Yes please!

My little sidetracking over I'll get onto the review of this little cutie! As adorable packaging goes this slim little powder compact is also perfectly practical. Small enough to pop in your makeup bag without taking up too much room. It also houses a handy little mirror and powder puff type thing for on the go application. The plastic casing and closure seems sturdy enough for its less than £5 price point too. 

Honestly I was so in love with the packaging i really wasn't bothered if the powder was any good at all, since i could just use this as compact mirror for my handbag. But saying that the powder inside isn't half bad. Cats Wink Clear Pact comes in two shades; 1 and 2 and i opted for the lighter of the two. I'd say this comes up as around an N13 in MAC, so extremely light but with a light dusting is pretty undetectable on the skin. I'm not a fan of applying this with the applicator it comes with as it can get very heavy and cakey very fast but much prefer to use a light dusting with a powder brush. I'll keep this in my handbag for quick touch ups using a very, very light hand.
Whilst the actual powder isn't my favourite cup of tea, the price point and cat compact make up for the actual products downfall. This would make the perfect small gift for any cat fan and Tony Moly do have some other feline inspired products that are just as affordable as this.

Unfortunately I won't be linking the eBay seller i purchased this from since for some reason they've sky rocketed the price for this but you can find this on eBay from various sellers for around the £5 mark.

Have you tried any Asian beauty products?


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