Thursday 31 May 2012

Nyx Green Concealer In A Jar Review

Ello lovelies!
Another naughty eBay purchase review for you today. I'd seen a few rave reviews on the original, skin toned Nyx Concealer In A Jar and as i was in the market for a green concealer / primer and am sadly on quite a tight budget i thought I'd give this one a bash. I've mentioned before i do get my Nyx on eBay even though there is a UK online store. Because the price difference is quite steep if you only want one item once you've paid postage its normally about double what you pay to get the product and have it shipped from the USA, madness!
 I have quite a lot of pink in my skin which as I've been using less coverage foundations lately has been really ticking me off, so i went on the hunt for a solution. Weirdly, there aren't as many green concealers / primers on the high street as you'd think. I only spotted one or two in Boots and then spent about half an hour lusting after the Smashbox one as i love the original, i just don't love the price! So eBay it was!

Sadly, i don't think this does an awful lot. Heavily swatched it looks like it'd be perfect, but it literally blends out to nothing. Even out of frustration i scooped out rather a large lump and it just blended away never to be seen again... Well thats a bit dramatic but i just don't think this works for me. I've tried it both under and over a few foundations but I've just had no luck what so ever.
Overall, yes it was a bargain at just over £4, but its not really a bargain if it doesn't work. I really wanted to love this, but i just couldn't make it work however i applied it. So if you have any tips or suggestions on application, or even any other affordable products, let me know! On the plus side the seller i purchased it from has a lot of affordable Nyx products and my package arrived in just a week, which from the USA is bloody brilliant!

You can check it out here or on the Nyx UK website.



  1. Have you tried actually mixing it with your foundation? I dunno if that would work ^_^

  2. I use the no7 colour calming primer in green. It works well at covering redness for me. I believe its about £11.00 xx

  3. Aw, don't feel so bad. I've never had luck with any color correctors!

  4. Sorry it didn't for you, I've tried their green primer and that seems to work better. Worst case scenario, you can use this as a base for bright shadows ;)


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