Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wet 'N' Wild Mega Last Lipsticks

Ello lovelies!
Got a bit of an exciting one for you lot today!

Following so many blogs has one downside, i get real product envy! So many amazing products aren't available in the UK so i find myself quite often having a good ol' search through eBay trying to find a bargain or two! Often prices are fine but shipping is horrendous, but i think i struck gold with these!
The Wet 'N' Wild Mega Last Lipsticks are quite the raved about lippie over in the USA! They come in around 20 different shades (don't quote me, i may be wrong), cost around $1.99 each and most have more of a low sheen to matte formula. I spotted these on eBay and they worked out at just over £3 each including combined shipping, bargain! So fast forward two weeks and these bad boys were here!
The two colours i picked up were Just Peachy and Don't Plink Pink. I was a tad worried Just Peachy may be like a concealer lip on me, as it is my very first peach lippie, but i was pleasantly surprised, its gorgeous! Don't Blink Pink is a stunning ultra bright pink, a little too bright for day wear (for me anyways) but perfect for a night out! Application was pretty easy, well saying that my lip swatches are pretty horrendous! They apply opaque in one swipe and have some awesome lasting power! Being on the matte side i find they grip the lips better, and are less likely to slide off. And I am pleased to say i found them in no way drying!

Lip swatch time!

Overall i wholeheartedly recommend these babies! They have a ton of colours, apply like a dream and are even pretty affordable considering i had to ship them in from the USA. So if your from the USA and haven't tried these, do so, now! And if you're from the UK you can check out the eBay seller i found here.

I just need to avoid breaking my no buy to pick up more of these beauties!

Have you tried any Wet 'N' Wild lipsticks? Whats your favourite?


  1. Both of those colors looks great, especially the hot pink! I will be on the look out for them!

  2. Hon, if you want US drug store products let me know. If I can find them, I'll pick them up and send them your way.

    1. Awh thanks! I think i think I've managed to get most of my wishlist off ebay! But we should do a swap in the future <3

  3. Love these! I have like 12 colors <3

  4. I've been wanting to try these!!! Thanks for the post

  5. where can i buy them in the UK someone help :(


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