Sunday 6 May 2012

Wet 'N' Wild - Blue Had Me At Hello

I thought I'd stay on the say theme of my last post and show you some more Wet 'N' Wild goodies! I have a friend who recently went on an amazing holiday to Florida (jealouussssy) and was lovely enough to pick me up some Wet 'N' Wild bits and bobs while she was out there! The first thing I'll be showing you is this bad boy, the Blue Had Me At Hello palette!

I think Wet 'N' Wild have a few variations of these palettes out at any given time and were one of the things I'd been lusting over on eBay, but didn't really want to pay over the odds for a "Drugstore" product. So needless to say i was thrilled when i opened this! The palette boasts eight shades of shadow and has a lovely range of blues, a couple of blacks and a very pretty highlight shade.
Personally i think the pigmentation is a bit half n half on these. Some of these are absolutely gorgeous and pigmentation is superb, more or less the 4 or 5 in the middle. But the few on the ends, mainly the blacks were a little sheer, powdery and generally hard to work with. But the ones that are good, are gooooood! The blacks are still useable to define but just take a bit more work, and can definitely not be used on their own.

Priced at $4 (i think) these are a bit of a steal, even with the couple of dud shades. I can't vouch for the other 8 pan palettes in this range, but I'm looking forward to picking them up when i travel over the the USA later in the year. Overall i think its a pretty decent palette, and if you can get your hands on it, for that price is definitely worth a go!

Have you tried any of the other palettes? Let me know! 



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