Friday 11 May 2012

Mini Fyrinnae Haul

 Ello lovelies!
So this really is a "mini" haul. Since I'm supposed to be a on no buy this was a little bit naughty *slaps wrists*, but i really couldn't resist.

If you've read my blog for a while you'll know i really am a huge fan of Fyrinnae products, and until recently had only tried their eye products. Well, that needed remedying didn't it?

My mini haul consists of a Lip Lustre, sample highlight, sample blush and a second blush as free sample. So with Fyrinnae's really reasonable shipping it really wasn't too naughty. Can you tell I'm really trying to convince myself that? :P

"Soft rosy pink with just enough pearly-pink shimmer. No sparkle!"

A REALLY pretty subtle highlighter with no chunky glitter (hoooray!). Now I'm a big fan of glitter but since buying the Nars Danmari palette and experiencing the almighty glitter bomb that is Hungry Heart I'm REALLY glad to have found this little treasure! It applies and blends beautifully and when the no buy ends (or i convince myself it is a necessity) I'll be definitely getting full size!

 "Vibrant peach with a touch of pink shimmer. Very bright in the jar, but soft once blended. Our most popular blush since 2006."

Totally agree with the description there! Its pretty intimidating in the jar and looks a nearly neon shade of orange. But on the skin is a much more wearable, still vibrant more pinky coral. Again, i am in LOVE with this and am lusting after a full size. But luckily the sample sizes are pretty decent, so i can see these lasting me a little while!

"Ruddy deep peach-tone with a golden shimmer throughout. The shimmer is very noticable, but not gaudy or "disco-ball" in appearance."

The one obvious comparison i can make with this is that it is very Orgasmy. But i feel Captivate has a little more depth to it, being a tad deeper, making it a bit more wearable for darker skin tones. Its definitely not a dupe, but they are quite comparable. It is an absolutely gorgeous shade!

 Visual Kei:
"Visual Kei is a rather bright pink with a slight shimmer."

This has got to be the most exciting product out of the bunch. I'd had my eye on Fyrinnae's Lip Lustres for a long time and really needed to take the plunge and buy one, oh and I'm so glad i did! This has a texture unlike any other lip product I've tried! Its thin and completely non sticky, glides on the lips and is opaque with one swipe. I love, love, love it! It has lasting power like nothing else I've seen. I've spent an entire evening wearing it and its still visible at the end of the night, through eating and drinking. It does stain, but i really like that. I just wish they had a few more wearable colours, although my bank balance may be slightly glad of this when i do my next Fyrinnae order. Theses are fantastic and i can't give them a higher recommendation! 

I think this mini haul has sated my Fyrinnae obsession slightly, but created a real desire for more Lip Lustres... oops! I don't think i can rave about Fyrinnae enough, products are fantastic, prices are fantastic and they have the lowest shipping cost to the UK i have encountered.

You can check out the Fyrinnae website here.

Do you have any Fyrinnae product recommendations? Not that i need encouraging!



  1. How have I never heard of this brand?
    I'm definitely checking it out!
    Great haul! :)

  2. the lip lustre looks awesomely pigmented!

  3. Oooh, so pretty! I've been resisting Fyrinnae too long


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