Tuesday 15 May 2012

Mac Lightscapade Review

Hey lovelies!

So if you're a Mac lover you would of undoubtedly heard of this product. Lightscapade is one of their "cult", most sought after products that I've been dying to get my hands on. It's limited edition, and until now I've never been able to find it in stock when its been re-promoted. So yeah, kinda happy!

Lightscapade is a Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter and a damn pretty one at that! Granted its not as pretty as the ones from earlier collections which were a lighter, pearl like colour with more pink and blue veining, but i think its still quite pretty. I don't live near a Mac store so i have to order online, sadly i think i pulled the short straw and got one with less veining, but I've eventually managed to get my hands on it, so i couldn't care less!

See? Still super pretty!

Like i mentioned, the veining in mine is subtle but i quite like the finish it gives to the skin. Its on the more subtle side of highlighters, not at all over the top and has a very fine shimmer to it. It really does look lovely on the skin. You get 10g of product as its the same size as all their other Skinfinishes, so considering how little highlighter you need to use, i don't see me needing to purchase another one. And I'm pretty glad about that as its on the more expensive side of Mac products with a price tag over £20.

Overall yes its a pretty product and looks lovely on the skin, but am i wowed? No. Considering the immense hype around this product i guess i was expecting a little more, its a lovely highlighter but its not amazing. And i dread to say it but i think i may even like my Cream Colour Base in Pearl more!

All things considered i am glad i own
Lightscapade, I'd be forever lusting after it otherwise. So if you've got your heart set on one or you're an avid Mac collector, grab it while you can. If not, its an alright highlighter, but in my opinion doesn't necessarily live up to all the hype.

You can check it out on the Mac website here.

What do you think?



  1. This is a really pretty highlighter! I love the subtleness!

  2. You're right, it's really pretty but it's kinda meh :/ do you have/use a lot of highlighters? I'd love to see a post on that!

    1. I only have a few i think. I mostly used Mac Dazzlelight shadow as a highlighter! But thats a great idea for a post, I'll do that soon! =D

  3. So gorgeous. Gutted I missed the boat on this being repromoted, I'm normally pretty organised when it comes to knowing this kinda stuff!!xx

  4. I am actually gutted as this doesn't show up on me at. all. I was so psyched when I got it because it was the last one in the store and sold out online. Much prettier on me? Dior Amber Diamond (which I resisted buying forever, but it and maybe Too Faced Candlelight are by far the best powder highlighters I've ever tried). You might really like The Balm Mary Lou Manizer! But for my slightly darker skintone, it's Amber Diamond all the way. This is sadly going to be B2M for me.

    1. Thats a shame! Thank for the suggestions I'll get googling them :P x

  5. When I first saw this on my blog news feed I got really excited because I have heard so many good things about the MAC highlighters, but as I read on I got pretty disappointed! I'm glad I got to read this though and learn a head of time that this isn't something to write home about. I guess I'll keep on looking for the holy grail highlighter. Thanks for the post!


  6. I was so underwhelmed with this :( Maybe cause I'm so pale, but it really didn't make much of a difference on my skin, which is a shame because people really seem to love it! =/ I'm glad I have it in my collection, just because I feel like it's one of those mac collector staples haha, but the actual product itself, I don't find very special :P


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