Wednesday 7 March 2012

Beauty From The Earth - Swatchfest!


Today I'll be swatching and reviewing some pretty shadows from Beauty From The Earth or BFTE. If you haven't heard of them they are a US based company that sell hundreds of shades of gorgeous loose eye shadows, blushes, foundation and other goodies. They have around 400 (forgive me if I'm wrong) shades in total in an array of different finishes from super sparkly to matte. And the magpie in me obviously opted for the latter.

I placed my order back on the US holiday Good Friday as they offered a generous 40% off everything sale. The reason this post is so late is because i did have a bit of an issue receiving my order. I hummed and hawed over whether to write about it and came to the decision that i wouldn't be an honest blogger without mentioning the odd negatives in a post or two. 

I placed two orders on that day (my lash obsession kicked in for the second) and the second i received in little over a week with no problems. The first order got a little bit muddled up to say the least. I received someone elses order a few days after the first package, so i emailed and they responded quickly and sent out another package. But that one got lost... It took quite a few emails to eventually get my order. Then when i received my order a few items were missing, but again they kindly sent a replacement. Turns out the missing package was missing my post code, simply human error, which sometimes can't be helped. But in the end i ended up with both packages so some doubles of things which they were nice enough to let me keep. So keep your eye out for my next giveaway! What i will say is that i think this is an isolated case, their Facebook page is full of glowing reviews, so although i felt i had to share my experience please don't be put off by this.

Onto the swatches!
Journey,  Deep thoughts, Pegasus, Hocus Pocus.
My camera REALLY didn't pick up how gorgeously shimmery any of these are. Bring on summer so i can swatch things in sunlight!
Mania, Illusion, Spruce, Ocean Mist.
Ocean Mist is one of my favourite shades. But apparently i was having an epic camera fail this day and yet again my photo fails to pick up the beauty of this. Ocean Mist is a gorgeous blue/green with a ton of gold shimmer/glitter, it really reminds me of mermaids.

Lava Moma, Karma, Oxford, Sugar Plum, Livid.

Big Ego, Panurple, Metro, Hopeless Romantic, Bliss.

Cocoa, Moonwalk, Copper Cauldron, Wizards Wand, Baked.

Gable, Autumn, Afterthought, Pebble.

Spring Fever, Satin sheets, Guipure, Bubbly.
Butt Naked, Naked Truth,  Kiss and Tell.

If you're a fan of loose shadows you'll LOVE these. They are highly pigmented, blend beautifully and can be applied wet to increase intensity. I love using the glittery shades over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy to give it a bit of extra stick. Price wise they are pretty reasonable, at $6.50 each for the most part. They do sell samples and although they are on the smaller side come in jars and have enough product for a good few uses. Shipping to the UK is pretty damn cheap too, at only $6 for an order under $50 and $2 for anything over.

Overall although my experience has made me hesitate about ordering again, i really do love the products and will probably order again in the future. I just hope next time it won't take a couple of months to arrive. Mainly because i REALLY want full sizes of Sugar Plum and Satin Sheets. :P

You can check these out on the BFTE Cosmetics website here.

Do you have any favourite BFTE shades?



  1. Holy crap Lava Mama o.o Have you worn that anywhere on here? I don't know why, I can't stop staring at that one shade, its ridiculous xD It could be the combination of 1am and sleep deprivation, but instead I'll go for pretty coloooour.

    1. I've not been brave enough yet! Will attempt to get a look up with it soon! xox

  2. Ohhhhhh, those swatches look great. Especially Big Ego!

  3. WOW! THOSE ARE amazingly pigmented shadows! I really like it, and I hear they are very affordable for the quality. love the pictures!

  4. I'm loving oxford and Autumn shades, I've never heard of BFTE before, love discovering new brands, now following your blog hun, please check mine out and follow back xx

  5. Wow, these are amazingly pigmented and Illusion was pretty much jumping out the screen asking me to buy it. I'm a sucker for blue eyeshadows and this one is perfect! :) x

  6. Wow, hello there Big Ego, you sure are pretty.


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