Sunday, 25 March 2012

Makeup Forever - Smoky Lash - Review

So I'm eventually reviewing some of my IMATS purchases.
I'd put off opening my Smoky Lash since i already had atleast three other mascaras open... But eventually i caved!

Makeup Forever isn't the easiest to get hold of in the UK. As far as i know there are only two stockists, PAM and Guru Makeup Emporium which are both based in London but both do have an online store.
With the normal price of £18 here in the UK, it isn't the most purse friendly of products. But IMATS did have quite a steep discount on MUFE products so i only paid around £9. Bargain!

The brush itself is a little larger than I'm used to. I'd probably compare it to about the size of Benefits Bad Gal. I'd been using a combination of two mascaras over the past month, using L'Oreal's Volume Millions lashes for its volume and Smashbox's Hyper Lash for length. Not really a combo I'd be happy to repurchase with the combined price of the two!

So now for the before and after. Excuse the wonkily sized images... ooops!

I'm pretty damn happy with this mascara. It wasn't until i reached for my old combo i really realised how much of a difference it really makes. It adds both volume and length without becoming clumpy. I wouldn't go as far as to say a "false lash effect", since lets be honest, there's not many of us who have super duper amazing lashes to begin with. But this does a pretty good job. And the thing that pleases me the most... no annoying smudges a few hours in! Hurray!

The downfall is the price. Luckily (and in a little bit of a spending frenzy) i picked up two of these, and will not be opening the second one until every other mascara i own is dry or used up. So I'll make a pretty good effort to make them last! I don't think I'd personally pay that much for mascara, i used to get my Bad Gal for birthdays and could never muster up the courage to spend that much on it. I'll definitely be on the hunt for a cheaper alternative!

Whats your holy grail mascara?



  1. That mascara looks great on you! Personally, it didn't do anything phenomenal for me so I think it helps if you have substantial lashes to begin with.

    CoverGirl makes great mascaras (LashBlast) and I really like Clinique's Lash Power mascara, too.

  2. I've used it and loved it but then discovered Cover Girl Lash Blast (the orange tube). Lash Blast and Revlon Lash Fantasy have been my faves so far.

  3. Woah it looks great. Amazing clear pictures. But MUFE is so hard to come by and expensive. x

  4. You have the lovliest blue eyes I have ever seen!

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  5. Great review the photos really showcase this mascara and what it can do.

    Beauty Flawed

  6. your lashes look amazing. wish mine weren't so stumpy!

  7. such a nice product. your lashes look so nice, i've heard great things about this mascara xx
    my blog: boho vanity


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