Thursday 29 March 2012

Recent Rediscoveries: Elf Shimmering Facial Whip

 Ello lovelies!
On a bit of a mission to curve my spending I've decided to start a little series. Recent Rediscoveries is my way of sorta "shopping the stash" if you will. Over the past two years I've acquired a bit of a collection of makeup goodies and some don't get the love they deserve. So in an attempt to save my pennies I've decided to hook out some of my unloved products and give them another bash!

Last year i went on a little bit of an Elf binge when they had their 50% off sales. I've also been getting into cream products lately, with the weather warming up i thought it was the perfect time to give this another testing. As their name implies the Shimmering Facial Whip is just that, shimmery, so it won't be to every ones taste. But having quite dry skin and being a bit of a glitter addict its not exactly a problem for me!

The only shade i have is persimmon, but its available in 7 shades in total if pinky hues aren't your thing. In the tube and first swatched it does look a little scary, but it sheers out pretty nicely. I honestly wasn't expecting too much from this but I'm really happy i dug this beauty out, as it looks gorgeous on the skin!

Priced at £1.50 its extremely affordable too. The website implies this can be used on the eyes and lips too, i personally wouldn't put this near my eyes but funnily enough my Mum confused this for a lip gloss and said it looked lovely! Ha!

The only downside is i really want to buy a few more...

What are your favourite cream products? Have you tried these?



  1. I love their shimmering facial whips... Such a great little product.

  2. I have this, and i love using it as a cheek/browbone highlighter!


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