Monday, 11 July 2011

"Prime It" Illuminating Face Primer

Hey all!

When it comes to face primers over the last year or two I've been using the same one, when i actually bothered with them at all. And as of late it's become something if I'm going on a night out or special event i wouldn't go without! Somehow I've managed to keep myself in sample and tester size Smashbox Photo Finish Primer for a good year or so, so i haven't had to splurge on a bottle. At around £33 the Smashbox one isn't cheap, and it's one of those products i know i need and HATE spending money on. So I've been on the hunt for cheaper primers and came across this one!
Technic - "Prime It" Illuminating Face Primer

I'd seen a few reviews online and a friend had said they loved this product and at £3.99 the bargain hunter in me just had to have it. Some people are comparing it to Benefit's Bad Gal Primer, i wouldn't really know as I've not used it because as I've said before i illogically don't like spending a lot of money on primers. 

Above is a picture of the product and it blended out on my hand. This probably isn't the best example since my hands are very dry (naughty me needs to remember hand cream more often!) and I've had to crop the picture since the silly angle i took this at made me look like an amputee in every one! As far as this primer goes it's obviously not similar to the Smashbox one, this one is illuminating and has a lot less slip. But if you're looking something to brighten up you're skin under foundation i suggest giving this a bash! It's definitely not one to wear alone as it would just be too shimmery.

Overall i think it's a decent primer considering the price. I'd actually quite interested to know how it stands up against the Benefit one and shall do some investigating when I'm in town next! I'm also extremely interested on how Lanacane (Anti Chaffing gel, yuck i know) stands up against Smashbox since the ingredients are extremely similar! I'm planning to compare the two when i finally remember to pick the embarrassing stuff up from Boots!

You can buy "Prime It" from LoveThyMakeup for £3.99.

Also just wanted to say a big HI and thanks to my new followers. Hope my ramblings arn't too boring. :)


  1. I really did laugh when you said about the lanacane, but I'm very interested to see how it'll hold up against the primer!

    I've never used any smashbox, only drooled over the counter at debenhams and then recoiled in fear at the prices. It's weird to think that Smashbox is by the grandsons of Max Factor, like a little cosmetics family.

  2. My Mum seems to buy Smashbox from QVC whenever they have a good deal on. I fell in love with their O-Gloss then went to buy it in Debenhams and got completely turned off by the £20 price tag, since im pretty sure it used to be about £16.

    I didn't know that! Interesting fact! I'll have to do some research now. :)


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