Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cute and affordable storage

So I've had this post saved for a couple of days without uploading it. But after seeing all the lovely storage ideas from the #Bbloggers chat on twitter i think it's about time i do. My storage is a little messy primarily due to lack of space. But I'm hoping with some of the ever so popular Ikea drawers I'll have ample space... for a few weeks or so. This is how most of my makeup and skincare is set out currently (well actually its messier now, it's been a few days.) Also if you have any cute storage ideas let me know i weirdly love reading and watching storage posts/videos.

I really don't know why everything in my room has to be pink. I honestly do not even own one pink item of clothing as it's not really my style but i find myself obsessed with pink storage. Odd, i know! The pink and black drawers were the first thing i purchased, i really did luck out and found them for £6 on sale in WHSmith. 

Okay as much as i love these they were a tad overpriced. These were from and were it not for the free international shipping weekend i wouldn't of even dreamed about buying them. But instead i managed to nag the Bf and convince him i NEEDED these. The brush holder is nothing more than a little pot with some coloured stickers on it. The makeup bag is a little better and has a plasticky inside so if something explodes its easy enough to wipe clean. I think these were both about $15 each.

This was my newest addition to my storage collection. I really couldn't resist at £5 from Wilkinsons. I just wish they were a little bigger. But they fit in nicely with everything else i own.

I really do wish i could stop wanting more more more! Actually no i don't, i love getting things through the post it's like Christmas but with actually getting the things you love!

Thanks for reading guys!


  1. I really wish i would have picked up them draws in blue when i had the chance! I cant find them anywhere now, not even online! Was gonna match my uni room in with them :'(

  2. So cute! Can't believe those drawers were only £6!! Amazing!! x

  3. I have the exact same pink and black draws to store my makeup :) they are so useful! x

  4. Those drawers are pure love, I can't wait until I move out of my flat so I can have proper make up storage. :)

  5. Messy? Its actually very neat and tidy=)))

    Try looking at TKMax they have some unique items for storage...

  6. I think im a little addicted to storage i just wish my room was a little bit bigger! It's a mess now i just don't have enough room. Aw i can never find anything in my local TKMax but i'm gunna keep my eye out! x

  7. Cute storage. I'm currently using one from W H Smith in a Cupcake design.

    I bought one for £12.99 and now they're 2 for 1 :( I need another one.

    I recommend these from W H Smith they have a pretty bird design, hot pink and zebra print, stripes (colourblocking) and some skulls and hot pink.


  8. Heya :) Yeah i love the boxes from WHSmith. I think i'm going to get the Ikea Helmer drawers to go ontop of a large pink plastic drawer set that i've been eyeing. So i can keep all my body products underneath my makeup! xx


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