Thursday 21 July 2011

E.l.f Studio Blushes

I thought it was about time that i started reviewing and swatching all the E.l.f products i have and decided to start with blushes. Blush is generally one of my favourite things to buy and over the last few months I've picked up a few. The first stand out point about these is their Nars-esque packaging which is great but without the smudgey rubbery casing that annoys me with Nars products. They also have a teeny mirror inside which is extremely useful when out and about! So i guess I'll stop rambling and get onto reviewing the actual product.

 Top Row: Candid Coral - Peachy Keen - Mellow Mauve
Bottom Row: Fuchsia Fusion - Gotta Glow
I'll start with the obvious non-blush. Gotta Glow is E.l.f's version of Nar's Albatross and without trying that i can't actually compare the two. Like all of the Studio Blushes I've tried its a little on the chalky side and i find it a bit hard to work with. It looks gorgeous in the pan but if you're not a fan of glitter I'd stay clear of this one as it has rather large chunks in it. It's an okay product for the price, I don't reach for it very often as i generally prefer liquid highlighters. I think i'll be splurging on the real thing some time soon.

Now onto my favourite out of the five... Fuchsia Fusion is an absolutely stunning bright pink shade with again a ton of glitter. Luckily I'm a fan of shimmery blushes but it does take a little building up to get decent colour pay off. Until i recently purchased Benefits Bella Bamba i found myself wearing this one most days and building it up for a more dramatic effect at night. The downside is that it doesn't really stay in place for long so having to reapply it every few hours is a real pain.
Candid Coral, Peachy Keen, Mellow Mauve. These three are ones i just don't seem to use ever. I find these have the worst colour pay off of the E.l.f blushes i own, I'm around an NC15 possibly lighter so frankly that shouldnt really be an issue. I've tried to make these work for me but i just can't. I was really hoping Peachy Keen would be a little bit like Benefit's Georgia but i was sadly disappointed. Although i know a lot of E.l.f fans rave about these but i guess they're just no good for me!

Candid Coral - Peachy Keen - Mellow Mauve - Fuchsia Fusion - Gotta Glow
(Heavily Swatched)
I was sold on these purely for the price, at £3.50 each i wasn't loosing too much experimenting with them. Fuchsia Fusion is the one I'd definitely recommend but again it is still a little on the chalky side. The pigmentation on all of them to be honest isn't great and with most all you can hope for at best is a sheer wash of colour. I really think there are better 'Drugstore' blushes on the market and i intend to find some of the better ones!

These are all priced at £3.50 on

As always thanks for reading my ramblings. If you have any E.l.f reviews up let me know! I'd love to know if anyone else got on with them better than me.



  1. Ciao Bella,
    WOW, those ELF blushes look really pretty. I have never tried the ELF blushes before, but those ones look really interesting!!
    I love your blog, its very nice!
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    I'd love it if you also followed me back.
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