Thursday 7 July 2011

Elf collection & favourites

Hey guys! So i thought I'd do a long overdue E.l.f collection post! I've not got the biggest collection but i only started buying from them a few months ago. A lot of their products are hit and miss but for the price i don't mind experimenting. Here's a look at my collection and a few of my favourites! I'm going to do a more detailed post with swatches when i get a day off. If you have any collection or review posts or videos link me them in comments because i love hearing how products work for other people.

I haven't really got around to using some of these products as i haven't really had any place in my routine for them, the Eye Transformer, Lashes and Shimmer Palette being the main culprits there.

 Brightening Eye Colour - Drama. £1.50
Perfect little smokey eye quad complete with mini mirror. Some of the quads are a little chalky but for the price you can't complain. They come in a ton of colours, some more pigmented than others. I only personally have two but will probably be getting some more in the near future as they are quite handy.

Liquid Liner - Black
I decided on not uploading a picture of mine since the E.l.f logo has completely worn off and has been in my essentials makeup bag for quite some time now. I have always sworn by Rimmel's Exaggerate Liquid Liner but thought I'd try this for £1.50. I LOVE it. In my opinion it lasts a lot longer on the eyes and applies easily. Some people have been complaining about the smell but i personally couldn't smell anything unpleasant. I just wish that the Glitter Eyeliners (which i forgot to put in my collection because they are awful and are god knows where in my room) where up to the same standard as this.

Most of the lip products I've tried are average in my opinion although i haven't really got a lot. The only real let down products for me is the Lip Primer
and Plumper which smells delicious but doesn't really do anything and the Therapeutic Lip Balm which smells awful and has a horrid greasy consistency, yuck!

Hypershine Gloss - Flirt. £1.50
My favourite of the E.l.f lip products currently (apart from the applicator). It has a lovely cotton candy scent to it and is a pretty sheer pink colour. It's not overly stick and has a decent amount of slip. But again at bargain price is a product that's brilliant to have sitting in your handbag for beauty emergencys!
Having a good base is probably the most important thing for me in my routine and i spend most of my time on foundation / blush / highlighting. I'm probably the fussiest with my face products as having really dry/sensitive skin can give me a lot of problems with products. There are quite a few miss products in E.l.f's face selection but also quite a few hits! And please excuse the grubby pictures, these have been in my essentials bag for quite some time now.

Golden Bronzer - £3.50
This product really surprised me. I've not had much luck in the past with bronzers (probably due to my dodgey application) but i really adore this. Being super pale has made me more than cautious when it comes to bronzers but this is light enough for even me. It's not great for contouring as it's very shimmery but lovely to add a bit of a glow to the face and chest. I will definitely be repurchasing this when it comes back into stock.

Complexion Perfection - £3.50
After my first go with this product i decided i hated it and shoved in the back of my drawer. But i luckily decided to give it another chance and with a much much lighter hand it works wonders. As i have dry skin using too much of this product makes me look dry and flakey, but a small amount swirled round on my Kabuki brush works wonders. I have a few friends who have slightly oilier skin and are in love with this. It evens out your complexion beautifully. The only problem with it is that I'm not sure it would work on darker skin tones due to how white the powder applies, for once being pale is a slight advantage!

 High Definition Powder - £6
I'd put off buying this for a while but after seeing other reviews and it being in stock while they had their 50% off sale i had to cave. The first thing i will say about this is that it is MESSY, you loose a lot of product every time you open it which may put me off buying it in the future but then again it's still not expensive. I've been using this to set my foundation and I've been absolutely loving it. Evens my skin tone out and leaves my face feeling silky smooth. If they sorted out the packaging it would probably be my favourite E.l.f product ever! 

Nail Polish - Blush - Coral. £1.50
 I have a love/hate relationship with these polishes. I love some of the colours especially these two but i really really hate the texture. My mum teaches beauty therapy so maybe I'm spoiled as she's a varnish addict but the texture and staying power of these is a little frustrating. I put up with these two purely because i adore the colours.

E.l.f make some surprisingly good brushes! I have however had some problems with broken brushes, they've been completely wobbly or in some cases come apart. But E.l.f have a lovely customer service team and with a photo sent to them i had those brushes replaced. I've not got any Mac or Sigma to compare them to but i definitely prefer them over Smashbox ones which i find a little rough. Some brushes are better than others which is obviously the same with most brands.

 Kabuki Face Brush - £5
This is probably one of my favourite brushes in my collection. It's definitely the best Kabuki I've owned. If it was a little denser it would be perfect. I've been using this nearly every day for months and I've had no problems. I've had very little to no shedding. Quite often they have 20% sales which makes this even more of a bargain.
 Powder Brush
As you can see i have quite a few of these! It's such a multipurpose brush, i use this for powder, liquid foundation, cream blush and lots of other things. This is why i have quite a few for different purposes. It's one of their most popular brushes and i can certainty see why. If i had to suggest one product to buy from E.l.f It'd be this.

Well i think I've rambled on quite enough for today! Thanks again guys for reading and I'll try to keep my posts a little closer together :P Again if you have any blog posts or videos link me them in comments because I'd love to check them out!

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