Monday 3 March 2014

Sephora now ships to the UK!


This is going to be a quick post because I'm not sure how much longer i can contain my excitement!

Thank you makeup gods! I woke up this morning to this lovely news and have been sat filling my cart for the last hour... I've been praying for this day for quite some time, hell i even considered doing my FMP at university on the market for Sephora to return to the UK. Well UK shipping will just have to do for now!

Before you all get too excited i will say that import taxes are calculated at the checkout so you won't pay as cheap as you would in the USA. For me this is actually a good thing, i dread waiting for packages from the states only to get a red letter of doom through the door with Royal Mail demanding taxes and their HORRID £8 fee. Well you don't have to worried, its all prepaid with Sephora! Shipping is a flat rate of £10 over £75 which lets be honest, isn't horrendous for shipping. I just hope its fast!

There are some brand exclusions unfortunately like Nars (but who cares, we can get them in the UK anyway!) and things like perfume and nail polish can't be shipped as far as I'm aware. But there are still a ton of brands we can now get our excited little paws on.

I'm now off to keep filling my basket....

What will you be buying?


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