Wednesday 19 March 2014

MUA £1 Blushes - Review

Hii Lovelies!

I'm sure the MUA blushes have been on every beauty addicts radar since their release but for some reason I've never actually picked them up until recently. Priced at £1 each these, like many other MUA products, are a total steal. To make things even better, students with a valid NUS card can save 10% on all their Superdrug purchases.

I'd been a little sceptical about the quality of these but i had a couple of quid left on a voucher so decided to give them a whirl, and i was very pleasantly surprised! The two shades i picked up were Lolly - A bright peach and Candyfloss - A cool toned pink with an almost mauve like hint to it. Both have a satiny like finish with a very fine micro shimmer that doesn't really translate to the skin.
Lolly - Candyfloss

Both blushes have really decent pigmentation, apply and blend surprisingly well. Regardless of their £1 price tag these are pretty lovely blushes that could easily go for higher with a packaging change. I have absolutely not faults with the formula just the packaging looks a little cheap and flimsy. But i can't complain for just a quid! On a more positive note these are easy to find in your collection due to the clear tops so the packaging isn't all bad.

Lolly - Candyfloss
Overall I'm pretty darn impressed with these shades and will almost certainly be adding a few more, if not the rest of the range to my collection. For a £1 blush you really can't beat these so they get a huge thumbs up for me! If you'd like to see a picture of Lolly in action, i featured in my latest FOTD post. Another resounding round of applause for MUA!
Have you tried the MUA blushes?
Whats your favourite bargain blush?
Let me know!


  1. When these first came out I literally had about 8 of them! I don't use blushes hardly ever anymore, but for this price these are unbeatable.

    Holly /

  2. I keep wanting to try these but whenever I go in Superdrug they are sold out! Plus its just not the same buying makeup online!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

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  4. I love these blushes! They are amazing for their price.

    Katie x


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