Thursday 17 October 2013

Nars Ride Up To The Moon Palette - Review

Hii Lovelies!
Another Nars review for you lot today!

I'm a big lover of all things Nars and as soon as i clapped eyes on two of their fall release palettes i knew i had to have them. Well, i was a little restrained and only picked up the one... hmph! The two palettes are Ride Up To The Moon which is what I'll be reviewing today, which is a gorgeous tiny (really, its the smallest eye shadow palette I've ever seen) palette that features six earthy hues. I'm a sucker for golds and bronzes, so this palette was right up my alley. The second palette which i passed on (sob) was a more cooler toned purple/grey collection which i knew i wouldn't get as much use of and i think is now sold out as i couldn't find it on the Nars website.

Lets just skip back to the previous section for a second, this palette is small, really small. Silly me forgot to photograph this next to Nars Laguna bronzer because there really isn't too much in the size difference, this fits neatly in the palm of my hand. You get 6g of shadow in total, which putting it that way isn't horrendous, but as this is my first experience with Nars shadows so i was just a little shocked! Priced at £32 it isn't too pricey for Nars but considering the size it still isn't budget friendly either way. Sometimes i think my bank balance weeps.

Out of all the shades i believe only one is limited edition which is Argentina, the top left shade and is probably my favourite out of the bunch. If i could own 50 champagney eyeshadows, i would. The colour selection in this is simply stunning (my love of earthy tones leaves me a little biased though) and next time i travel this will be the palette thrown in my makeup bag. The lighter shades work perfectly for day time looks with a slick of liquid eyeliner and the darker browns are perfect for creating a more evening appropriate smokey eye and the green to add that pop of colour... Perfect! The small size actually acts a plus for travel too.

Top row: Argentina, Isolde, Night Porter.
Bottom Row: Biarritz, Fez, Cordura.
As you can see the pigmentation and colour pay off is beautiful, i just wish Cordura was a little more pigmented as i feel the need to use a deeper matte black for smokey eyes when using this palette. Honestly, I've not much used the Night Porter (the green shade) yet, which is odd since I'm drawn to greens, buy a ton of them and just never wear them! But the other shades... oooft I'm in love! With the weather turning colder the warmer browns will be getting a ton of day use I'm sure. But I'm actually a little scared of running out of Argentina, it is beautiful and works for so many looks!
As first impressions go, I'm pretty smitten with these shadows. I was kinda hoping to not love them because Nars isn't the cheapest and i know full well I'm going to lust over future collections, I've even got my eye on a couple of single and duos.... ooops!

Ride Up To The Moon is limited edition, so if you like the look of it i recommend picking it pretty soon so you're not left disappointed like many wanting the And God Created Woman Palette (like me). So if you're looking for a bit of a shadow splurge I'd highly recommend giving these beauties a little swatch!

You can buy this at Nars counters and online here.

Have you tried any Nars eye shadows?
Feel free to recommend me your favourites! 


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  1. Wow these are so pretty I need some Nars in My life !!!

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