Tuesday 22 October 2013

Its beginning to smell a lot like Christmas... Lush Haul!

Ello lovelies!

I know, i know, its only October... But i don't care!
Most of the year now i can pretty much miss Lush off shopping list but as soon as they release their Christmas range something in me goes a little crazy, and this year is no exception! There are the few bits i pick up every year (Snow Fairy and Candy Mountain) and i tend to try out a few new bits while I'm at it too. I'm having a little bit of a Lush obsession phase so i can see quite a few cheeky Lush trips happening before the year is out...

So what did i buy?

Let The Good Times Roll - £6.35 - Review here
Aaaaand its back! I fell in love with this cleanser last year and then Lush had a problem with sourcing one of the ingredients and it was no longer available, this gave me sads. This year i am pleased to announce it is permanent! Hurrah! I've done a full review on this product last year so feel free to check it out with the link above. Its my perfect daily exfoliant packed with popcorn oil, maize, polenta and cinnamon and i am pleased as punch to have it back!

Breath of Fresh Air - £7.50
Another repurchase. I love lush toners but as i feel this is an optional step in my routine is not something i often splash out on, i generally buy one or two a year and refill the bottle with a Simple one to save a few pennies as i love the spray. This is my favourite out of their toner selection and has lovely ingredients for my dry skin including sea water, Carrageen seaweed and aloe gel. A simple, lovely, refreshing toner that i highly recommend. 

Mask of Magnaminty - Around £6
This is a bit of a blast from the past for me as this is one of the masks me and my friends adored as teenagers. Described as a face and back pack this green goodness is used to fight breakouts and help clear imperfections. Like all Lush products its packed with skin loving ingredients and is a real old favourite for me. Its your typical face mask green colour that dries and sets on the face, i leave mine on for 20 minutes then wash off in circular movements and use the Aduki beans to exfoliate. Its great for when my skin is playing up a treat!

Rose Jam Bubble Bar - £3.50
Rose scents i would normally avoid but there is something just a little bit special about their Rose Jam fragrance. I think its the mix of berries and rose that give it a really tasty yet comforting smell. You can already tell i like it eh?! Bubble bath bars are my favourite things to buy from them so i really had to give this a bash. I also got a little sample of their Rose Jam shower gel which i avoided since its a tad more expensive (£15.99 for 500ml) than a lot of their other ones... The sample worked... I'm sold and will be going back for a huge bottle of it very soon!

Ickle Baby Bot - £1.95
Intended for babies, Ickle Baby Bot is incredibly cute. I have trouble sleeping so thought this little ballistic might just come in handy to send me to the land of nod after a few bad nights of sleep. It contains sleep inducing, calming oils and for just under two quid i thought it was worth a shot!

Candy Mountain - £2.65
I buy many of these, each year, without fail. It is my absolute favourite Christmas scent and i don't think there has been a Christmas I've been without it. Each year Candy Mountain (previously Candy Cane) gets a little makeover and this year its in the form of a sprinkle of glitter. Its a sickly sweet candy scent (very alike to snow fairy) so its probably not to everyones tastes, but its definitely my cup of tea. I've already gone back and purchased the second of what will be many Candy Mountains this year. I also grabbed one of their adorable Penguins but he got a little smashed up sadly.

Snow Fairy - £3.50
Each year i buy a little one to keep me going to Christmas then spend the next few months hinting at the parents that I'd like a large one for Christmas, normally this plan works. So this little gem will have to last me quite a while! Snow Fairy is probably the most famous Christmas item, its pink, it smells somewhere between sugar, candy floss and bubblegum and i absolutely adore it.

Have you nabbed any of the Lush Christmas range yet?
Let me know what you've been buying!



  1. I'm loving the Christmas stuff! It's sooo good!

  2. I just got a job in Lush and have been SPOILING myself!
    I'm absolutely mad about all of the bubble gum scented products so have stocked up on them too!
    I swear by the breath of fresh air toner too, You can actually spray it on your pillow to refreshen and clean it, I always do! And Ickle Baby bot is amazing for us Insomniacs!
    I actually just wrote a review on golden wonder over on my blog if your interested! It's become my favourite bath bomb in the world!


  3. I love me some Lush! I am deffo going to be popping in for a bit of retail therapy.


  4. I am obsessed with Lush! Their products are so amazing! These all look great- I just moved and there wasn't one in my area, but turns out they are working on one and it's opening soon! I am missing it so much! My favorite is The Comforter bubble bar!



  5. Aw love your Lush haul! I have always wanted to purchase products from Lush but I never know what to get. Heard many good things about their toners.
    Becka x


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