Friday 10 August 2012

Mini Skincare Haul

Ello lovelies! Long time no post! Just a quick mini haul for you today! I'm still waiting on a little indie order so I'll have a more colourful haul for you in a little while, yay! My skin has been playing up a treat over the last few months, as soon as i get it looking better it flares back up so i decided it was time to try out a few new skincare bits and invest in a new Clarisonic head, as the Clarisonic Plus hasn't been getting the love it deserves over the last few months!

Clarisonic - Normal Skin Brush Head - Asos
Like i said, my Clarisonic hasn't been getting a whole load of use lately as I've been experimenting with non abrasive exfoliators, but as that wasn't working for me i decided to pick up a new brush head. These aren't cheap at around £20 a pop but i grabbed one with student discount on ASOS, making it a little more affordable.

Etat Pur - Salicylic Acid - Ultra-Rich Nourishing Balm

As Bioderma has been so big in the blogging world Etat Pur has been on my radar for quite a while now. As affordable as it is i managed to whittle it down to two products, but i could of easily splurged on a lot more! I've been getting irritated with the amount of blackheads on my nose so after seeing rave reviews on Salicylic Acid i decided to give this one a bash. I'm quite loyal to my Thirst Aid and Oilatum moisturisers, but theres no harm in trying another one, is there?! Haha! They even threw in a few very mini samples to try out, which is a nice bonus.

So that's my little haul! Have you tried any new skincare lately?



  1. Great haul, the Etat Pur range look very interesting. I need to get my hands on new skincare just for a change in routine :)


  2. Nice, but Salicylic acid doesn't work on me for some unknown reason. Try a glycolic acid treatment for your blackheads, they're amazing!


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