Monday 13 August 2012

Me? Veruca Salt? Never...

I had a little bit of a brat moment this weekend. I'd been lusting over a new camera for quite some time now, and although i didn't *need* one, i bloody well wanted a nice new shiny one. Now, DSLRs were firmly out of my reach and frankly for what i need it for i could never justify that amount of money. I'd not spotted a bridge camera I'd fallen for yet, until this one...

I'm am pretty shocking when it comes to camera / technology knowledge and am no expert, but for its price point the Samsung WB100 seemed pretty damn good to me. From previous searches i couldn't find anything near to its 16mp + 26x zoom, which i'm told is pretty good. Priced at £130 it doesn't break the bank either. So after some dancing round the house asking for a lift to town to buy one, (wasn't an "I want it, and i want it NOW Daddy" moment, honest) my parents had shockingly offered to buy it for my birthday so i can get some good Florida snaps and more importantly, some better blog photos!

So far, I LOVE IT. Its so easy to use, even for a camera novice like me. So hopefully we shall have some clearer, prettier images up on here soon! You never know, i may even try a video...




  1. My parents said they would buy me a bridge camera when I get my exam results! I'm definitely going to have a look at this one! xx

  2. what a beautiful camera!! Brat moments aside, Have plenty of fun with it :) xxx

  3. Oooo looks like a great camera, looking forward to seeing some pics :D



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