Thursday 4 April 2013

March Makeup Loves - My first ever Youtube video!

Ello lovelies!

I really didn't think I'd ever be posting one of these but i decided, why not?! I'm not sure if videos will become a regular thing but i thought I'd give one or two a little try. Filming is scary! So I've started off with something simple, my March Makeup Loves!

Oh thats a really flattering thumbnail....

So yeah, any feedback on this would be great!
Would you like to see more videos?

Let me know!



  1. Well done on the video :) I wish I had the guts aha. Just subscribed xx
    Lisa // MISS

  2. Great first video, you didnt come across nervous at all just really natural. Look forward to seeing more videos xx

  3. You did really well here! Wish I was brave enough to do videos xxx

  4. congrats on your first youtube video! It's always daughnting, but you will prob get into the habit of doing it and enjoy it :D I used to have a youtube channel and I really miss it now! dont be like me and back out! haha ps. love your blog I've followed x


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