Tuesday 17 January 2012

High End VS High Street - Blush

Ello lovelies!

So this is hopefully the first of a series of posts i aim to do in 2012, High End VS High Street. I'm a massive fan of finding bargain bits that rival some of the popular high end goodies so i thought why not start a series?!

As you've probably guessed this is going to be all about the infamous Nars Orgasm blush, and the closest "dupe" I've found so far. So no more blabbering and onto the comparison!
Rose Gold                   -                   Orgasm

I actually own two Orgasms, one singular and one you may have seen in one of my latest posts on the Danmari palette. It is simply a beautiful blush that works for most light to medium skin tones. The other blush I'll be talking about is Rose Gold by Sleek, which has been extremely hyped as a dupe for this.

In pan form (especially in the pictures) there is one large difference. As you can see Orgasm is much pinker in tone than Rose Gold. But swatched is a whole different story...

Rose Gold - Orgasm

I wanted to do a relatively fair comparison, so this is just one swipe of each blush. Rose Gold is SO much more pigmented, which for blushes isn't always a good thing as a light hand is definitely needed with this. But unlike its more expensive counterpart is also very wearable on darker skin tones.

Blended out they are both absolutely stunning, but again you would need a much lighter hand for the Sleek one. Both give a gorgeous pinky peach flush to the cheek, Orgasm is quite glittery in the pan but this doesn't transfer too much to the skin, Rose Gold leaves a lovely sheen.

Overall both are gorgeous blushes. Personally, when/if i finish my Nars ones it's not a shade I'd repurchase simply because of the price, weighing at around £22. The Sleek offering gives you a budget friendly, better quality (in my opinion), almost dupe of this cult classic. Unless your an avid collector, I'd say opt for the high street option! Saying this i still really LOVE Nars blushes, the pigmentation isn't at all bad, and is buildable for a dramatic cheek.

High End 0 - High Street 1

Which is your favourite?




  1. love the colour of rose gold!

  2. I literally just did a blog post on this and loads of other Sleek products today ! haha, I love Rose Gold, it's so much better and more pigmented than Nars xxx

  3. Ooooh can you still buy Rose Gold in the shops? I've always wanted Nars Orgasm but frankly can't afford to spend that on a blush.
    Great post :) xx

    1. If a Superdrug near you stocks Sleek they should have it. Although it is one of their hot sellers so took me a while to find it in stock xx

  4. Omg I actually love the Sleek blush allot more than Nars. Sleek are one my favourite highstreet brands but dont have any of their blushers yet. I really love this Rose Gold x x

  5. I LOVE the Sleek one, I've never actually tried any Sleek products at all, but I really think I will after this, it would be a great Summer blush! :-) x

  6. I saw the Rose Gold the other day but it was a tester and they were all sold out. With the black packaging as well it really does look like the Nars blushers. So gutted it was sold out there so cheap. Love the post x

  7. That Sleek blusher looks amazing! I have Orgasm and I don't think its anything people make it out to be!! Xxx.

  8. I love the colours, but they look nothing alike :P the Elf duo is a better comparison xD
    But awesome post! <3


    1. Thanks :) I just think the main difference is pigmentation. The similarities end with the packaging with the Elf one in my opinion, im not a big fan of that duo <3

  9. wow! the rose gold actually looks stunning! I think that the Wet n Wild Blush in Pearlescent Pink is also a dupe for the Orgasm which is the reason why I never purchased the Orgasm and opted for other NARS blushes.

    Great review! :)


  10. The sleek one is amazing, need to find this!
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  11. I like them both but I love the rose gold :)


  12. I have been wanting to try Rose Gold for the longest time, it looks so beautiful :)

  13. wow! this post just swayed my decision... i will be trying sleek cosmetics afterall! that blush is so pigmented! <3


  14. might have to try more sleek cosmetics soon, they get raved about so much! xxx

  15. I loveeeee Rose gold and it really is absolutely stunning on darker skin tones. I went through hell just to find it as it was out of stock in every superdrug i went to and was never restocked and one day I luckily came across the last one in a very quiet superdrug.

    Love your blog hun, new follower =) would be grateful if you could check mines out too x



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