Tuesday 10 January 2012

Clarisonic Plus - First impressions

Ello lovelies!

So if you've seen my "What i got for Christmas" post you'll already know i own this bad boy. My long suffering boyfriend had probably had quite enough of me lusting and banging on about wanting one he generously bought me for one for Christmas! Well actually, he let me buy it online on Christmas day just in case he got the wrong one, bless him!

Recently ASOS have been selling (when you can catch them in stock) i believe all three versions, this appeals to me as i can get student discount! I'd had my eye on the plus for some time and with the discount made it only a few quid more than the classic. So i snapped up the very last one in stock!

Needless to say, Christmas day i was a very very happy bunny!
Sensitive Brush Head         -            Body Brush Head

I won't bang on too much about what it does, because I'm sure most people already know. But the Plus set comes with a face brush, body brush, three sample cleansers and a body polish. Personally i probably wont get too much use out of the cleansers (and I've been really lazy with the body brush) but I've been loving using this with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.

I was tempted to do a photo skin diary, but i don't suffer too badly with my skin and my main reason for wanting a Clarisonic was to eliminate lumps and bumps and possibly help with my blackhead problem. But i will post updated pictures in a month or two when I've really gotten into it!

So onto my experience so far. It's only been two weeks so obviously this is a preliminary review but i LOVE it. The first time i used it i could feel a noticeable difference, my skin felt smoother and definitely cleaner. I've been using it once a day and am seeing a real difference in the texture of my skin, less lumps and bumps and generally a more even texture. I have had a few break outs, but with the Clarisonic that's expected initially.

The only con i feel is the price, at £179 (without discount) it is EXTREMELY expensive. But if you're lusting after one they do have the Mia priced at £120. Both of which are currently on ASOS. Student discount = win.

So that's it really, I'll post an update when I've had another month or two to really put it to the test. Feel free to ask any questions!

I'd love to hear your Clarisonic experiences, leave me a comment!



  1. That product is amazing, my sister in law got it and her skin is glowing! It is on my wish list :)

  2. lol how cute. i love how you mention him letting you buy it on christmas day so avoid him getting the wrong one :) adorable.
    Such a cute blog ;)
    your new follower

  3. It seems to consistently get good reviews. I just wish it was more affordable! The Mia has been on Buyapowa a few times for about £90, but thats still so expensive. He was SO worried he'd buy the wrong one bless him! Thanks for following ladies! <3 xxo

  4. Aw bless your BF! I love the sound of the clarisonic's...the only thing that puts me off is the price tag so I got a cheaper alternative but I'm not sure if it's as good! xx


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