Sunday, 17 April 2011

Elf Brush Review

 Over the last month I have purchased quite a few Elf products. I got a little carried away since they often have promotions such as free postage and 20% off. Most of the products are either £1.50 or £3.50 for the better quality 'Studio' range of products. There are a few exceptions with some of their kits, palettes and brushes being slightly more expensive but nothing bank breaking. I was at first a little skeptical about Elf mainly because of how insanely cheap things are but after reading reviews online decided to do a bit of a haul! 

A lot of the products in my opinion are hit or miss and I will be doing reviews on all the products I purchased when i get a decent camera for swatches and so on. For now I'll just review the few brushes I bought since these can be done without :)

Elf Studio Kabuki Face Brush: On first glance I was a little disappointed with the brush as there was a large scratch on the base of it. I did email Elf and they were very quick to resolve the problem by giving me a partial refund. I got this originally as a gift for my Mum but decided to keep it for myself as I liked the brush and shall buy her another one soon. I was actually quite surprised as I found this brush did not shed at all! Although I haven't had a chance to wash it yet so I'll soon see then. To be picky it isn't as dense as I would of liked it to be but its not bad. Priced at £5 its a steal for a Kabuki brush perfect for any sort of powder. Overall for the price I give this a big thumbs up.

Elf Studio Powder Brush: I really love this brush! Mainly because its one of the very few brushes I have purchased that hasn't broken on first use. Its soft, sturdy, densely packed and again had absolutely no shedding. It's probably my favourite brush at the moment. I've been using to apply my Studio fix and any sort of blush. It's priced at £3.50 so again extremely cheap. I've been using a Smashbox brush for quite a long time now and I'll definitely be reaching for this more. Love it!

Elf Studio Complexion Brush: Its not really as dense as i would like it to be and is a little bit flimsy! This brush did shed slightly but not a large amount. I don't really have any luck when it comes to buying brushes and was yet another brush I purchased that was wobbly and can see it coming apart in the near future. It's and OK brush in my opinion but with the two other face brushes I purchased I can't really see myself reaching for it too often. Again its priced at £3.50 but I'd suggest looking at other reviews for it since I know a lot of people have got on well with it, I guess it's just not one of my favourites.

All of these products can be purchased from

Keep an eye out on their facebook as they often have promotions running

I will be updating my reviews on all the other products I got very soon!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. ibought the 11pc brush collection from elf a few weeks back & like im just starting out they fit all my purposes (: i found u on beautylish & im following (: it would mean the world if u checked out my blog as well <3 Have an awsome day <3


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