Wednesday 7 May 2014

MUA Luxe Powder Brow Review

Hii Lovelies!

Everyone knows i have quite the love affair with MUA and have found a lot of real hits within their product range over the past few years. The MUA Luxe Powder Brow products were released a good few months back alongside the other Luxe products (including my favourites, the Velvet Lips!) and I've been testing this out on and off ever since. I believe there are three shades in the range and i opted for the lightest shade in Fair. It contains a darker blonde, slightly warmer than i usually go for brow shade on one end, and an pinky ivory highlight on the other.

We'll start with the negative today i think. Both ends of the product are soft. Which finish-wise looks rather lovely on the brow but unfortunately both ends of mine with very little pressure, snapped off. With a bit of fiddling i managed to reattach them both but this makes them a bit of a pain to use. I'm hoping i just have a dud one as i do plan to repurchase another test out. The softness aside, we'll get to the good bits!
Being a lot softer it actually looks a lot more natural on the skin and is extremely easy to apply. The brow filler end is a little larger than what I'm used to but i actually quite enjoy it, its fab for those days you've only got a few minutes to pop your face on and want something quick and simple. Colour-wise like i mentioned before it is a smidge warmer than I'm used to but for a "drugstore" option its probably the best blonde colour I've tried. Actually, I've yet to find a cheap brow product aside from this i can actually use and not look like an idiot.

The highlight end is nice, it blends well and adds a subtle glow to below the brow and could probably be used to highlight other parts of the face in a real pinch. But its not something i reach for often as back in my teen years Benefit High Brow was my thing and i over applied it something chronic... (and didn't even fill my brows... the horror!) So i try to stay away from that look now.
Overall for £3 i think this is a pretty nifty product, that's if the next one i buy doesn't snap off! And if you're looking for a cheaper brow alternative i recommend giving this little bargain a try!

What is your favourite brow product?



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